Let There Be Light! Miracles Can Happen When We Obey!

Let There Be Light

An excerpt from Book Three, Soul Savior, in my Martyrdom Trilogy

© 2012 Lyn Leahz

Isaiah was reading the latest news on the internet.  He waved Khalid over to him.  “It looks as if the fourth trumpet judgment has happened—some places in the world are completely dark, and some places are only as dark as dusk; and there’s a whole list of tragedies that have happened as a result. 

“They’re also talking about the long-term effects on plant life, animal life, energy, the oceans, rainfall, and more.”  He removed his glasses and rested his elbows on the edge of the desk, taking a brief moment to massage his tired eyes in despair. 

Khalid walked over to the window and glanced out.  “We do not come upstairs this often, so it is hard for us to know what’s happening in the atmosphere.  I think it is light enough we should get out and witness to more people on the streets before it becomes even worse.” 

He turned back toward Isaiah waiting for a response.  “Yes my brother, I think you are right.  Besides, this is what the Lord wanted us to do to begin with.” 

Khalid was curious, “Have you heard from Elias as of late?” 

Isaiah stood up and unplugged his laptop.  “Actually, yes; I heard from him a little less than a month ago.  Elias has been very ill with pneumonia; his sister Jaalah has been caring for him.  They keep asking us to come and stay with them at Jaalah’s house, but so far, we’ve been okay here; except for a few close calls, that is.  I haven’t felt a nudge within my spirit for us to go anywhere else just yet—have you?” 

“No, I have not.”  Khalid checked the time; it was eight o’ clock in the morning and they had plenty of time to spend the day witnessing to the lost souls. 

Khalid smiled.  “Did I ever tell you about the dream/spiritual experience Krista and I had quite some time ago?” 

Isaiah stared blankly when his face suddenly lit up with acknowledgement.  “Yes, yes—you did!  You and she were blessed beyond measure to have had such an occurrence in your lives!” 

Khalid nodded his head in agreement.  “It was more than a blessing!  I cannot forget, nor shall I, how it felt to see Jesus face to face.  There are no movies, re-enactments, or books that can even come close to the actuality of being present during His crucifixion.  I believe His loving face and His weakness are forever burned inside of my mind; although He wasn’t truly feeble and defenseless—He only chose to be because of His devotion and adoration toward God and mankind.” 

Isaiah tried to picture it as he shook his head back and forth in disappointment.  He held up his index finger.  “One day I shall know what it was like—and the way things look, it is not too far off!”  

They gathered their things and went back down to the basement with the rest of their group to announce the most recent news. 

Jakim had been studying quite a bit; when he wasn’t witnessing, he spent his every moment meditating, praying, and learning God’s Holy Scriptures.  He had also spent a great deal of time learning the English language, which was quite difficult, so that he could better communicate with his other brother’s and sister’s in Christ.  “The time draws nearer; the three and half year tribulation marker is just around the corner!  This darkness is a blessing compared to the things which are to take place next—the last three and a half years are referred to as the Great Tribulation because it is so much worse!” 

Khalid gathered all of the men together.  All-in-all, there was Jakim, Amahd, Kevin and his son Chad, Jedadiah, Samuel, Abe, Malachi, Isaiah and his two sons Jacob and Eli.  “Who wants to go out and witness with me today, and who would like to stay here?  At least two men must remain with the women and the child.” 

The only two women left were Krista and Isaiah’s wife Ruth, who’d taken on the task of caring for Joseph since Lorna had died.                                                               

Kevin and Amahd agreed to stay behind; Amahd knew Arabic and would understand what was being said if Haman or his men showed up.

Khalid nodded, “Okay, so the rest of us are going out today with one thing in mind—winning the lost to Jesus Christ.  We must take hands, every one of us, and pray for God’s direction and divine intervention before we set out.”

They bowed their heads as they stood in a circle holding hands praying the prayer of power and of faith.  Khalid finished the prayer he’d led.  “…and Heavenly Father, let there be many miracles this day so that people may believe and know that You are God, and there is no other like You, and none other than You!  In the name of Your Son Jesus Christ we pray; Amen.” 

Abruptly, Khalid turned to Jakim,  “I believe we will have to use your van today because we have so many people, and it is full-sized.”  

Shortly after the false prophet and his people murdered Jakim’s wife and two twin daughters, Khalid and Jedadiah had gone over to his house together to retrieve his van from their garage.  Jakim could not go with them, as it would be much too painful even if he were to see his house from afar. 

