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  1. I’m now following you on Twitter…”Duke Of Something”.

  2. Lyn you never cease to amaze me with your knowledge and beautiful heart. I have learned so much from you in just a very short time that my head is spinning I cannot even imagine what your mind must rush at..I would venture a thousand miles an hour LOL God bless and love in Jesus name!

    • You know, you’re a blessing too Len! You really are. You need to know how special you are in Christ Jesus. People all of our lives have said, “God bless you!” as a kind thing to say, or, “Jesus loves you!” being kind. But I want you to hear it as if Jesus was standing in front of you with His hands resting on your shoulders, looking you in the eye, and a tear streaming down His face… “Len…you are My child..I forgive you…and I love you more than you know! I’m here for you!” As He wraps His arms around you and holds you, telling you everything in life will be okay. This is how you need to imagine Him…whenever you’re afraid, or you don’t feel good enough..or things just aren’t right…He is there, just like t hat…in the Spirit. You must know that, and believe it always! It is true! I have seen demons and I have seen angels…and I have seen death! I know they are real..and I know God is real..and I know you do too! But you have to believe that the Lord loves you personally…each and every day… nothing matters that you’re repented for… He loves you more because you aren’t perfect… He loves us more for our imperfections! If we were perfect, we would not see that we need is when we are brought low, and when we make mistakes, and when we suffer that we realize we can’t make it without Him.

  3. I think I called all of them at 1 time or another lol very nice post

  4. Hey Lyn… What is the # when women fail you???

  5. That’s a very creative post, you may even inspire me to finish reading the Bible. I too am born again yet not to religion or books and written words. My relationship through prayer and meditation is of sincere and the pure love of my soul pledged to the Lords way. Through your soul, and words shared in such a creative way the Lord inspires and shares with souls like mine! Thank you. I would send the little hearts if I knew the way, I wont trouble the Lord with that. The thought is however there. 🙂

    • Thank you 😉 It’s just alt and the number keypad at the same time, then release simultaneously. That is alt 3, release. alt 13 and 14 are my fav’s… they make this ♪♫♪♫♪♫♪ you type alt 1 and then 3, release. alt 1 and 4 then release. Just a little thing I learned a long long time ago. I grew up with computers in my home. MY father is a computer guru..and he had the first computer ever…the vic 20…and then he continuously upgraded as they came out with new ones.. my brother and I would get the previous computer as he upgraded. Everything was in DOS..there was no such thing as Windows. We subscribed to computer magazines with programs, and you learned how to do everything in DOS. I used to write/copy programs all of the time. Loved it!

      • ♥♥♥ The Lord took the time! Thank you you are awesome. My first computer was a hand me down that ran on DOS i didn’t have the patience for it. I am very grateful for windows! Thank you for all the smiles and the lesson I do love the hearts.

        • LOL Yeah! Ha ha! There’s all sorts of symbols you can make, starting with 1 Here…let’s have some learning fun! I’ll go in order starting with 1 ☺☻♥♦♣♠•◘○☺◙♂♀♪♫☼►◄↕‼¶§▬↨↑↓→←∟↔▲▼ !”#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;?@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[\]^_`abcdefghijklm♂0♂p♪rstu╝wxyz{|}~⌂Çüéâäàåçêëèïî Okay..I made it to 140! Whooh! Good thing I can make the alphabet with the numerical key pad and alt if for whatever reason my main part of the keyboard stops working! LOL That’d be awful! It would take 20 minutes to type a few sentences! Or longer!

          • It takes me twenty minutes sometimes just to type two sentences… I am one that has yet to learn to type. Two finger pecking is not the way. i am greatly humored and beaming with a great smile. The lesson will be helpful and one day may come in handy if my keyboard freezes. It is an honor to have your attention and I am once again flattered. Thanks!

        • I type 80-100 wpm, but I took three years of typing and computers way back when…and, I type a lot. Hey, you were mentioning about the writing I do connecting with your spirit. You might want to check out my dropdown menu to the right, directly beneath my gravatar in the sidebar here. Select Eternal Soul Series…it’s loaded with excerpts from all three books. Give some of them a read and let me know what you think..when you have time! I’d love it! God bless you! The first one will be out in a few months through Thomas Nelson Westbow Press..I’ll make a post when it’s available so everyone interested will know.

          • Once again you flatter me, it would be an honor to read your excerpts and share my thoughts. I am in the unfortunate position of writing a lot with no skills as far as typing goes. I was applying to go to college on line and gave up at the typing test. Time for a Keyboarding class at the community college. I have been working on a book for three years or so and would probably have finished it by now if I knew how to type… Silly me learning to swing a hammer and beat my body over the years rather than become educated. I enjoy hard work and was hard headed. I will get back to you as far as the thoughts I may take a while to absorb and process my thoughts yet they will be from the heart. ♥

          • Take as long as you need…and thank you! God bless you!!!!! 😉

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