I Cried Out, and the Lord Heard

…and delivered me from all of my troubles.

©2009 Lyn Leahz

This was written during a difficult time in my life when I was trying to walk closer with God.  It seemed that no matter which way I turned, the enemy was waiting around the corner to devour me.  Do you ever feel this way?  Do you ever feel like carrying your cross is next to impossible?  Do you ever wake up, and before your day even begins, feel defeated?  Fear not!  You are not alone!  This is the daily journey we as Christians face–the battle and the inner struggle to be more like Jesus! 

My dear readers, be not dismayed; more difficult times than these are ahead of us than ever before.  Stick close to Jesus, for He sticks closer than a brother!  Know that when you stand solid upon His Word, He will back you up!  He will never leave you nor forsake you!  This you must remember!

Psalms 18:2, “The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower.

The enemy comes against me daily, causing torment, anguish, and pain.  He is relentless as he robs me of my joy and my blessings.

Lord, I want to please You; I strive to find You and my purpose in this life.  I give my life to You!  Yet, old ways of sin and habits that I should not have been a part of consume me; they are hard to put to death.  Some things, Father, are far more difficult than others.

Please provide for me a way of escape this time so that temptation cannot have her way and cause me to sin against You!  I cry out to You for Your help and for Your mercy, Lord Jesus.  May the temptation not even present itself, at least not this day when I am not yet strong enough!

I sense in my spirit that if I give in, since my eyes have now been further opened, that Your anger shall rise up against me, O’ Lord!  Your wrath shall surely be upon me!  For my enemies (Satan and his wicked demons) lie in wait for me.  If I give in, it shall be as a blood-soaked piece of meat being tossed before a pack of wild dogs–viciously devouring to no end–while fighting each other to be the first to devour it!

O’ Father, release me from this yoke of bondage in which I am imprisoned!  Release those I love from the curse of my sin! 

Pour Your Holy Spirit upon me, sanctify and cleanse me from all unrighteousness so that I may be clean before You.

In Jesus Name, I Pray, Amen.

As I search His Holy Scriptures daily, I am reminded of His power and glory.  I am reminded of the godly fear that I am developing for Him.  God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit (the Trinity) are one!  I am listing just a few notes about each one so you can see how all three together perfectly make the one.

God:  Power, Anger, Jealous, I AM, Wrath, Law

Jesus:  The Voice, Love, Compassion, Healer, Teacher, Merciful, Life Giving

Holy Spirit:  Intercessor, Comforter, Helper, Witness, Discerner, Interpreter

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  1. Yes, so very true. I have found this to be more intense in my life when I am saying, “Help me know you more Lord.” The evils really hate when we do that, but I can see that at times God is allowing the testing to make me stronger in Him, and He is answering my prayer, “Help me to know you more Lord.” I think we all sense in our spirits that time is indeed short.

  2. Such heart-felt prayer!!! These are the kind of prayers which bring us closer to him….For when we are weak, he lifts us up and gives us strength…Absolutely beautiful! many, many blessings to you…Robin

  3. Lyn, thank you for another great post! I go through this also at times, because — just like you said — as I seek to grow closer to the Lord, the enemy does everything he can to thwart that effort. He throws all manner of frustration at me, but in the end my hope, trust and joy in the unfailing mercy and love of Jesus Christ always wins out. That doesn’t mean he stops trying, but then neither do I — and I think THAT is what counts!

    Write on, Sister!


  4. Lyn,
    All I could think of when I read this is this song. I went to YouTube and found it and listened to it again. I cry every time I hear it or our praise team at church sings it. I can never get through singing it without crying. Here is a link. I hope you enjoy it.

    • Thanks for the music! God bless u Steve…yes, let me know what other changes you want to your webpage.

    • The one that always jerks tears out of me is Amazing Grace..I don’t know what it is about that song… in fact, anyone who ends up reading my books will learn that quickly It pops up a few times throughout my books…as well as coffee! LOL!!!! There’s lot’s of coffee drinking going on in the books!

  5. Good one for me today. Thank you again… always right on…

  6. I love your post. I am very impressed that at least here you quote from the KJB. I will eventually read much or all of your posts.

    • Actually, my favorite is the Jewish Study Bible because it takes it straight from the Hebrew and Greek..and it is translated by a Messianic Jew..that’s the closest to the original. Many people, like myself, have trouble understanding the KJV…I like to understand what I read. While there are many translations I thoroughly disagree with, there is nothing wrong with the New King James…and if you want the closest to the actual thing as possible, this is the one I quote from most often.. I’m sorry, but KJV isn’t as accurate as everyone thinks. https://lynleahz.com/2012/06/15/the-best-bible-there-is/ God bless you! I hope you’ll check this one out.

    • Oh, and that was from the NKJV, btw.. 🙂 I love the NKJV so much because I can understand it.

