Rapture Alert! The Time Is Now!

My dear friends…the things discussed in the Perry Stone video are happening right now! The things predicted by David Wilkerson are from years and years ago, and they have and are coming to pass before our very eyes! Be ready! I urge you to watch these two videos and pay attention. A Soviet war submarine was just spotted off the east coast of the U.S. the other day..I made a post about it yesterday!  He brings up Russia in here.


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  1. Thanks Lyn for the videos…I’ve known for awhile Russian is not to be trusted!!! Many, many blessings to you…..Robin

  2. Amen. If he’s not, I believe wholeheartedly he will have to do directly with bringing about the one world government..he will cause America to submit to it. We will see the man who will be the Antichrist soon! The man who will be him (Obama or not) won’t become the Antichrist until after he receives a fatal head wound, and then he will come back to life, and Satan enters into him…thus, he is then the Antichrist. Did you read the article I posted yesterday about the UN calling for a one world government headquarters in Islamic Istanbul? Craziness! We must have faith in the Lord right now. God put Obama where he is at in order that Jesus can come back soon and rescue His people from all of this. Children are suffering horribly, and so are Christians all over the place. These people in bondage are praying fervently for the Lord to rescue them and their family. We must believe and be ready. That’s for sure.

    I know how busy you are, but whenever you have time, look up Perry Stone and watch his videos..he is very knowledgeable and has a lot of inside connections. I have one on here that is long but when you have time is well worth the watching! https://lynleahz.com/2012/10/02/perry-stone-the-aligning-of-satans-triangle/ This video will blow you away! I promise.

    • I like to ask you, or anyone..
      Let’s say you got a vision.. is that vision something that like a Warning…and you suppose to do everything that it doesn’t come true..?
      Or it will come true what ever you do.
      In that case …what we suppose to do ?
      Rejoice in every “bad sign” because it mean We Are Getting Closer.. to the recoming of Christ…Getting sad for those “bad happening” which mean a great deal of suffering (that is deserved or not !)

      I have to say I’m confused, yes I kept the Oil Lamp burning and the bride say : Come!
      I’m not worry for me, I’m worry for all.. yes Evangelise.. but say what.. this world come to an end and there is nothing you can do about it? Or feel the Hope of The Reign of Christ and not looking at this doomed world anymore like Lot ?! and not been change in Salt Statue sort of.

      On my behalf I do a bit of this an a bit of that.. sometimes Lot.. sometimes the Baptist without any fear of getting my head on a plate.. (but by doing that it shows that I still FEEL for this world and in a sense Love it too..) so its a bit complicate.. and if I had John 3:16 ..I again doubt of the Lot example…to do or not to do is my question… don’t look back or not..


      • You are supposed to pray about it and warn people about it. Why don’t you email me your vision, Lyn.Leahz@att.net and I will help you with it. The Lord gave me a vision and a feeling about children being in danger. I did not know what it was, but assumed it had something to do with Muslims..it still could…however, the Lord has since revealed to me that the part in Revelation where it says “demons more wicked than any before them are released in this day,,,” Not quoting that exactly…just from memory… have been released. Since then, I have seen grotesque mutliations for no reason whatsoever and horrific deaths regarding children..an unusual amount..and even by their own parent(s)! I mean stuff that is bothering me to this moment it is so completely awful..and, some of them accidents… the enemy is attacking the children. A woman stabbed her own son (this was over a week ago in IL) 100 times and then siced his throat, and then turned on the 5 year old whom she was babysitting (her son was seven) and did the same, fifty times. She stormed in the room and said, “Get on your knees and pray! You’re going to see Jesus today!” Her son begged for his life, said he loved her while she hacked away. Afterward, she said the devil was in her..well I believe that… it is sickening. Anyhow…the Lord gave me this to tell people to pray for children because He knew the enemy was on the rise. Your vision may still happen, but maybe the prayer(s) will lessen it, or protect those you pray for. Email me please and I can help you better. God bless you! A nd thanks for asking…. I have lot’s of visions, dreams, and times the Lord just plain out speaks to me.

        • Great! Give me A Time To Put My Thoughts In Order And I get back at You. Some of what you’re saying remind of the Book Of Enoch…Some Other Is What Islam Bring To People …and Children..
          Unfortunatly I have to go now..But Yes I Will Write..I Will Pray! God Bless You !!!

  3. I knew Obama was the anti-Christ! God has a plan, I sure know that!
    God bless!

"If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14 God's call to the world! Are you ready?

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