Warning To Pastors About The Corrupt Church / A General Address

A powerful, true, and much needed message! I highly encourage everyone to take a moment and read this message by Bishop/Evangelist O.W. Prince. I also encourage you to reblog his post so others can hear the truth about all the lies of the enemy, Satan!

O. W. Prince Ministries


I am growing increasingly concerned about the genuineness of some of our Pastors and the apparent absence of the authentic apostolic spirit of Christ in some of our churches.

There seems to be an ever-growing need in the pastoral ministry to meet the world’s expectations and secular benchmarks of success.

Many worship services disguise their organization’s real purpose of raising money by calling it a church service. They have a hidden agenda of captivating and capturing individual members to teach them about financial stewardship to the church to increase the church’s fiscal strength and visible attractiveness. Church seems to be more about business, entertainment, choir performance, physical attractiveness and political correctness than about genuine salvation. Salvation is the cover story while finance is the goal. I know that his assessment doesn’t apply to all churches but an ever-increasing number of churches seems to be purposely headed in that direction. After…

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