Shame on Me

Ron Graham –

“The wise shall inherit glory: but shame shall be the promotion of fools.” Proverbs 3:35. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. America is a nation wallowing in shame. The nation that elected Barack Obama the first time was a nation enamored by the color of a man’s skin and his ability to articulate what a dummied down American populous could understand. The same nation, after witnessing the horrible direction in which he took this country, placed him in office again. Shame certainly is the promotion of fools.

For the last four years in blogs all around the web all I read was we’ve had a belly full of this very inept individual, we must vote him out of office. The cry went out “Anyone but Obama.” Yet there he sits in the Oval Office ready to deliver another four years of the same, or worse, shenanigans to an unsuspecting electorate. Billions of dollars were spent on the two opposing (Democrat/Republican) campaigns over the last year or so yet no change was made in leadership. Is it just me or does something seem amiss?

“And the LORD said unto Samuel, Hearken unto the voice of the people in all that they say unto thee: for they have not rejected thee, but they have rejected me, that I should not reign over them.” 1 Samuel 8:7. I know this verse speaks of Israel and the fact that they did not want God, but a man, to be their King. The citizenry in the US has made the same decision as Israel. By and large, this nation turned its back on God many years ago. Through their promotion of shamelessness worldwide, Americans have made it plain to God He has no place in their hearts, nor in their land.

America wants a man to lord over her. So as a nation we’ve replaced our Creator God with an idol, a man who considers himself above the law, the constitution, and mankind in general. The people in the United States of America are looking to a mere man to fix the problems that face this nation. That “fixing” isn’t going to happen the way the masses envision. Barack Obama has an agenda, and it doesn’t include America remaining a superpower, or a benevolent nation to the rest of the world for that matter. And keep your eye on Israel. Obama will do everything he can to force Israel to capitulate to her enemies.

If we take the word of God seriously and diligently seek the truth from within the pages of our Bibles we will quickly come to some conclusive yet disturbing realities regarding what and who make up earthly governments. But I must warn you, when you come upon these verses and begin to understand that they are speaking of the supernatural, fear can become overwhelming. But understanding that fear is of the enemy and not of God gives the believer a peace that only God can be responsible for. “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7.

The area of the Bible that receives the least attention by many Christians is the supernatural. Ignorance of the supernatural has given our Enemy a chance to get a foothold and capitalize on our naivety. The god of this world (Satan) has shifted into high gear, not just in regards to America but the entire world. The people of America, just as other free nations have done, have made their choice as to whom they want in leadership. The world has been horribly deceived. This deception is leading to the soon appearance of the antichrist. Enemy strongholds are being established around the world as the influx of malignant supernatural beings becomes most pervasive. With the re-election of a “son of perdition” here in America, this nation is now fully in the grasp of the enemy.

At one time most of mankind believed that Satan and the demonic horde were quite real and extremely evil, but that was before our current age in which man has relegated Satan to that of a cartoon character and his demonic horde to fairytale creatures. Now that mankind has created a new category for those in the spirit world, which only includes fantasy, fiction, and myth, these malevolent supernatural beings are free to aspire to new heights of depravity. The human race, by and large, becomes trapped in the enemy’s deceptions as they have been convinced there is no such thing as the supernatural. This is perfect, as those doing the deceiving work their wickedness and confusion with impunity while no one would suspect them of creating the chaos that’s currently being unleashed on mankind.

This world is highly infected with malevolent supernatural beings and they are not going away. They are the behind the scenes culprits who maniacally manipulate earth’s governments – they are to blame for the civilizations who are currently turning on themselves and creating the carnage around the world, of that there can be no doubt.

Here’s a lesson concerning the hierarchy of the fallen angels and their intentions. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6:12. If you don’t understand what Paul is referring to in regards to principalities, powers, rulers in the darkness of this world, and against spiritual wickedness in high places, I’ll tell you. He’s referring to the realm of the supernatural, and in particular, the workers of wickedness. These are the evil ones who are working behind the scenes manipulating the minds of those who have allowed themselves to be taken over and influenced by these satanic and demonic beings. Many of the people who are in authority over governments have one or more of these malicious beings residing in them, and/or right behind them. The dimension of the supernatural is real, just as real as our own, possibly even more so. These beings are extremely powerful and malevolent and are capable of inconceivable deceptions.

