Should Christians visit Israel in the aftermath of the 2012 Gaza war? Absolutely. Here are 3 reasons why.

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Many people are now asking me: ”Should Christians visit Israel in light of all that has just happened?”

Absolutely — now more than ever.

In fact, The Joshua Fund and I are moving full steam ahead on organizing the 2013 “Prayer & Vision Tour” of Israel, which will include the 2013 Epicenter Conference. Sixty people are already signed up for the trip — and we had 10 people sign up last week during the peak of the fighting. That’s what I love: believerrs who are willing to stand up and serve the Lord and bless Israel and her neighbors in the name of Jesus, even in hard times.

We would love to have you join us. Here are three reasons why:

1. WE’RE LOOKING FOR PRAYER WARRIORS — The Lord commands us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and we’re looking for people ready, willing and able to obey Him. On the tour and during the Epicenter Conference, we’re going to pray with and for Israelis and Palestinians, Jews and Muslims. We’re going to pray with and for local believers and encourage them in the faith. We’re going to help you understand the history of the epicenter, current events in the epicenter, and Bible prophecies about the future of the epicenter. The more you understand what’s happening in Israel, the better you’ll be able to pray effectively. Are you a prayer warrior? Would you like to be? This is the trip for you.

2. WE WANT TO HELP YOU SHOW GOD’S LOVE TO ISRAEL IN A REAL AND PRACTICAL WAY — Much of the world ignores or criticizes or isolates or condemns the State of Israel. That’s why it’s vitally important that followers of Jesus Christ take the opposite approach. Let’s show the love of the Lord for both Jews and Arabs by touring Israel and serving the people there. If you come on The Joshua Fund tour, you’ll see how we do humanitarian relief in this country to care for the poor and needy. You’ll visit our warehouse and meet our allies in the Land. You’ll also have the opportunity to participate personally in a humanitarian relief project that we’ll organize. It’s one thing just to visit the Holy Land. It’s quite another to actually make a difference here, to be able to roll up your sleeves and show God’s love to someone in need in a real and practical way. Very few tours allow you to do this. But we think it’s so important to help you step into the story and be a participant, not a spectator.

3. WE WANT TO HELP YOU BECOME AN AMBASSADOR OF GOD’S LOVE FOR ISRAEL AND HER NEIGHBORS TO OTHER CHRISTIANS WHEN YOU RETURN HOME – By participating in this Joshua Fund tour and conference, you’ll get to see first hand why God loves Israel and her neighbors. You’ll understand the Scriptures better. You’ll meet Israelis and Palestinians in person and get to interact with them. You’ll see God at work in a very powerful way. You’ll have a chance to ask me the questions about Bible prophecies and the geopolitics of the region that you’ve always wanted answered. Then you’ll be able to go home and share with family, friends, neighbors and people at your church what you’ve seen and heard. By God’s grace, you’ll become an ambassador in your sphere of influence. You’ll be able to help people better understand God’s heart for the people in this region, and why Christians should pray for Israelis and Palestinians, as well as financially invest in what the Lord is doing here. “Yu will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you,” Jesus said, “and you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth.” (Acts 1:8)

Our team wouldn’t invite you to come to Israel if we weren’t committed to being there ourselves. As you know, my Joshua Fund colleagues just spent 12 days in Israel and the West Bank. By God’s grace, we helped with humanitarian relief work. We comforted those who were suffering. We held conferences for pastors and their wives, teaching through the book of Titus on godly leadership in challenging times. We encouraged local believers. We met with government officials. And we spent a lot of time in prayer. Some people told us we were crazy to go. But honestly, we would have been crazy not to. After praying about before we left, we knew the Lord wanted us to be there, and we were honored to obey Him.

Is the Lord telling you to join us in 2013? Have you asked Him? Have you faithfully sought Him in prayer?

If the Lord gives you the “green light,” please join us. You can click here for more details. We’re already praying for all the people the Lord will choose to bring on this trip that the Lord would do a great and mighty work in their heart, and in the hearts of their families and friends. I hope you’re among them. My colleagues and I are looking forward to meeting you.