    • Oh, and thanks..was so busy trying to tell you about the Hebrew Jewish English Bible I had forgotten to thank you! How rude of me! 😉 I apologize! God bless you and I hope you have had a blessed weekend in Christ Jesus! Be blessed!!!!

    • Hey there…did you get to check out that Bible yet? I was curious what you thought of it. I ordered it months ago and have been doing some studying out of it..it is really good! God bless you, and I hope you have a wonderful day!

      • The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.
        Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever. Psalm 12:6-7

        It says in the above verses that we will have Gods pure Word from generation to generation. If I am reading correctly, we have His Word, not just His thoughts.

        So where is His Word today? We no longer have the original manuscripts. They are no longer here. We only have copies. When we read different versions in print, His Words are different from version to version.

        Is there a translation that is His Word or do all the translations only contain His Word? How are we to know which Words in the different translations are actually Gods Word and not merely close?

        Is it important to have His actual Words or is it acceptable to just be close? Did God actually preserve His very Words from generation to generation or is the above verses wrong?

        • I agree…that’s why I post only translations that mean the same as the original that we have..you have to really know the Word of God to be able to study or read in other translations, which I do. Anyhow, I could tell you felt that way which is why I directed you to the Jewish Study Bible. King James did one thing right in his life…put together the Bible for people, but he was actually a pretty evil guy. There are many words that weren’t translated correctly, such as wine.

          Throughout the Bible wine can mean wine, or it can mean vinegar, and in other places, grape juice. The Bible I trust most is the Complete Jewish Study Bible because it comes straight from the original Hebrew and Greek manuscripts that the Jewish people have carefully kept preserved for generations. The Bible was originally in Hebrew (Old Testament) and Greek (New Testament) before it was translated. The Complete Jewish Study Bible does not take the translation from any other Bible translation other than the original manuscripts. The man who spent many years putting it together is a Messianic Jewish Scholar. If you click on the link I provided above, you can read more about it. If you’re interested in accuracy, that’s the Bible for you. The Complete Jewish Study Bible, unless we all learn Hebrew and Greek, is the closest to the original as it gets.

          I don’t know your feelings, but unless someone is posting verses from translations that are way off (I usually do not post anything from the NIV because NIV was originally put together by a Lesbian woman..many people do not know that..and there are places that are WAY off..) however, I do post from various translations if it does not in any way change the meaning of the verse. If the content someone is posting is in line with God’s word, the translation they use to post scripture, unless it is way off, should never keep one Christian from worshiping with another whether in person, or over the internet.

          I do apologize, but I have always had trouble reading from the KJV because I don’t understand many of the old words that no longer exist. When I read the Bible, I don’t just read, I study. I use the KJV as well as the NKJV, ESV, Amplified, etc all at once to cross reference. There’s nothing wrong with that.

          I wholeheartedly apologize if you have anything against me regarding Bible verses and translations. Now if I was posting something from the Quran, or some other Bible of another religion, or a book that has not been authenticated as the Word of God, that would be different. Things like this should not separate believers, ever, from worshiping together. I do not preach false doctrine here, or do anything unbiblical.

          God bless you.

          • I wonder about this statement you make. “The Complete Jewish Study Bible does not take the translation from any other Bible translation other than the original manuscripts.” So the Jewish Bible could not have been translated from the original manuscripts because when it was translated the originals did not exist. I wonder about this because the original manuscripts are gone. The Bible was originally written in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. When Jesus quoted the Old Testament, He was not quoting from the originals because even then they did not exist. He quoted from copies. No translation other than the KJB was translated from the texus receptus or the received text. Even the NKJV was corrected by other than the Texus Receptus. I for one am very suspecious of the Latin Vulgate and such. One thing we can both agree on, there is a very large diffence in the Words of every version. Gods Word has obviously been changed from translation to translation. As an example, 11Chronicles 7:14 that you recently quoted leaves out the Words, “Turn from their wicked ways.” Just some thoughts, I promise you I am not trying to be argumentive. But it does seem to me that Gods Word must be preserved, Word for Word, or else Psalm 12:6-7 must be incorrect.

        • And the KJV did not come from the mouth or hand of God..it came from King James… I would put more faith in the Complete Jewish Bible since the original authentic texts came from the Jewish people and not from King James. Jesus was Jewish not King Jamesian 😉

          • I think your reply covers your position. Mr. jpfinn7 says he doesn’t mean to be argumentative, then he begins arguing his case. If jpfinn7 doesn’t drop his replies now, I would assume he’s attempting to perpetuate a theological tit-for-tat with you. This subject is above my pay grade anyway. BTW the blog is great. I have a few minor things. We can talk about them later if that’s okay. I’m going to be out of pocket till late this afternoon or tonight. I hope you have a blessed day.

