There Is None Like You, O Lord!

Awesome video by Louie Giglio, and an awesome post from an awesome Christian sister!  This video was extremely interesting..some of the sounds sound like music and stringed instruments!  YOU HAVE GOT TO WATCH THIS VIDEO TO THE END!  SOME OF THE SOUNDS GET HARD TO LISTEN TO…BUT WAIT UNTIL HE PUTS IT ALL TOGETHER!  HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD!

Knowing God through His Word ... Day by Day

Louie Gigio spoke at the Desiring God National Conference September 24-25, 2011. Watch this incredible “mashup of stars and whales singing God’s praise:

Our passage for today, Jeremiah 10:6-12

There is none like you, O Lord; you are great, and your name is great in might.

Who would not fear you, O King of the nations?

For this is your due; for among all the wise ones of the nations and in all their kingdoms there is none like you. They are both stupid and foolish; the instruction of idols is but wood!

They are the work of the craftsman and of the hands of the goldsmith; their clothing is violet and purple; they are all the work of skilled men.

But the Lord is the true God; he is the living God and the everlasting King. At his wrath the earth quakes, and the nations cannot endure his…

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  1. WOW!!! That was awesome and beautiful!!! When he added the song How Great is Our God it felt like I was singing among the universe….I can only imagine what it all sounds like to God…thank you so much for sharing and many, many blessings to you Lyn….Robin


  1. LOUIE GIGLIO-I SAW THE LORD -ISAIAH 6 « Ioan17 – John 17

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