Khalid, Jakim, Samuel, Jedadiah, Abe, Chad, Malachi, Isaiah and his two sons Jacob and Eli all piled into Jakim’s van together and set out for wherever God would lead them to witness; sometimes, He would have them divide into two smaller groups, and sometimes they stayed together—it was ultimately up to Him. 

Khalid felt the urge to swing a left when he came to a dead stop near an extremely populated place in Jerusalem.  He had just turned when he caught sight of a large parking area over to his right where he pulled in.  “Gentleman, I believe our Father would have us park right here.  Let’s all give our God thanks once again because one can never pray too much!”  Everyone verbalized their agreement with his statement as they took a moment to pray before journeying out on their adventure. 

Each one of them wore a solid white robe and solid white headdress with a copy of the Holy Bible in their hands.  Khalid and Jakim both had a copy in Arabic; Isaiah, Malachi, Samuel, Abe, Jedadiah, Jacob, and Eli all had copies in Hebrew; and Chad had a copy in English. 

They walked the streets evangelizing in one large group; God had spoken to their spirits that they should stick together because the enemy was less likely to apprehend them when they were so great in number. 

When they arrived in an area that was quite crowded with Unified Disciples, God moved within their spirits that this was where they were to begin witnessing.  The Jewish followers of the group would not permit fear to rule them; they had all decided if they were seized, then it was God’s will, knowing their time of death would one day come regardless.   

The group of ten approached a large gathering of people, approximately 70 or more; judging by their attire, they were obviously Unified Disciples.  Before they witnessed to them, they lingered nearby boldly singing praises to Jehovah in each of their native tongues, receiving stares of amazement and hostility alike. 

Khalid spoke to them first, and when he spoke, the Lord caused everyone to hear him speaking in his or her own language.  “Good morning brothers and sisters; we come in peace to bring you good news during a time of nothing but destruction and sorrow!  Who here is opposed to some good news?” 

A middle-aged Arabic man angrily shouted, “It is your people’s fault that all of this great destruction comes upon us!  Our God is angry because of you people!” 

Khalid held out his hand, “This is the wrath of the God of the Christians and the Jews upon the world who does not acknowledge Him—the only true God there is!  If it is the wrath of your God, and he is the one true God, then let the day return as it was in exactly six days from this hour, and we too shall believe.  If the God of the Christians is the one true God, and it is indeed His wrath, then let the day return as it was in exactly four days from this hour of 12 o’clock in the afternoon, and then you shall believe!” 

The people in the Muslim group uttered amongst themselves, discussing the probabilities of what he was proposing.  The man spoke up, “We’re willing to make this bet with you; but when you see that we are correct and you are not, you must be prepared to bow before the Allah of our faith—all of you—and renounce your Christianity!” 

Khalid smiled, because he knew God would not let him down.  “Likewise, you must also be prepared to renounce your beliefs in the God of the Unity faith and bow before Yahweh.” 

A much older handicapped gentleman called out, and it was hard to understand him; he seemed to have some sort of speech impediment.  “I have something better than what you are proposing.” 

Khalid quickly acknowledged him,  “Certainly, why don’t you come forward and make your proposal.” 

Two female Unified Disciples wheeled him in his geriatric chair to Khalid and his people.  The entire group of Unity followers knew this man quite well—he’d been handicapped all of his life.  “I have nothing to lose sir—if you lay hands on me and can heal me in the name of your God, then I will believe and so shall my wife and my sister here; but if not, I will continue having serious doubts about your supposed Yahweh!” 

Khalid grinned, “Everyone!  This is most wonderful, and God has truly blessed us this day!  Yes, we shall lay hands upon you, and you shall recover in the name of Jesus Christ, the Son of Yahweh!  God normally requires faith in both the healer and the one being healed; but under the circumstances, He wants to show everyone today who is the real God of all!” 

He glanced down at the man with profound love and compassion,  “Sir, what is your name please?” 

The man’s sister spoke for him so that Khalid could better understand, “His name is Yassen.”   

He and the nine gathered around the man and began to pray as everyone intently watched with wonder and bewilderment; even passers-by stopped to see what was going on.  Khalid anointed the man’s head with oil and then laid hands upon him. 

