When I Am Weak, Then Am I Strong

2009, Lyn Leahz

When I am alone, Lord, my mind is more fixed on You.

When I am alone, Lord, it is then I can hear You speak to my heart.

When I am alone, Lord, I can truly rest in Your magnificent presence.

And when I am alone, I’m really ‘not’ alone…for You are right here.

When I am down, Lord, my heart cries out for You.

When I am down, Lord, my eyes look up to You.

When I am down, Lord, I have to place my trust in You.

And when I am down…You pick me up and lift me unto new heights.

When I have nothing, Lord, You show me what giving is all about.

When I have nothing, Lord, You teach me, and all of my pride is on its way out.

When I have nothing, Lord, I am totally dependent upon You.

And when I have nothing left in this world, I have everything in You!

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19 replies

  1. Beautiful! How wonderful to know that God will never fail or forsake us!

  2. This is refreshing and encouraging to one’s soul. Thank you Lyn! I am starting to blog more from my laptop so I can see more of what’s going on in the blogging world without pinching and spreading stuff out on my iPhone! ( sheer laziness to get on the computer with a bigger screen plus I need to learn how to sit still more in the house! lol) Anyway, I see that you have the Promise Book blog! It looks wonderful. God bless you as you continue to follow the path set out before you in His name. Btw…. I love your new picture and your hair color! I have such a big smile on my face!

    Many many blessings and prosperity to you in Christ our Lord and Savior,


    • Thank you Terra, and God bless you! You’re such a blessing! I wrote this a few years ago. I was digging through my journals and decided to type it up and post it. I love the promise book blog. I thought since this blog is more about God’s judgment and prophecy news…I needed to show both sides of God.. the love and compassion, and the anger and judgment. As we see throughout the whole Bible, God has many emotions and many sides. Best to have them all! Although here lately, on the Promise Book site, He’s been giving me verses to do with judgment…LOL It says, “God’s Promise For You Today….” And then boom…some verse on judgment..what a comfort! LOL! God bless you! Thanks for stopping by! Always nice to hear from you. ♥♥♥

      I do everything on my laptop..love it!

      • You are so welcome and I see the balance of what you are doing between the blogs. As as always, when we lean to the the decision of writing what the Lord inspires and prompts us to do, we will never go wrong! With 5 kiddos still left in the house, the laptops and computers are always being used for school stuff, so I became accustomed to just using my phone for everything. By the evening time when they are in bed, I am too tired to grab a laptop to write on until……. I recently got a MacBook Pro for my birthday a couple months ago. Yay me! I am happy because I see all that I was missing out on! ( joking ) But it is a lot easier to do work on I see now! It’s a blessing that I am grateful to have received from my hubby! Blogging for the Lord is a gift in itself. God is amazing! Thanks so much for your heart and encouragement. You are appreciated. 🙂

  3. Beautiful, Lyn. It is comforting to know, that I am NEVER alone. May the Lord bless you.


  4. Beautiful!! What a inspiring post!!! Belongs in the Psalms!!!! many, many blessings to you Lyn….Robin

    • Thank you so much robin. I am so happy when you stop by here and visit! BTW, awesome articles you and your husband both have been putting out! Love them! You guys are blessed voices for the Lord!

  5. “Alone with God” – my favourite time and place each morning.
    Alone, but not alone, and yes! He is everything!

  6. WOW! What a beautiful poem. And what absolutely wonderful thoughts to ponder.
    No matter when. . ., no matter whatever. He is everything. He is the answer to all our questions. He is our hope and strength. Our everything.’
    Thank you, Lyn for sharing this. You are so right. Amen and amen. Thank you and Praise Him!!!

  7. When I have nothing, Lord, I am totally dependent upon You.

    And when I have nothing left in this world, I have everything in You!

    LOVE IT!

  8. Reblogged this on The Promise Book and commented:

    Heavenly Father, it is at the most downward points in my life in which I realize just how much I need you. Thank you.

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