Interesting Video On the Discovery of the Ark of the Covenant


Please note: in the end, there are mentions of the Catholic faith. I know some very good, Christian people who are Catholic; although I believe many of the teachings of Catholicism to be unfound and false doctrine, as are in many faiths, I hold nothing personally against the Catholics and I love Catholics as much as I love any other person.  God bless!

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  1. You mentioned ‘chrislam’ on this site:
    What are your opinions of that travesty, Rick Warren, and Osteen?
    Albert, weary weeping watchman

    • @albert w loescher: Go to my search bar, top right, and type in Chrislam. It is the emergence of the one world religion. It is apostasy and blasphemy. I have a bunch of articles about it here.The search bar is directly beneath the FOLLOW THIS BLOG icon at the top right of this page. God bless you and thanks for leaving a comment.

    • If these men are really guilty for the things that are being said, then they will certainly be confronted for this by God when they kneel before Him in judgment. Remember, Albert, “Even the ELECT shall be led astray.” The elect are God’s people…even the highest of them.

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    Excellent insight, a must see video. Thanks Lyn for sharing.

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    Wow! This is reblog material at its finest!

  4. An amazing video! Thanks for sharing. Definately commands serious consideration.

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