US Calls for ISRAELI Restraint???

The rocket attacks against Israel have been ongoing all year, beginning on January 1 when Palestinian terrorists fired two mortar shells containing white phosphorus in the Eshkol Regional Council. White phosphorus rounds are particularly nasty.

The phosphorus breaks up into tiny burning pieces that continue to burn as long as there is contact with air. For example, a piece hitting the back of one’s hand would continue to burn until it burned through the other side.

For that reason, firing white phosphorus rounds into Israel is a direct violation of the Geneva Conventions and, consequently, a war crime.

When the Palestinians launch rockets against Israel they are in direct violation of international laws that prohibit the indiscriminate shelling of civilian cities and towns that are no military value.

But when it is Arabs attacking Israel, there are no legal standards. Evidently, it is only Israel that is required to observe international law.

Qassam rockets have no guidance system — they are ballistic missiles, meaning they go up in an arc and then fall back to earth, like lobbing a rock into the air, knowing it will land ‘somewhere over there’. In that sense, the rocket can be “aimed” to fall within a wide radius in a city or town.

But the rocketeers have as much chance of hitting a hospital, school, or crowded market as they do a target of any strategic value. So it is like firing a gun into a crowd, not caring whether the victim is a man or woman, adult or child, or even an infant.

The Palestinians claim that the Israelis do the same thing, and the world takes that claim at face value, despite the fact that Israel uses precision guided munitions, aims only at Hamas targets, and drops leaflets into civilian neighborhoods before launching airstrikes, warning them to distance themselves from Hamas weapons stockpiles and rocket launchers.

The Palestinians locate their rocket launchers near hospitals, schools, mosques and in civilian neighborhoods deliberately, knowing that Israel will probably not hit them there — and if it does, Hamas scores a propaganda victory.

Israel has endured almost daily rocket attacks all year, but the Palestinians ratcheted things up a notch following the re-election of Barack Hussein Obama.

On November 6, Palestinian terrorists fired a Qassam rocket into Israel. They fired two more on November 9. On November 10, terrorists fired at an IDF jeep on the Israeli side of the border. Israel retaliated with tank fire.

The Palestinians then fired 25 rockets indiscriminately into various Israeli communities, putting schools, markets and other civilian gathering places at risk. Israel retaliated with airstrikes.

On November 11 Palestinian terrorists from Gaza fired over 100 rockets and mortars at Israeli cities and towns. Between November 14 and November 17 the Palestinians in Gaza fired something over 740 rockets into Israel, including firing rockets at both Tel Aviv and, for the first time ever, Jerusalem.

Israeli military sources said Hamas and Islamic Jihad launched a number of the Iranian-originated Fajr-5 rockets towards Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

The first Fajr-5 landed in the Israeli city of Rishon Lezion, about 15 kilometers south of Tel Aviv on November 15. Hours later, another rocket landed in Holon, some five kilometers south of Tel Aviv.

Over the last year, Hamas and Jihad are believed to have received more than 100 Fajr-5s, the largest weapons in the missile arsenal in the Gaza Strip. The sources said Hamas and Jihad were trained by Iran to use Fajr-5 to overcome Israel’s new Iron Dome missile defense system.

“The Israel Air Force has deployed four Iron Dome batteries and was awaiting a fifth battery, the latter designed to intercept missiles with a range of up to 150 kilometers. Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Iron Dome has intercepted 100 rockets fired from the Gaza Strip. Hamas and its militia allies have fired more than 250 missiles and rockets into Israel during a period of 28 hours. On Nov. 15, three people were killed when an extended-range BM-21 Grad rocket designed by China slammed into an apartment building in the southern Israeli city of Kiryat Malachi. At least 15 people have been killed in Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip.”


Yesterday, Hamas launched a five-rocket salvo at the southern city of Ashkelon as other rockets rained down along the Israeli-Gaza border.

Of the five rockets fired on Monday at the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon, four were intercepted but one smashed through the concrete roof at the entrance to an empty school.

Later a second salvo struck Ashkelon. Several rockets were intercepted, but one crashed down onto a house, causing damage but no casualties. Israeli officials said 135 rockets were fired from Gaza at Israel on Monday, of which 42 were intercepted by Iron Dome.

Today, Israeli Defense officials reported a reduction in the number of rockets fired from Gaza, but say it is because the Palestinians are running out of ammunition and are seeking to preserve what they have until they get new shipments from Iran — via Libya.

Meanwhile Obama is working with Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood to broker a cease-fire, which is like enlisting the Nazis to help build a Holocaust memorial. Hamas is a creation of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Egypt is pretending to be an impartial third-party, and Obama is pretending right along with them, despite Egypt’s having openly sided with Hamas against Israel.

President Mohamed Morsi, a former leader of the Muslim Brotherhood who has been an outspoken supporter of Hamas, invited foreign correspondents in Cairo to a background briefing at which a senior Egyptian official sought to blame Israel for the conflict while at the same time maintaining Egypt’s role as an intermediary pressing both sides for peace. “We are against any bloodshed,” the official said repeatedly, arguing that Egypt sought stability and individual freedom for all in the region.

Speaking on condition of anonymity to avoid upsetting the talks with the Israelis, the Egyptian official argued that the West, which supports Israel’s right to defend itself against rocket attacks from Gaza, was essentially blaming the victim.

“It is so strange people are talking about the rights of self-defense,” he said. “The self-defense of whom? Of the occupied people? Of the besieged people? Of the hurt people? No, the self-defense of the most powerful state in the region and the self-defense of the occupying force of Gaza and Palestine. This is what some of the international community are talking about.”

Maybe so, but others in the international community are talking about the fact that Hamas is the party on the attack and Israel is on the defense. Hamas is the one shooting rockets — Israeli is shooting rocket launchers!

Canada’s Prime Minister was apparently shocked at Obama’s lack of support for Israel.

“When Israel, the only country in the world whose very existence is under attack, is consistently and conspicuously singled out for condemnation, I believe we are morally obligated to take a stand.”

While Obama was calling for the Israelis to show restraint, Prime Minister Stephen Harper reaffirmed Israel’s right to defend itself and offered Canadian support for the Israelis.

Yesterday, while Obama was paying lip service to Israel’s right to self-defense while siding with the Muslim Brotherhood, America was hit by another super storm with winds exceeding 114 mph and rainfall totals as high as six inches in Oregon and Washington State.

“And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.” (Genesis 12:3)

Coincidence? If you say so.  

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3 replies

  1. I am going yo correct the date on bombing…The bombing has been going on since before 2007. I was there in 2007 right when Hamas took over…they had been bombing southern Israel then and before. It was and has been a daily occurrence . We saw the damage and the fear of the people. I asked how they knew to run and seek protection and was told that only when you would hear the whistle of the rocket coming through the air did you know one was coming.

  2. The good ol’ USA is gonna get God’s judgement and Obama and Hilliary are ushering it in.
    I knew when Hilliary landed on the scene it would not bode well for Israel. Anyone able to get a message through to Israel, let them know we support them and not show restraint!!! for heavens sake these people are fighting for their lives.
    Obama and Hilliary are so biased to the Muslims they both need to go…..Lord come quickly and help your people Israel.

  3. Canada’s Prime Minister understands Israel’s plight but our President is taking the middle ground in this matter? Canadian leaders get it and support Israel but this nation’s leader is setting us up for God’s judgment!

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