My Thoughts on the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife

Sunday, September 23, 2012

 Denny BurkBy Denny Burk 
My college Greek professor taught me more than simply how to read the Greek New Testament. He also instructed me that to be a theologian I would have to get not only my “ABC’s” but also my “ABCD’s.” ABCD was my prof’s acronym for “A Built in Crud Detector”—only he didn’t use the word “crud.”

Karen King

The “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” a Forgery?

When I first saw the headlines about the so-called Gospel of Jesus’ Wife (GJW), my ABC detector went into overdrive. Without even reading the stories, I had a notion of what it was all about. I thought to myself, “I’ll bet someone has discovered some third or fourth century Gnostic text that the media are sensationalizing but that has no relevance to our understanding of the historical Jesus.” It turns out that I was almost completely correct. The only thing that I didn’t predict was the very serious possibility that the fragment would be a modern forgery.

Here’s the bottom line. Even if the fragment were authentic, all we would have is a glimpse into a second century heretic’s uncorroborated and unhistorical story-telling about Jesus. It would be like discovering a scrap of parchment on the floor of the National Archives that said, “George Washington was a monarchist.” No one would conclude that the scrap actually tells us anything about the historical George Washington. The parchment’s irrelevance to the George Washington of history would be manifest to everyone. And so it is with the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife. Not even the Harvard professor who discovered this fragment believes that it tells us anything about who the real Jesus was. Somehow that little detail was lost on reporters writing very sensational headlines over the last week.

When the facts are made plain, common sense reveals how utterly ridiculous it is to suggest that Jesus had a wife. There’s not a scrap of credible evidence in favor of such a claim. There’s a reason that even Jon Stewart saw something in these headlines worthy of lampooning. You don’t have to be a Bible scholar to get the point—as Ross Douthat so ably demonstrates.

The fact is that our earliest and best witnesses to Jesus’ life are the four canonical gospels and the letters of Paul. Forgery or not, there’s nothing in this latest discovery that changes any of that.

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22 replies

  1. Great post! I love your approach to the subject! Jesus does have a wife. We (the Church) are the bride of Christ!

    • Amen! I wanted you to know I did not write this was a man (his photo and name above) who wrote it on a prophecy news site…I put his article here.. just didn’t want credit for something I did not write! 😉 God bless you grandma donnie!

  2. Lyn:
    I was just stating the fact that it’s not logical possible for Christ to marry. If he were to marry, then not just His Divinity would be in question but Christianity would be stood on its head and rapidly disappear.

  3. I was the one brought the subject up on Jess’s website yesterday. I don’t know if you saw my comment so for what it’s worth here it is.:

    The essence of the Catholic belief is that nothing Perfect can either come from let alone marry something imperfect. Ergo not only didn’t Jesus marry but Mary’s Immaculate Conception is logically required and made manifest in the Annunciation (Full of Grace).

    If I have this wrong I’m sure Servus will correct me.

    • I’m not Catholic…however, like this article states, I certainly DO NOT believe that Jesus Christ was married. To be honest, I feel such an idea of this is blasphemous and debauchery. I would literally be terrified to be the woman who is claiming this garbage, and I would be terrified to be that man, (right now I can’t think of his name) who wrote all of those books on the subject…Oh, I know his name but I cannot think of it for some reason. Anyhow, such claims are only brought about by the enemy in order to try and make the Bible look like a lie and to lead people astray from the truth. Thank you for your comment David, and God bless you. It sounds as if you are in agreement..but I’m not sure.

    • Sorry, I know I am replying to the wrong comment to you, but there’s no more comment options on the other. I don’t know what origin it is….I know, that’s awful..just terrible. I have no clue…because….LOL…it’s fake! ROFL! This is not my real name. I have nothing on here linked to my real name at all. The photos of me are real and the personal experiences I’ve had..but my name is by no means real. Because of the content of some of the things I post on here, I have chosen to not use my real name. Also, some of the content of my upcoming books have made me lean that way as well. 🙂 I can say that my real name is much nicer, and much godlier.

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