Pillar of Defense Briefing-Christians United For Israel

Last week, Israel launched Operation Pillar of Defense – a purely defensive operation designed to stop rocket fire from Gaza into southern Israel.  Today is the seventh day of this operation, but Hamas and its allies continue to fire missiles at Israel’s towns and cities.  As Israel’s battle continues, so too does our need to know the facts and to make the case for Israel here at home. 

Israel needs you.  And you need the facts: You are invited to participate in an emergency conference call with Israel’s Ambassador,, Michael Oren, about Operation Pillar of Defense. The call will be today at 2:30 PM Eastern Time (1:30 PM Central, 12:30 PM Mountain, 11:30 AM Pacific)Click here to RSVP for today’s call.

Israel needs you.  And you need the facts:

•    In the week preceding the launch of Operation Pillar of Defense, over 120 missiles were fired from Gaza into southern Israel.

•    From the beginning of 2012 until the launch of Operation Pillar of Defense, over 760 missiles were fired from Gaza into Israel’s southern communities.

•    Since Israel launched this operation last week, an additional 880 missiles have been fired into Israel, killing three Israelis, injuring many more, and destroying homes and schools.

•    Hamas has fired missiles at Israel’s capital, Jerusalem, and at Israel’s financial center, Tel Aviv, expanding the number of Israelis living within range of Hamas rocket attacks to over 3 million.   

As Prime Minister Netanyahu recently noted, “No government would tolerate a situation where nearly a fifth of its people live under a constant barrage of rockets and missile fire, and Israel will not tolerate this situation.” 

Prime Minister Netanyahu is absolutely right.  We have to make sure that before anyone raises their voices to condemn Israel, they stop and think what they would do – what they would demand their government to do – if forced to live under enemy missile fire. 

 We also need to stress that there is no moral equivalence between the terrorists who fire rockets at Israeli civilians and the Israelis who seek to stop the rocket fire.  As the Prime Minister noted, “The terrorists are committing a double war crime. They fire at Israeli civilians, and they hide behind Palestinian civilians. And by contrast, Israel takes every measure to avoid civilian casualties.”

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Finally, if you haven’t already, please click here to demand that Twitter ban Hamas.  It’s simply outrageous that a terrorist group with American blood on its hands is permitted to use Twitter to spread its evil message far and wide.  And it’s also illegal!  Please click here now to demand that Twitter ban Hamas immediately. 

We will keep you posted as this operation continues so that you can continue to defend Israel with your words and deeds.
May God Bless You and Those that You Love,

Pastor John Hagee  David Brog Chairman Executive Director CUFI                        

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