Paul lays out the hierarchy of this malevolent angelic realm for us and we must understand that they are firmly positioned in our halls of government. Oh I know, you think because these men and women have aspired to the highest government offices of the land that they are intelligent? What you miss is the fact that humankind is nothing but ants to the mischievous malevolent spirit world. “In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not…” 2 Corinthians 4:4. Satan is the god of this world and has blinded the minds of many people. How is that possible unless he has supernatural powers we human’s can’t even comprehend? Until Jesus comes back with His saints, Satan intends on remaining in his exalted position here on earth, and his intent is to kill, steal, and destroy.

What was amiss with this election is the same with every election. Christians are so divided that they won’t agree on a godly man or woman to run this country. Christians have allowed themselves to become deceived over the years and now see much of the world’s satanic pleasures as much more than simply alluring temptations. Christians, too, have fallen for the enemy’s lies, and many are quite content with their worldly status and want nothing to change. American Christians haven’t had a godly, positive choice for leadership in many years. As a matter of fact, most Christians now days live a very secular lifestyle, separating their spiritual life from that which is secular. They believe this is the way God would have it, when in fact God is quite displeased anytime we become so embroiled with the worldly that we remove His influence from our lives. If we don’t include God in every aspect of our lives we will simply find ourselves standing in our own humanistic waste. Every decision we make is to reflect our God and Saviour, Jesus Christ – which is impossible with a secular mindset.

Both of the men who were the frontrunners in this past presidential election are firmly entrenched in Satan’s camp. Therefore Satan couldn’t lose either way. The real losers of this current election were already lost. The losers are not the followers of Jesus Christ. The born again have nothing to lose; our home and our treasures are in Heaven. But the lost have much more to lose than just an election, and when they finally come to that realization it may well be too late.

No matter what you think transpired in this election it was no surprise to God. God cannot be surprised, He can’t learn, and He won’t be mocked. The end is in sight and God knows it. God controls the lives of His children. Therefore there was nothing we, God’s children, could do to take that control out of His hands; and certainly not by voting for the lesser of these two evil men. When we become born again we then belong to God and no longer to Satan. At the point of justification God takes over the control of our lives. The hard part for us, as His righteous still human children, is to fully turn our lives over to Him so He can take that control.      

Here’s an example of what Jesus did to all those powers and principalities, and those wicked evil hordes in high places. “And having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it.” Colossians 2:15. No matter what we are confronted with we must keep in mind that Jesus reigns supreme, that He defeated the enemy at the cross – openly triumphing over Satan and his horde – spoiling them by means of His resurrection and His righteousness.

Nevertheless, here we are facing another four years of Obama. But the evil one has nothing on us. As G.H. Pember was so adept at stating, “We are the children of the Most High God.” What supernatural force of demonic miscreants can even touch us? “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose… What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?” Romans 8:28 & 31. A good question for everyone willing to search their souls for an answer is “Are you called according to His purpose, or do you live your life according to your own purposes?”

For the American Christian, the US of A is not our home. We are only sojourners here. If you are living in another country and you are a follower of Jesus Christ, that country is not your home either. You are sojourning there until Jesus takes you home. Whether you’ve been taught that the Rapture is imminent and we are soon to leave this world, or you are a Preterist, if you have turned your life over to God you have nothing to fear from the malevolent supernatural element that surrounds us. Remember, God wins not Satan. One third of the angels of Heaven fell with their leader Satan, which leaves twice that number of opposing benevolent angels to stand against the current attackers of humanity. That benevolent angelic force stands at the precipice of God’s judgment ever ready to protect us. They can’t be moved away from their assigned tasks by a bunch of fallen misfits.

There are a lot of immoral and debase things in this world to be ashamed of. As Christians living in this world, it has become almost impossible for us to cope with the filth that continually invades our lives. Trusting in our Great God and Saviour, Jesus Christ, is our only recourse as He alone is our blessed hope. Stay the course my brethren – there’s no shame on those who occupy ’til He comes.

God bless you all,

Ron Graham

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17 replies

  1. @shofar thank you so much shofar! I am going to open it now and read it in the a.m. I was just off to bed! I am looking forward to checking it out! God bless you for all of your comments, and thoughts that you share! Love to hear them! 😉 Hope you are having a lovely weekend so far! Did you hear, btw, about Egypt today? Mess! Fulfills prophecy though… Blessings!

  2. Ron Graham said it all exactly right on! Great article. I believe we are seeing prophecy unfold before our eyes and that Christ is on his way soon. I cannot believe the evil that is in this perishing world, nor can I understand how America has been so deceived. I read your article, Lyn, and it has caused me to give some serious thought to what you said. God has the plan for us who trust in him. We belong to him. We need to now just keep our eyes on him and continue in his work as we wait for his soon return.