“Father God in the name of Your Son Jesus Christ; my brothers and I gather together in faith for the healing of this man Yassen.” 

While he prayed, the people in the crowd whispered and laughed, not believing anything was going to happen at all; instead, they believed they were going to witness a grand comedy event. 

“…and in the name of Jesus Christ, I command sickness to leave Yassen at once!”  He gazed attentively into Yassen’s face. 

Khalid immediately instructed him,  “Now Yassen, I want you to stand up and declare your healing this day!  You will not be healed, nor shall you feel your healing, until you take this one small step of faith!” 

Yassen looked around nervously before giving his sister and wife a questioning glance; they nodded in approval.  His sister took his legs out of the footrests as Khalid held his hands out for Yassen to take hold.  As soon as his hands met with Khalid’s, he felt a sensation like heat surge all throughout his feeble body.  His legs and arms began to take on a normal appearance as he effortlessly stood tall; he even tested his speech, and it was perfectly clear.  His face glowed with an angelic radiance as he turned around with his arms outstretched to face the large crowd of fellow Islamic followers, as well as the many people who had stopped in interest to observe. 

He cried out as he jumped up and down, “Praise Yahweh, the God of the Christians, for He has had mercy upon Yassen this day; finally at last, I am healed!  I am healed!”  

He frantically ran up to everyone he saw telling them that the God of the Christians had healed him.  Khalid called out to him, “Yassen, in all of your excitement, you are forgetting but one thing.” 

Yassen ran back over to Khalid and dropped to his knees at his feet.  “I humble myself before you, for you and your people alone are the first to bring me hope!” 

Khalid smiled down as he offered him his hand.  “Please do not kneel at my feet; I am nothing more than a messenger of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Yahweh has done this thing for you today; I have only been His tool in which He has worked through.” 

Yassen stood up,  “Then what is it I have forgotten, servant of Yahweh?” 

Khalid smiled with conviction as he rested his hand upon Yassen’s right shoulder,  “You have forgotten to renounce your belief in the Allah of Unity; and in so doing, to call upon Yahweh’s Son, Jesus Christ, as your personal Savior.  This is a free gift to anyone who wants it; just because He has healed you does not mean you are required to do this—you may keep your healing because He gave it to you, because Yahweh is gracious and just.  So Yassen, would you like me to show you how to invite the Spirit of the living God, Yahweh, which is the Holy Spirit, into your heart today so that you may be saved?” 

Tears of joy poured from Yassen’s eyes like a rainstorm.  “Yes, please tell me how to have this same Spirit within me that you have; I want to worship and serve the God who has made a real man of me today—the God who has taken a life of physical bondage and turned it into a life of joy!” 

The crowd had greatly increased to over 230 at least; there were both Jews and Unified Disciples alike.  The great multitude began gathering close to Khalid and his group, all of them wanting healing and eager to have what these ten men had.  There were a few who still did not believe.  They said they’d consider if the days returned to normal within four days because even the Nabi Isa could perform healings on the sick; but the Nabi Isa could not control the weather, or the days and the nights. 

Khalid and the other men told every person about Jesus Christ and what all He did for everyone by dying on the cross.  He also gave them his own personal testimony from the time he was a missionary with his father, until the time he truly found Jesus.  They were ready and willing to invite Christ into their hearts as their Lord and Savior.  Khalid and the rest spent their entire day until evening leading people to Christ as they healed the sick and brokenhearted in the name of Jesus.  

He held up his copy of the Arabic Holy Bible in one hand, and Isaiah’s Hebrew Bible in the other.  “Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ; just as You did in the days of Jesus by blessing the fish and the bread so that the multitudes could be fed, I ask that You  bless these two books of Yours by allowing us to feed our multitude here this day with Your Word!”  

Light shined down from the heavens upon each of the Bibles in Khalid’s hands.  At that moment, there was a beeping sound as if a large truck was backing up—it was a dump truck.  The back began to lift up as literally hundreds of Bibles in both languages began tumbling out of it in a pile.  After the very last Bible had fallen, the truck slowly began to pull away; once it had turned the corner, the man inside tipped his hat at Khalid, smiled, and then waved.  Khalid recognized him as he smiled and waved back—it was Zurel—the fair, redheaded angel who had come to Krista and he to announce Lorna’s death. 

Everyone immediately ran over to the pile to claim a Bible in his or her native language, and there was just enough—no one was left out, nor was there a single Bible spared.

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