A Must-See Hal Lindsey Update Video!

This video covers a little bit of everything going on!  I highly encourage you to watch.  From gun laws to Solar Flares, to EMP’s!


Categories: Bible Prophecy, Breaking News, Government & Politics, Natural Disasters

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  1. Yes, I did watch the clip. He hasn’t changed. Yet I still have the 1970 edition of ‘The Great Late Planet Earth’. However, he, like J. Hagee, D. Jeremiah, P. Stone, Van Impe, Billy Graham, et al are cashing in from their tomes of the ‘Pre-trib rapture’ deceptions. I don’t pay much attention to those fantasy authors anymore, because they are greedy liars. What’s more, they actually believe this horse pucky. Worse, they are misleading their flocks, and we know the fates of false shepherds.
    In lieu of listening to vapid nostrums in a plush cathedral, Christians must study (not just read) the Holy Word everyday, ask the Comforter for guidance, and read aloud the words. ‘Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy . .’ (Revelation 1:3).
    If we jump through a few hoops, we will begin to understand the will of God. Than, we will realize Darbyism is a satanic manipulation to cause us to run ‘Chasing Skinny Rabbits’ (John Trent). Following a false doctrine breeds complacence. Complacency reduces vigilance and lose our will to prepare for the Great Tribulation. Remember the the 5 foolish virgins?
    Love ya,
    Albert, warning worried watchman

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