Profound Re-enactment of Muslim Who Finds Jesus Christ-True Story

This is a must-see video; in fact, one of the most entertaining and touching dramas I have seen. It is narrated by the gentleman who converted to Christianity. Now, let me explain one thing.  In the end, he tells his mother he has found Allah (God), Isa (Jesus) of the Quran.  What the gentleman means by this is, the Jesus their Quran speaks of is the Messiah…or God, just as the Christians believe; not the Prophet Jesus as the Muslims believe.  See, the Muslims believe Jesus is only a Prophet..but Khalil refers to him as God. He DOES NOT MEAN that the truth is the Quran.  I did not want anyone to misunderstand this.  I’m sure after watching the entire video, you will understand this anyway.  Again, it is very moving! 

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  1. Thank you Marianne…I’ll have to definitely check that book out! I am glad you liked this post! I loved the way they did the a mini movie! God bless u!

  2. Powerful video! Christ is revealing himself to those who are persecuting him. That is the true test of love. Praise be to God.

    If you have never read the book, A TIME TO BETRAY by Reza Kahlili, you need to. It gives an even great understanding of the mindset of radical Islam and how one such man decided that he had to betray what he felt was now wrong. It is very moving!

  3. Very moving, sister, and thanks for sharing – very powerful 🙂 x

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