The Guillotines Are Here!

Watch this video before it is once again, removed from the internet. My mother sent me this link today; though be warned, there are a few ‘ever so slight and vague’ disturbing images.  After the music in the very opening comes to a halt, a man begins talking; however, his voice, for obvious reasons when you begin to watch, is disguised with a computer.  You must watch this.  If it is indeed true, God helps us!  Lord come quickly!


Thanks! Would have called you back earlier, but I was in church when you called me. Just got home. The Evangelist had a good message tonight! It was about walking close to God & letting Him work through us.

The article about the guillotines is frightening! But, it all makes sense as to why the other articles on why our government is stockpiling coffins, hollow-point bullets, etc. Remember those? Like, the WND reports & PakAlert Press stuff we’ve read about lately, that FEMA is doing?

My co-worker tells me her husband is obsessed with boarding up their home, pouring concrete walls around their bedroom & sealing them in! It is making her crazy, but he is un-saved, & she doesn’t know what she can do, other than just put up with it. I tell you that there may be trouble immediately after the elections, esp. in the cities. Either way it goes, I think there will be trouble. This country is divided, split right down the middle, & you know “A house divided cannot stand!”

Got to clean up the kitchen & get to bed now…..

Love, Mommy

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3 replies

  1. This is crazy but I remember seeing on the history channel during one of the apocalypse special how the Guillotines may be brought back!!!! This was actually on the history channel….thanks Lyn for the update and many, many blessings to you…Robin

  2. Because the Bible predicts ‘beheading’ not gas chambers. 🙂 And yes, I stated that the voice has been changed..probably because they didn’t want their voice recognized. I don’t know if it’s true or not..I do know for a fact they have them in Georgia already… so I don’t know. Did you read what I wrote above the video?

  3. That sounds like Microsoft Text-to-speech. I don’t know Lyn, Why have guillotines when you already probably have huge gas chambers somewhere inside the concentration camps?

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