Let Your Living Water Flow, Jimmy Swaggart

This song takes me back to breakfast as a child.  My mother listened to all of the preachers every morning on television.  Jimmy Swaggart was among the many she would watch, and I can’t tell you how many times Brother Swaggart sat at the piano and sang this song.  In fact, I may’ve seen this very video…who knows!  

All day long, wherever I went, this was one of the songs I took with me, as it would play over and over in my mind.  Another thank you to my mother.  You know, no matter what trials we have all faced over the years; the hurts, the painful things, the mistakes, nothing will ever weigh more than the fact that my mother and my grandma both instilled in me the precious Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ at an early age. Again, thank you mommy, and to my grandma who is in heaven with our Lord, hopefully looking down once in a while!

For as old as it is, it is very good quality in sound and video, and you can up it to 480; at least it looks and sounds really good on my computer!  Of course I have it plugged in to my sub woofer surround sound system I bought with the computer back in March.  I am hoping it looks and sounds as good on your computer as well so you can enjoy it to the fullest!

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4 replies

  1. I have all of his records. My husband and I would put a stack on our record player and listen to them as we laid in bed waiting to fall asleep. We still do. So glad you enjoy him too.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I love Jimmy Swaggart. Takes me back as well. Be blessed. God is with you.

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