The Devil On My Shoulder

I was standing in the kitchen a little bit ago getting a drink of water.  There are a lot of things I can’t eat because of food allergies; on the list are cookies.  I snuck and ate one.  After I ate it, I thanked the Lord for allowing me to eat today and not have any problems.  Just then, the enemy whispered into my ear (I call it that because it is not my own thought), “Who wants to serve a God that you have to thank for ‘letting’ you eat?” As if I was in bondage to God or something. 

I said, “I rebuke you Satan!  For it is you who makes us sick with these infirmities, and God who delivers me from your bondage so that I am able to eat as I should eat in the first place!”

That shut him up real quick; and then I started thinking.  Don’t we all, from time to time, tend to blame or resent God for the bad things that happen?  Taking on the attitude that we must always ask Him first to do this, or get His permission to do that–and my goodness, all of the rules we must follow!  When in truth, we belonged to Satan when we were born.  When God blesses us with even the simplest of things, and/or allows us to do something, even wake up every morning to a new day–it is a gift!  And it is a gift because we were born into death, sickness, torment, corruption, and every wicked, foul thing.  So when we do eat, and nothing bad happens, for example, it is because God is actually having mercy on us.  We do not have a right to eat and not get sick.  We do not have a right to wake up every day and be given another chance.  Don’t you see?  It is God who shows us mercy, and great mercy at that, for allowing us to even have the things we oftentimes take for granted.

Here’s a great example I can give you from my own personal experience.  How often do you really appreciate that you can taste the full flavors of your foods and walk outside and smell the freshness of the changing seasons?  I enjoyed those pleasures as a child, but I live with allergies and sinus problems, and I would give anything to be able to taste my food like that again or to smell the changing seasons.  I can taste and smell, don’t get me wrong, but I can’t taste and smell like you can.

What about the fact that you can eat whatever you want with no problem?  Have you ever thought of that?  If I’m out driving and my blood sugar is low, I am unable to just stop anywhere and grab a bite.  I have to suffer it out until I can get home.  I don’t get to eat tacos or put mayo on my sandwiches, or lavish myself in ice cream and cake.  I can only eat fresh fruit, fresh veggies, brown rice, plain meat, and oat bran…and there are some fruits and veggies I can’t even eat!  And guess what?  I have no clue why.  I wasn’t born with food allergies; it just one day happened without warning.

So look at all of the things you don’t think about, and then look to God and say, “Wow, Lord; I am blessed!  I never thought of this before!”  Because trust me, when even the most ordinary every day thing is taken from you, you quickly realize just how blessed you really were.  And remember, we were born in bondage to the enemy, so whenever you have to ask God for something or thank Him, it’s because He gave it to you…right down to your every heart beat!  It is the enemy who makes us have to ask God; everything good that God made has been corrupted because of Satan!  Yet we can praise our heavenly Father, because it won’t always be that way!  Someday, everything will be just like God intended, and the enemy will be destroyed forever!

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  1. Lyn,

    Very good posting… You are so right, we have a tendency to “blame” the Lord for our hardships instead of thanking Him for all things! What a blessing it is to develope a consistent lifestyle of thankfulness no matter what our life’s circumstances might be. Lord bless.

  2. Your closing serntence . . . “Someday, everything will be just like God intended, and the enemy will be destroyed forever!” . . .
    We are one day closer!!!

  3. I used to love to eat all the junk food out there. I rarely do now. Let’s just say I don’t miss it. I guess because I want to eat healthy so I can try to lose weight, lol.
    I used to take a lot for granted when I was young three or four years ago. But life has a way of dealing harshly with you as you grow older, you can’t do the things you once were able to. But I sure realize now that I am waking up every day and thanking God, because it could always get harder.

    • Amen Eddy! I just turned forty this I know exactly what you mean! The thing of it is, I don’t feel older, so it’s kind of hard when my body does weird things I don’t expect! LOL

    • Thanks Jeane! My goodness I’m abou to pass out! LOL I have it on moderation and you were able to post! Well, it’s only on moderate for first time commentators! Nice to see you sister Jeanne! I’ve missed you! God bless you!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ You’re a blessing to me, and so many others~

  4. Oh can I ever relate, Lyn. I have allergies to gluten, dairy, soy and possibly peanuts (testing that one right now) and who knows what else. I also have pre-diabetes so sugary treats and refined carbs are a big no-no for me — but I am hoping the huge change in my diet will reverse that. I watch my sweet hubby eat whatever he wants and every so often I have the “but it’s just not fair” discussion with myself. So I am now making a conscious effort to think of what I CAN eat, not what I can’t!