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  1. A very nice post, I hope and wish for your venture the best from my heart. Your love shine great even if sometimes what I may inadvertently have conveyed says I feel other. I actually admire your courage and faith and as an act of love express such. Follow your heart and your faith with love and I will admire and learn from your ways. For me I being a neutral so to speak it is enlightening. Thank you for being you my friend.

    • Well thank you, and God bless you for that. You must do as the Lord moves you to do in your heart. We are all called for a purpose in our Lord…some of us different than others. I support you in what you feel you are called to do as you support me in mine. We never understand God’s ways…for our ways are not His ways. What a wonderfully bold step in faith for you to have faith as this. Love to you in Christ Jesus!

      • Faith is yet living and being on the path with our Lord is his love. Yes god works in mysterious ways sometimes the path leads to a river of tears of our own creation having witnessed the evils of man reflected in ourselves and others. The Lord and his sacrifice of blood mingles in those tears as does the darkness of sin. The water out of that tap is very hard to drink. The Lord and his salvation for a soul such as mine is the tainted and blessed water of repentance and shared by our Lord if we have the courage to drink. The love of our Lord flows through us and I am grateful as well as honored to live and share the most sacred of gifts at the same time and in the same space. Love to you from my heart shared through our Lords grace. I hope your days continues to be a very radiant one.

        • See, the reason you are comfortable and honored to be in your position of positive and love is because your calling is to spread the love of Jesus Christ to others through tenderness, and a gentle spirit. This is a special and important calling to have.

          I have the same, but in a different way than you. Mine is prophecy and warning to those who are not saved and those who are living in unrepentance. I am called to speak to the hardened hearts who will not receive the precious, tender love you give. The type of love I distribute brings repentance, and the love you distribute plants seeds.

          You are a seed planter, you also tend to the garden. You are the gardener…that is a better way to put it. I am the one who looks for the weeds that strangle the life and the beauty from the plant. I seek those things that would kill and destroy the beautiful living creature…I fertilize the plants with a poison that kills the weeds, but brings life to the plant.

          When the fertilizer is put onto the plant, it does cause the plant some suffering, but a beneficial suffering..and by the end of it, it saves the life and health of the plant. The Holy Spirit then comes, and He is the one who prunes the plant.. He does this be removing the dead and ineffective parts, as well as finding the branches that are corrupt and bringing life back into them.

          This is the best way I can describe our callings. What you do is right, and what I do is right..we are both obedient to God, and to our callings. We are to complement one another for His Kingdom. God bless you again, and MUCH love to you, my brother. Be blessed in all you do as you serve our Father.

          • Its not what I do for God it is what he does for me. The largest garden planted was by our Lord through his tender love in the house of the poor the hardened and wicked. I am honored that you would say I am a gardener. Yes we are compliments opposites yet the same having chosen to hear and do Gods will. You may have the last word I just had to say that I was truly touched by your chosen words and the relevance and honor to me that you chose them. I thank you for the Humility and sincerity I feel from your grace shared with love.

        • God bless you. You are a blessing, and God loves you very much. The gifts you have, He has blessed you with in order that you bless others in Him. I think there are many of us who don’t understand God’s will, and in futility and ignorance, His people attack one another (speaking of people today, not personally toward you). God is ultimately in control. He has called everyone to different offices. Where we all might be different, God never changes… but He takes the diversity in mankind and uses different people with different gifts to bless them all for His purpose. Some people are reached one way, while others are reached the other way. To those who won’t receive me, they will receive you, and vice versa. Not every human will take what I preach, and not every human will take what you preach.. this is why we all have different gifts…to fulfill every part of His Kingdom’s purpose. Some are called to charity, some to prayer and fasting, others to teach… we’re all ultimately called to all of these things, however, some are given an extra measure of the anointing in order to specialize in their area… they are given a direct passion in a particular office of our Lord…and this is where the Lord will use them the most Bless you again, brother, and you have a beautiful, joyous day today, and every day, in our Lord. I am glad you enjoyed the explanation. I sat here and asked the Lord, “Father, help me to explain this the best because I do not know how. I only know, and I only trust..but I don’t know why or how sometimes.” And so He gave that to me..praise be to Him! Love in Christ to you!

        • And I appreciate, am blessed, and honored at your kind words as well..sorry, I meant to say that, but clicked post comment before I was ready!

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