          • I was only trying to explain what I believe. We both have a position but it just seems to me to understand all sides is good and not bad, especially when done in a civilized manner. I hope no one is offended as it is not my purpose.

          • I’m not offended..I’m just confused. I hope you don’t take offense to my reply I just left Steve. I don’t mind hearing other views…but I stand on what I said…just as you’ve mentioned hearing other views and all sides is important..the same holds true with God’s word..we must always search the scriptures to find out if we are getting out of it as God meant because there are way too many translations today where the truth can get watered down. I was just trying to be helpful since you seemed concerned about accuracy..King James was no saint..and your best bet is to look into the one I mentioned. I can tell you, from my years of study, the Jewish English translation is the best and most accurate when compared against the original Hebrew Greek (they have the original Hebrew Greek many Ministers use online here..you’ll have to google it..it comes right up.) God bless..and no offense taken. I hope I’m not offending you.

          • Not only are you not offending me, you have made my day brighter! Thank You!

          • I am glad for that..I was worried that I cam across rude or something…it’s sooo hard to put down in writing how you mean something..and then you re read it and sounds rude or angry and it wasn’t meant that way.. My frustration isn’t truly with you…but with some other recent confrontations I’ve had with false doctrine being preached, and some very wicked people who have come here who don’t want to hear the truth and leave rude and argumentative remarks. I shouldn’t let that bother me, but sometimes, it does. If it’s something really bad, I just opt not to post the persons comment. My main goal here is to witness, so if someone leaves something questionable that would offend or cause someone to doubt, I oftentimes will not post their comment. Those who do not know Christ or are new in Him are easily led astray by trash the world throws around (false doctrine and lies)…those of us who are of sound mind in Him and studied are not as easily misled.

            As far as you and I go…I will always explain my case or my thoughts..if I ever sound frustrated, well, it’s because I am! LOL but not with you. I’m frustrated at myself for not coming across how I mean or not explaining something the right way. It’s when I am not confronted with opposition that I know exactly the right thing to say, but when I am confronted, my mind draws a blank. I can’t stand it when that happens…so I just pray for God to give me the right words…but oftentimes, my mind is drawing a blank so badly that I don’t even think to do that! Awful, isn’t it? LOL

            Anyhow, don’t worry about anything. I don’t want u to feel like you can’t comment..or like you’re feeding the bear if you say something..I’ve felt that way before places I’ve gone on here. Comment away with what you think. I apologize to you if I came across wrong or that I was mad… I was only frustrated with myself, and the situation, but I was not offended or mad at you. I don’t know you..but I love you in Christ no matter what interpretation of the Bible you read from.

            God bless you! ♥♥♥♫♪♫♪♫♪♥♥♥

          • I do very much enjoy your posts and hope we can remain friends.

          • Well heck ya..I’m not upset with you honey! Don’t worry about it. I think if we were all sitting in a living room together chatting we would come across a lot different. I try not to read too much into words in writing on the internet. It’s not you personally…I do get a few people who come to my website and nit pick the daylights out of me. I have one person who will argue over nothing just to argue..LOL Comment anytime whatever you think or feel. If I disagree, I’ll state my side of what I think. It’s a diverse world we live in…lot’s of people, lot’s of teachings, lot’s of different upbringings. God bless you and don’t worry about anything…I love what you write and I love that you come here and read. You’re a blessing. We all come across different in writing because we can’t add any of our own personality..voice inflection, tone, facial expression, body language, etc. God love you and God bless you…and I’d never let something this small keep me from worshiping with a fellow believer. We’re family. Sorry if we’ve had a misunderstanding..easy to do online….very easy.

        • No…the Jewish people have taken great measures to preserve it and the rewriting of it over the many generations. I have a Biblical Encyclopedia that goes into great detail about everything they do to preserve the rewriting and the correctness from the originals. It’s actually interesting all they go through. I have read about this in several Biblical Almanacs and History writings about the careful preservation of the original documents. I urge you to research that further.

          Regardless, if I had to choose a version for accuracy, I would choose the one by David H. Stern. The Jewish people have been very careful to preserve the authenticity of God’s Word over the hundreds of generations. I would trust that more than any other. As far as the other things you mentioned, all we can do is trust in God to reveal things to us as we get into His Word. I don’t believe He wants us to obsess or worry about it, or cease relations with other believers over the difference in Biblical translations.

          The Bible tells us to study to show ourselves approved… we can’t just trust one thing, we should always cross reference and compare…meditate…pray and pray before we study the Bible for the understanding. I’m far from a perfect person, but I am not out here preaching false doctrine, and I’m intelligent enough in God’s Word, as I have studied in depth for many, many years, to know when I come across something in a different translation that just is not right.