    Thanks for sharing, Lyn. You have give me some new insight.

    • Thanks for the feedback Marianne. God bless you sister. When you said you read ‘my’ article…were you referring to this one, or a different one? I know I wrote something about the two posts I made after the election that go with his, in a sense…and it blew me away. Esp the title of the second one..of “O’ Woe Is Me’! Very similar. Are you referring to those articles or just his here? I’m sorry! LOL If you haven’t read the two I wrote, you s hould..because it is amazing how the Holy Spirit confirms Himself when His children are writing very similar things. I can’t remember if you read my part one and two about the post election or not. If not, I’ll put the links here for you.

      • I read your article, Woe is Me. It is something how the Holy Spirit shares the same thought with others. It is like a confirmation. You put it in such a way that I felt I got some real insight into what God is doing in these times. Keep writing, Lyn!

        • Thanks Marianne. Yeah, He likes to tell me things when I lie down to go to sleep..after I get off the computer and put it to sleep for the night…then..I have to jump up and type it real quick. His other favorite time to tell me stuff is when I’m in the shower with soap in my hair… I say, “Lord, don’t let me forget!’ Or, when I’m driving. The thing of it is, other stuff, I forget,but I always remember what He tells me almost word for word. God bless you!

          • Same thing with me, Lyn! When the Lord speaks, write down what He says RIGHT AWAY!

            BTW Ron Graham says that Satan has powerful influence in government, how about the headway he’s made in the church?! Christians are being deceived big time, especially by false shepherds and leaders with their false doctrines who are the wolves in sheep clothing right in the church. The church of the last days is in great apostasy with many destined for hell. Christians need to be warned about the strategies and devices of Satan and taught about spiritual warfare.

            Chapters 7 and 8 of my eBook ‘Sounding the Shofar- Exhortations for the End Times’ address the false shepherds, watchmen in the church, and apostasy of the church which have been posted in ‘God’s Enduring Love’ See Category in side bar.

    • Never mind..just saw that you read it. I thought I had told you about those earlier..but couldn’t remember for sure. Did you happen to look at both of them? It is a two part. It’s the kind of post that u can’t have one without the to speak.

    • Okay, at the bottom of t he one you read, it says click here for the rest… you’ll definitely want to check out the rest as well..and I am glad it had an impact on you. When it’s from the Lord, it will do that..huh? Your posts are always anointed and powerful. I can tell the Holy Spirit does speak through you when you write…awesome!

  3. Excellent article. The USA is under judgment. Our country as–a whole–has forsaken God and His commandments. As Christians we must live godly lives and win others to Christ. Time is short. (I an neither a Preterist or a Pre-triber. I believe that the Second Coming and the Rapture occur at the same time. However, this is not a salvation issue. The point is that Christ is coming soon, and we need to serve and honor Him above all.)

  4. Excellent post. But, I am not so sure we will have Obama another 4 years.

    • I was surprised by this article because I wrote one very similar right after the election titled, O’ Woe is Me! It was part two of my post election read both of them..remember? It really blew me away. I don’t think we’ll all be here four years from now, personally. God bless you Naphtali! Today, you and I got a lot of our cleaning today. Don’t you feel better when your house is nice and clean? I do!

      • Yes, I actually did more around the house than I thought I would. It just gets to me after a while! and when our 24 year old is here she is a slob! And I didn’t raise her like that.

        Actually I am not referring to us not being here. Even though a lot is happening quickly, I believe there is still more to be fulfilled.

        I remember years ago hearing Dr. Billy Graham say that God is so merciful he is waiting on us to end the world… respect to this was his confirmation of Bill Gates/Steve Jobs invention of these pc’s we live on. First was the invention of the airplane then computers in that order because of the remote parts of the world too difficult to get on by foot. Some through flying but others the only way will be cyber space so everyone will have the choice.

        As far as the President I know their are many threats on his life but God will protect him. There are those of course who hate America so much they would choose to assassinate him making it look like a white man did it; to promote civil war but God is going to stop them.

        This is just my thinking here, but this thing with Benghazi is tricky; and possibly criminal. And no one is above the law.

        • Well, just from what I’m seeing happen, there really isn’t that much more, in my opinion, to happen for us to be called up to heaven. God is merciful, but prophecy must be fulfilled. Furthermore, I heard it said, and I agree, if Jesus doesn’t come soon, He’ll have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah…we’re far above and beyond them, sin-wise.

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