    • If that weren’t enough last night, right after I wrote this article, I had 3 different food related websites like my pages..and of course, we always check out the unfamiliar people who like…omg! It was all nothing but lustful food pics! My mouth was watering..I’m talking really fabulous food pics! ha ha ha! I think ‘someone’ was getting even with me for rebuking him!

      On the subject of food, but off the subject in a sense..something funny. For years I’ve been battling the squirrels destroying my flowers and what not; anyhow, yesterday lo and behold, a squirrel walking around with a jar of peanut kidding! You don’t see that everyday! Well, he got into my trash in tne garage and snagged two jars I had thrown out. They were plastic jars, but jars none the less. He was nice enough to bring one of them back and lay it next to the trash bag at some point, because a jar had returned this morning.

      If that wasn’t enough, the chipmunks started fighting the squirrel for his jar of peanut butter he was carting around all over my back yard. Well, he gave up and dropped it, and the chipmunks were running around in it like a hampster in one of those exercise balls! Oh it was so funny, I wish you co uld’ve seen! You ever see a squirrel with a jar of peanut butter? I haven’t!

    • Oh, and as far as the food bloggers, I am glad they did come because they have nice pages and I do love to cook..even if I can’t eat it! BTW, my grandma had gluten allergies..siliac sprue!

  5. Lyn, you are such a trooper. As I read this I was thinking of something someone sent me today that I posted on my Facebook page about a blind quilt maker. She has made hundreds of beautiful quilts without the benefit of sight. She has no sympathy for couch potatoes or people who throw pity parties. She says that if we use what God gave us, and how He made us, God will bless us.
    In my opinion, that certainly describes you and your courage to deal with your food allergies in such a positive way. By positive I mean that you accept yourself for the way God made you and you don’t make excuses or complain, but you see your life through eyes focused on God and trust Jesus to be your everything. Here’s a link to the lady from Texas I was thinking about as I read your testimony. Your strength and courage are similar to hers. God bless you. And I hope you enjoy her testimony. Your courage and conviction remind me of you.

    • Thanks Steve..I made a post out of it. I always think to myself that I’m going to be healthier because of this…I won’t have some of the health problems so many people have; heart, obesity, cancers, etc. and I also praise God because I say that He is allowing me to stay this way for now for some reason I don’t u nderstand..maybe to keep me close? Keep me dependant upon him? Who knows. God bless you and have a beautiful night! Thank you for sharing this video with me. It is very inpsirational indeed!

      • Maybe God is using your allergies as a thorn in your side, like the one He gave to Paul. And we both know what an impact He had. God’s strength is made perfect in our weakness, Paul wrote. God will use the allergies AND you in mighty ways. Hang in there.

        • Yep..I’ve already thought about that. Sometimes the Lord will “allow” sufferings if he sees the benefit to our soul. See, the Lord doesn’t care as much about our flesh as He does our soul because our flesh is temporary and our soul is forever. If some ailment or misery keeps someone from spending their eternity in hell, then to God, it was worth it. Everything I usually ask God for, He does. But on this one thing…not yet.

  6. Lyn, I think too often we fall into this trap, and it’s as much a trap of Satan, as any of them are in which we’re lured into feelings of ungratefulness, and forget that all we have and are is due to the grace and mercy of God through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This is a needed reminder to us all that gratitude is indeed the right attitude, and is the only one that truly honors God. Excellent post.

    • Thank you Wayne…yes we most certainly do. It’s hard when we are going through something to remember we were born into sickness and disease, poverty, and corruption… God is doing us a favor by helping us to eat what we should eat with no problem, or keeping us from illness. He doesn’t owe us anything…He already gave us something we did not deserve…the life of Jesus. It’s up to us to call upon Jesus and allow the Holy Spirit to dwell in us richly. God bless you! Always appreciate and enjoy your posts, and your comments.

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