Yom Kippur Begins at Sundown



David DolanBy David Dolan


The holiest day in the annual Jewish calendar, Yom Kippur, begins this evening at sunset. It commemorates the time in antiquity when, upon God’s instructions spelled out in the Bible, the Jewish High Priest would take the blood of a slain sacrificial lamb into the Jerusalem Temple’s Holy of Holies. There he would seek atonement from the Almighty for the sins of the people.

As every year, the sacred day will be marked in Israel with widespread fasting and prayer. By law, all Jewish businesses, places of entertainment and the like will be closed from just before sunset until tomorrow evening. Non emergency vehicular traffic will be banned on most of the country’s roads and trains and buses will halt their service.

Israeli security forces will be on extra alert to prevent any attempts to disrupt the peace while ambulance crews stand by for the inevitable handful of citizens who will fall ill from fasting.

Most soldiers normally receive home furloughs during Yom Kippur. However with war raging in nearby Syria and turmoil gripping many Arab countries, many will stay this year on their military bases.


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  1. I thought tomorrow was Yom Kippur…are you planning anything tomorrow? Thanks for sharing..many, many blessings to you…Robin

    • Nope..tonight at Sundown. It has already begun sister! 😉 Did you get my note I left you on your website? That one place you sent me links to..great articles..but the head of it is a cult leader..I didn’t know if you knew that. I can get you more details from my mom if you need. He led a cult movement back in the 70’s, I think it was, or 80’s. I was going to forward to you the email she sent me about it. I didn’t even know..I was forwarding her the link because it looked really good and she emailed me back and told me…she told me the guys name who runs it.

      • Your kidding! No, I definitely did not know that!!! Is it the pastor David Pack? Is it possible he’s turned his life around? Let me know….yea, I got your note, unfortunately, I’ve got to work tomorrow…What to do? Many, many blessings to you Lyn….Robin

        • This is what my mom said: Ok, I clicked on this & I noticed on one of the pages that the CEO was trained by Herbert W. Armstrong, he was the founder & “cult” leader. They have some things correct, but they are still a cult. Look him up on Wikipedia or Google & see what you can find.
          That was all she said. She did write more detail a while back about this before..I had forgotten. But I had come across something to do with that church about a month ago. I wish I still had the email, but I don’t. God bless you! Don’t feel bad, I would not have known either! Looks like a really great website…who would ever know?


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