Cigarette tobacco leaves are genetically engineered to produce pesticides

 Sunday, January 22, 2012 by: S. D. WellsLearn more:

(NaturalNews) Your central nervous system is susceptible to disorders from the  chemicals in food, drinks, candy, gum and the environment, but when you smoke  gene-altered tobacco which contains pesticide inside the plant itself,  your body is broken down and desperate for relief, setting you up for the 20  minute “cure” for the chemical-laden cigarette hangover – nicotine. And so the ultimate secret of the vicious cycle disorder known as smoking is finally  revealed. Monsanto is the chemical company which made Agent Orange, a  toxic pesticide used for destroying vegetation and killing the enemy in Vietnam.  Unfortunately, many U.S. soldiers came home from Vietnam with cancer from Agent  Orange, which contains several of the same ingredients as RoundUp, the world’s  most popular pesticide sold in every K-mart, Walmart, Home Depot and Lowe’s  around the planet. Monsanto’s scientists “bio-engineer” specific toxic  chemicals with nature’s seedlings so that the plants actually grow out from  the ground with pesticide as part of their genetic makeup. In this regard,  farmers can spray unlimited amounts of toxic pesticide on the plants and they  won’t wither or die. This “bastardized” form of vegetation is used on the three most widely consumed crops in America: corn, soy and yes, tobacco!  Roundup’s toxic concoction ensures that weeds, bugs, worms, turtles and other  farmland pests won’t eat or destroy the tobacco leaves, and Monsanto and any  farmer who uses their poison can therefore process more crops and widen their  profits immensely. Over a decade ago, the EPA sent a Freedom of  Information Request and acquired the following sensitive knowledge: A Glyphosate  product called RoundUp (pesticide) made by Monsanto contains 1,4-dioxane,  which is known to damage the human liver, kidneys, lungs and even the brain by  suffocating mitochondria cells ( Research  shows that one of RoundUp’s so called “inert” ingredients, Polyethoxylated  Tallowamine (POEA), zeros in on embryonic, placental and umbilical cord cells,  leading to abnormal fetal development, low birth weights and  miscarriages. The conclusion: POEA is not inert (inactive) at all, in fact,  it’s just the opposite, according to a top notch team of French molecular  biologists. POEA reacts with other chemicals, notably the 4,000 in RoundUp, and  kills human cells. According to the EPA, over 100 million pounds of RoundUp are  applied to U.S. farms every year. Could this be some form of undercover  population control? Tobacco “Frankenplants” are like viruses now,  infected with over 4,000 chemicals which are not listed anywhere. You can  check the cigarette pack, the carton, or even the RoundUp gallon jug of  “environmental destroyer fluid” you bought for your green grass. Only 2% of the  thousands of toxins on these containers are listed (the label actually reads:  98% “other ingredients”) (

Do you really think your brand of cigarettes is exempt from this horrific  process?

Do you think because the Government put out new scary warnings  about cigarettes that  they’ve cut back on the poison? The U.S. Government warns everyone about “what”  cigarettes do to the body, but they won’t tell you “how” the damage gets done,  or “how to quit smoking,” besides taking dangerous prescriptions which tell you  that “it’s okay to keep smoking while you take the medication” and “side effects  include feelings of suicide.” Most smokers want to quit, and even have  the will power. But it’s not so much psychological that they can’t quit, and  it’s not a patch, nicotine gum, or hypnotherapy that can detoxify their bodies  of this horrific dose of chemicals. We now know that genes and genetics can be  altered in one lifetime, contrary to what scientists believed for hundreds of  years. If you smoke a pack a day of RoundUp-laden tobacco,  you are “driving your system” 100 miles per hour in the H.O.V. lane of  destruction, and the top-brand cigarette manufacturers are engineering new ways  every day to make sure you “stay in your lane.” Please go now and find the best method of cessation for exiting the highway of death. ( Sources  for this article include:


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