A Letter To Me From Our Christian Friends In Pakistan With Photos–Please Remember Them In Prayer

Dear Brothers and sisters,

Peace greetings,

I wish you a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving. Be sure of our best wishes and prayers. Since the internet has become accessible in Pakistan, large number of people including Muslims and Christians has got connected with each other. Internet becomes common since 2000 when hundreds of villages and towns were connected with the facility.

The internet connections opened new horizons of partnership (if one sees it in a positive way). People from US & Pakistan got the opportunity to understand each other, sharing of knowledge helped to bridge the gaps. The new avenues opened ways for Pakistan to avail the chances of basic, higher, professional and informal education, access to universities, charity and welfare organizations, access to Churches and ministries, people from US donated funds to Pakistani people in floods & earthquakes. Orphanages, Quality schools, free health services for the poor, skill transformation, supporting persecuted Church and many more. There are examples; women and men from US came all the way from US to Pakistan to get marry.

The American brothers & sisters are so much caring that whenever they hear about anything that happened in Pakistan, they either called or send email to know if everyone is safe related to the connect in Pakistan. These kinds of deeds led me to always keep US brothers and sisters in prayers.

Protecting animals in disasters is another example of American’s love. International Fund for Animal Welfare, (IFAW) donated funds for the past three years to provide feed and medication to save animals affected in floods.

People, who loves, cares and have great values, must not be forgotten. They must be hailed and should remember in prayers.  There is a saying a “A Friend in Need is a Friend in deed” Most importantly, Lord, Jesus Christ, commanded his followers, “Love one another, as I have loved you”

So with great joy and gratitude, I am rejoicing with my US brothers and sisters who are celebrating Thanksgiving.  I give thanks to God who used his people to bring closer the people live thousands of miles away from each other but they are ONE in His Mighty name.

Please find attached pictures of a program.

Your feedback shall highly be appreciated.

 In Peace,



Praying for US brothers and sisters

Special People

Food is served to young people, cooked rice

a special infant, remember book of “Proverb”

A big Smile from a child for US brothers and sisters

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2 replies

  1. That my Beautiful Friend is a wonderful post, and the pictures are as revealing as the story. Thank you for sharing it and the great smile and joy you have shared in doing so. I hope you have a great and beautiful day of love and peace.

    • I realized the right word for your special calling from God… it is called “admonishing”. This is your gift. You are called to build people up in love and kindness. This is a dear gift to have. I couldn’t think of the name of your calling/gift yesterday..but it just came to me. So mine is prophecy/repentance and yours is admonishing. Can you see now how so important these gifts are and how they can complement one another in God’s kingdom? There are SO many important gifts and callings God gives to us. Yours is a more popular one in that you are better received. I’m like the dirty underwear people stuff in the bottom of the laundry basket so no one sees! LOL!!!!!! Love in Christ to you!

"If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14 God's call to the world! Are you ready?

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