          Inevitably, we as Christians will find fault in each other for things as we all may share in different ideas, thoughts, or understandings of God’s Word. But let us never stray away into theological disagreement that would keep us from the love in Christ together we could all share. Honestly, if you’re happy with King James, that is wonderful..there is nothing wrong with that. I am happy with the Jewish Study Bible..nothing wrong with that either. I’m not going to hell for it, nor are you. I will not judge your way of worship and reading, and hopefully, you will not judge mine.

          Let’s just agree on one thing, that we believe in the trinity, that God’s Word is the infallible Word of God, and that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that He died for us and rose again…and that there is only one way to heaven..and that is through Jesus Christ only…nobody else. If we disagree on Biblical translations, this is a small thing. If my posts bother you, you can always look it up in the KJV if I don’t post that translation. Hopefully something that small would not keep you from engaging in worship with another believer or from reading their posts; not if what they were writing about was in line with God’s Word, regardless of a translation. I see Christians on here posting Islamic theology and other things that are absolute apostasy and blasphemous, thinking they are doing the work of the Lord! You won’t find anything like that here. I stick to the Word of God and I don’t sugar coat the truth. You will never, ever find the gospel watered down and sugar coated here..that is for certain.

          God bless you, and I hope you are enjoying your day!

    • I was curious, though; have you heard anything about what I said about the NIV; that it was put together or written by a lesbian woman? I have heard two different preachers mention that now and read it a long time ago as well. I am curious if that is true. I do know there is a place (and I am sure there are others) in the New Testament..and I can’t remember the exact scripture..where it is talking about a man taking his virgin as his wife or something, and the NIV left out a big hunk of that where it actually gave it a different meaning.

      Also, another subject of importance..did you know that Wycliffe Bible Publishing Company made a Bible that combines the Quran with the Holy Bible? That is just awful! It’s because of that Chrislam religion If you don’t know about it, I have some posts on here about it if you go to the search bar at the very top right hand side here, type in Chrislam. Many preachers believe it is the emergence of the one world religion prophesied in the Bible.

      • I’m not an expert but I don’t think the NIV was put together by lesbians. One thing I do know is the first sin ever committed was by Satan trying to change Gods Word. A few years ago I was under the opinion that the differences in versions did not matter. I have since changed my mind. All those questions that I asked earlier has never been answered by anyone that at least to me makes sense. But then I am not the brightest guy to ever breathe. Far from it. When I found out that many of the versions take out over 60,000 words and most of the Words have to do with major doctrine, I became alarmed. I have read much of what Samuel Gipp writes and it makes much sense to me. I guess the main thing for me is, that the Word of God is very important and we are not supposed to add to it or take away from it. For the 1st 28 years of my life, I was a Roman Catholic with 12 years of religious studies. I was taught so many things that contradict the Bible but when I got saved, 40 years ago, I decided that Jesus Christ would be my God and Gods Word would be the only thing I would trust. It scares me some to entertain the thought that His Word is simply scattered throughout different versions and we are to pick out which Words are Gods Word. Not sure if this makes sense to you as my writing skills lack much. Besides so much information that is circulating regarding the different versions, and not being a scholar, I have decided through faith that the Bible I hold in my hand, is in fact Gods Word. It does not contain Gods Word but is Gods Word. At nearly 70 years old, I believe it with all my heart. I never want to stand before the judgment seat of Christ and tell Him, it was so complicated that I really did not know what to believe. Anyway, I respect you much, will read your blof often and pray that many will be reached for Christ through your blog. Your friend, Jim

        • Thank you Jim. Yes, I do agree that too many versions end up violating the command of not to add to or take away..it’s a very fine line..that’s why I am picky about the verse meaning the same thing across the board if it is in a different translation. If i had to pick a version other than the Complete Jewish Bible, I would have to say New King James Version because it’s the same without the “thou” “ye” “hast” and all of those words that no longer exist. All it does is change those types of words into modern.

          And yes, so many complicated things. Just trust in the Lord always to guide you through His Word and to speak to your heart, and then you won’t have to worry about the translation..God, the author and the finisher of our faith, and everything, will translate it to your heart just the way He intended.

          God bless you! And I hope that answer suffices on the issue. Don’t worry about it..God knows you seek truth above all else, and you aren’t responsible for changing His Word…so He will not judge you against this. As long as you continue seeking His truth, wisdom, and understanding, He’ll give it you…you can count on that! He wants all of us to understand Him fully.

        • “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7 (quoting that from my head, so I may be missing a punctuation or a simple word, like ‘the’ or ‘and’ 😉

        • Check this out http://www.elijahproject.net/bible10.html and this http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/Bible/niv_sodomite_on_committee.htm

          I heard a couple of different preachers talk about this, and it’s all over the internet…..

          Then here is one persons opinion who holds an opposing argument http://www.onenesspentecostal.com/nivexamined.htm

          Tell me what u think.

        • And here’s one I found very interesting. You’ll want to read this one. Let me know what you think


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