THOUGHTSIf Jesus was Jewish, and we long to be like Him, and we agree that He was perfect; why then would we, believing, not follow the Messianic Jewish faith? 

But then I found this article here: ARTICLE ABOUT JUDAISM AND JESUS  I am somewhat perplexed by this article and appalled.  I would love if anyone of knowledge could read this article and please share your thoughts.  I was especially appalled by the intro of this article, to be honest, but would like to here a good, biblical response about it.  I would like to state once again:  I DO NOT BELIEVE THIS ARTICLE, NOR SHOULD YOU! 

So, as it is, the initial question still stands; why do we have Baptists, Pentecostals, CatholicsPresbyterians, Protestants, Methodists, Charismatics, etc. if Jesus was indeed Jewish?  It seems to me that Messianic (the belief in Jesus as the Messiah) Judaism would be the best choice.

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  1. PS… love the baby – he is EXACTLY how I feel somedays…. plugh…. xx

  2. Have to say the article is ‘sort of right’…. The term ‘Jew’ originates in the Biblical Hebrew word Yehudi meaning “from the Tribe of Judah”, “from the Kingdom of Judah, or “Jew”. It’s just one of those words that have changed both meaning and sense over the centuries like for example the word ‘goyim’. But do not let us get sidetracked here into fruitless arguments and division … Yeshua (Jesus) was obedient to the Laws of our Father outlined in Deuteronomy and Leviticus – in His own words He tells us time and time again that He didn’t come to change either one ‘jot or tittle’ – but as a fulfilment to them. He was and still is our example of How To follow these laws – with compassion, peace and fairness eg ‘by the ‘Spirit’ of the Law rather than by the ‘Letter’ of the Law.

    So the question really should be….. are we ‘Spirit’ lead (as in Holy Spirit aka Ruach HaKodesh or Breath of G-d – what a wondergful thought) OR do we follow the teachings of men? Because if we are following the promptings of our wonderful heavenly Father through His Gift to us of His Holy Spirit – then we begin to walk (or like me ‘totter’) in the steps of our wonderful, wonderful Messiah and Saviour.

    with love in Yeshua our Lord and Saviour xx

  3. I traced back to Jesse King David’s father. Jesse was a bethlehemite(inhabitant of Bethlehem in Judea). And of course so was King David. Jesus earthly dad was Joseph and Joseph was from the house of David or Lineage of David. Although Joseph and Mary lived in Nazareth, Galilee Jesus was actually born in Bethlehem, resided in Egypt for a while then returned to Nazareth.

    Judea was a Hebrew kingdom, therefore, Jesus would have been raised in Judaism and from what I’ve read was considered as Jewish. Why else would he hold a title, King of the Jews?

    Anyways this is what I’ve come up with so far…..

    • I forgot all about this post that I made…check it out and tell me if it helps with our study here. I like doing this sort of thing because when we are faced with the difficult controversies (those things we just know aren’t true, but are worded so well with scripture, we aren’t readily available to show people how it is false doctrine).. The Bible says to “study to show thyself approved. This is why I am doing this. I have to admit, this article I posted up top in this post about Judaism ‘sounds’ to most people pretty convincing..this is why it is a good one to say, “I Know this is not right..but I don’t know how to prove it is not right…” We need to show ourselves approved to the Word of God.. 😉 Does that make sense?

      God bless you for partaking in this with me Robin! I appreciate it! I’m glad I met you on here! You’re fun and interactive!

  4. Well chilling facts for those Jews who think that God favors them. I could never figure out how any denomination could ever even believe that God favors them: whether Christian, Jew Mormon, etc. Seem to me that in order for God to truly favor a group of people all they would have to do is repent of their sins and turn to God.

    • Well, let me make a correction first; I don’t know that the article there is true. This person would be entirely fact, they probably are. I only posted the link to get opinions on how this is wrong so that if I ever hear anyone else say something like this, I would know how to reply. I personally do not feel that this person who wrote this article knows what they’re talking about, however, they sounded as if they do. Does that make any sense? 😉

  5. Well, Josephus, the first century historian thought they were Jews, as did the Roman Pliny. The Church Fathers thought they were Jewish. Still, Jesus was only Jewish on his mom’s side 🙂

  6. First of all, they failed to recognize, because they quoted Matthew 26:69, that Matthew 2:1 states Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea. Then an angel appeared and warned Joseph to flee to Egypt. They stayed in Egypt until the death of King Herod when an angel appeared in a dream to Joseph and said to take the child and his mother to the land of Israel. But Joseph was afraid so he took them to the district of Galilee and lived in a town called Nazareth.

    Also, John the Baptist’s mother Elizabeth lived in the hill country of Judea not far from Mary because Mary visits Elizabeth in Luke1:39. Also, Elizabeth is a descendant of Aaron’s which was Moses brother.

    More to come later…many, many blessings to you…Robin

    • Here’s another good one…I have a Complete Jewish Bible, and the Bible that we read that comes from King James has anti Jewish stuff related to some of its interpretations. So, in order for any of us to really, really say something as this person who posted in this article on their website, we must read the Bible from it’s original Jewish and Greek roots… check it out..this is the Bible I bought and the description:

      • I own this one also! Often I compare the KJV & NIV to the complete Jewish Bible….Wow, we think alike….

        • Wow…you’re the first person I’ve met who has even heard of this Bible…let alone has it! LOL Whoo hoo! You rock sister Robin!

          • I actually have 4 Bibles…KJV, NIV, CJB, and the Message Bible….Comparison is lots of fun!..LOL..

          • Ohhh…we’ve got battle of the Bibles ROFL!!!! I’ve got KJV Scofield, and the KJV Archaelogical study BIble (You would love this has neat pictures and it!), the ESV (What do you think of the ESV BTW?), the Jewish, the NIV (For study only), NKJV, and New Living Translation, Amplified, Open Bible, etc. I was on a Bible binge once I guess! That’s ridiculous, isn’t it? LOL! Don’t you love having all sorts of Bibles to compare scripture in? I do! I love it. I’m only kidding though in the haughty, conceited way I’m stating all of the Bibles I have though..seriously. If anything, I’m embarrassed that I have so makes me look like a Bible hoarder! LOL!

          • No need to apologize it shows your interest in seeking knowledge. I commend you for it. But I’ve got a website I think you should look at…They offer free booklets and believe me there are things about Tribulations, the Rapture, the beast, and even the mark of the beast you will find fascinating. It’s the restored Church of God….Trust me you NEED to read some of this pastor’s booklets….Below is the link, sign up with them you will access to everything… Once you sign in, click on library and choose Bible Prophecy….You can click on the save til later and it puts the booklet in YOUR LIBRARY….


            First read Promised Protection Secret Rapture or Place of Safety, then mark the antichrist, who or what is the Beast, and America & Britain in Prophecy, Are These The Last Days.

            Trust ME, This will change how you LOOK at some of the things ESPECIALLY the RAPTURE….And he also teaches and believes in the 10 Commandments along with the SABBATH….

            START TODAY!!!! IT”S IMPERATIVE!!!!

          • LOL….I’ve had it a couple of years almost three…I really enjoy it. At first the names was a little trying for me but then I realized there’s a glossary in the back which helps with this…But I love mine…

        • Am going to the site to sign up now. Also, have you by chance read the book by John Shorey,, The Window of the Lord’s Return ? It is very interesting and very biblical. I have been wanting another Christian’s opinion on this book.

  7. I read this person’s post but before I respond, I’ll do my own research. I believe to full understand we must re-trace from the very beginning….I’ll let you know what I come up with…

  8. Excellent question, now I will wait for a excellent answer. Love God Bless


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