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  1. Pastor Creflo’s interpretation of the Bible (Genisis 6:1-4), is of the literal variety. The Catholic version is much more reasoned as follows:

    ” [1] And after that men began to be multiplied upon the earth, and daughters were born to them, [2] The sons of God seeing the daughters of men, that they were fair, took to themselves wives of all which they chose. [3] And God said: My spirit shall not remain in man for ever, because he is flesh, and his days shall be a hundred and twenty years. [4] Now giants were upon the earth in those days. For after the sons of God went in to the daughters of men, and they brought forth children, these are the mighty men of old, men of renown. [5] And God seeing that the wickedness of men was great on the earth, and that all the thought of their heart was bent upon evil at all times,

    [2] The sons of God: The descendants of Seth and Enos are here called sons of God from their religion and piety: whereas the ungodly race of Cain, who by their carnal affections lay grovelling upon the earth, are called the children of men. The unhappy consequence of the former marrying with the latter, ought to be a warning to Christians to be very circumspect in their marriages; and not to suffer themselves to be determined in their choice by their carnal passion, to the prejudice of virtue or religion.

    [3] His days shall be: The meaning is, that man’s days, which before the flood were usually 900 years, should now be reduced to 120 years. Or rather, that God would allow men this term of 120 years, for their repentance and conversion, before he would send the deluge.

    [4] Giants: It is likely the generality of men before the flood were of a gigantic stature in comparison with what men now are. But these here spoken of are called giants, as being not only tall in stature, but violent and savage in their dispositions, and mere monsters of cruelty and lust.

    However, Hell is real. as good description was given to St. Faustina in a vision: you’ll have to Google it as I tried to copy and paste but it wouldn’t do it. Lyn it’s up to you to figure it out. there’s even a YouTube short video.

    • Thanks David. It’s always nice ot hear different people’s views and feedback. I’m not Catholic though 😉 I’m non denominational. God didn’t make Catholics. He didn’t make Methodists. He didn’t make Charismatics, Pentecostals, Presbytirans, Lutherans…God made mankind, and He made us to worship Him, and He gave us His living word as instructions. That’s my Christian stand. I personally do not believe for the life of me that there is any human being on the face of this planet who has the ‘perfect’ interpretation of the Bible..not one. We all shall one day have all of these answers. The most important thing that we as Christians believe, and must agree upon to call ourselves sisters and brothers in Christ, is the Holy Trinity, and that Jesus Christ is/was the Son of God, or God in the flesh, and that Jesus died on the cross for our sin, and then rose again, giving to us as believers salvation from eternal damnation through the Holy Spirit, provided to us upon the resurrection of Jesus. God bless you for taking t he time to look at the video and for taking the time to write your thoughts 😉 Appreciate it much!

      • “I personally do not believe for the life of me that there is any human being on the face of this planet who has the ‘perfect’ interpretation of the Bible..not one.”

        That;s an interesting comment. I think history namely the Reformation together with Gutenberg have a lot to do with most variations from St. Jerome.

        • I do not know; I do know, however, we’re all going to be so filled with joy when we meet our Savior and worship the Lord in heaven as one. And, we’re all going to be a little surprised to find out how incorrect we all were in certain points, and right on with others. I think we’ll be in awe and amazement and over-joyed, so much that we won’t care about all of these little things that pull us apart. 🙂

        • And there is no saint, Saint Jerome, or Saint anyone else who even compares to Jesus Christ. We are all nothing compared to the Lord.

          • True and obvious.

          • St. Jerome was the first person to translate the Bible from Greek and Aramaic into Latin. It’s known as the Vulgate. The other more common translations are post Reformation.

        • Hey David..what happened to Jessica? I haven’t seen her make any posts lately. Is she okay? (The Watchtower)

          • It was Friday last that he husband returned from Afghanistan. The spent the weekend together and I think there’ll be a lot of adjustments . So I guess she’ll restart her blog whenever…

          • Oh I am so happy for her! I’ll bet she is overjoyed!

          • Off Topic, re last night’s debate.

            An ” empty chair” showed up to the debate as the POTUS.
            And Romney cut all 4 legs off the chair.

    • Oh, and as a side note, I ddin’t know if agreed with his idea of the offspring of the giants becoming disembodied and therefore being demons. I can’t find that in the Bible. I feel this is his personal interpretation. However, though I disagreed with one aspect of the video, that wasn’t the aspect of the video I posted it for. I posted this video ONLY because of it’s message on salvation and hell. In other words, the benefit of the video far outweighed some minor flaw of interpretation that was his opinion. God bless!

    • Not necessarily my style of singing/music..but the old imperials song here says it the best. Listen to the whole thing if you can, even if you don’t like it. He says it the best.

    • oh, forgive me, I did forget but one more thing. It is these types of things, sadly, that separate believers. Don’t get me wrong; those who do believe Jesus is the only way should “NEVER” bend and stand as one or in agreement with those who do not..because Jesus is the only way. However, these theological things that really don’t have anything to do with our soul (the nephillim, demons, when and how exactly Satan fell, whether the wall of Jericho fell by an earthquake or God, or both..etc etc.) should not be things that keep us from worshipping together as believers. We do have to draw a fine line, as I mentioned, or it becomes blasphemous.

  2. How does a giant have sex with a normal woman? Just asking!

    • I don’t know..but it does tell us this in the book of Genesis. My question is the belief some have that angels are sexless. If angels were indeed sexless, they would not have been able to procreate with women. I don’t believe there are any female angels, as the Bible does not discuss any female angels. Furthermore, God made “man” in His image; the woman He took from man to create. So I would venture to say that angels, God, Jesus, etc. are all in the form of men. Not that us women are not as special, we are; it’s just noteworthy.

    • How did a donkey talk? How did Moses part the red sea? How did Jesus heal the blind man? There are lots of things in the Bible that our feeble fleshly minds cannot comprehend…

  3. He completely lost me at the three minute mark…

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