To Eat or Not To Eat? Diseases? Sickness? Could It Be True?

I agree with this gentleman.  If you carefully re-read the account of Peter and the sheet, and the interpretation of the vision, God never said it was okay to eat unclean food.  This video is very short, but watch it.  I personally do not eat pork or unclean foods..God said not to…and, contrary to popular belief, the vision WAS NOT interpreted to do with food, but to do with Jews and Gentiles, and Gentiles being adopted into the kingdom of God through the atonement of Jesus’ blood. 

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  1. Wow! What an eye opened…Guess it’s good I haven’t eaten seafood or pork…..But Lyn, what do you think about the scripture in 1Timothy 4:1-5? Let me know…I certainly do not want to offend God!! Many, many blessings to you…Robin

    • You could look at that verse both ways…emphasize that part, “By those who believe and know the truth..” could mean those who know the truth that God commanded us not to eat unclean foods. I can re read the account with the vision of the sheet over and over, and I see nowhere where it really says anything about eating unclean foods. The only reason God made certain rules (such as, when a woman was menstruating, she had to leave the camp because she was unclean.. and, that people had to wash their hands…) He was trying to control the spread of disease and illness..heart disease, cancer, etc. God who made us knows what are bodies were made for. Here’s an interesting fact, as you saw in the video, Peter still never ate unclean foods even after the vision. Now, you’d think if the vision meant what many take it as, Peter would have definitely eaten those things. Especially if, as in this verse above, we’re not refuse anything..Peter would have really been sinning then by refusing to eat anything unclean.

      Then the verse I mentioned in Mark, Jesus was making a point that the Pharisees and Sadduccees were focusing too much on their own man made laws about the handwashing…and they were being pious against the gentiles for not sharing in the same practices as the Jews. Jesus was trying to tell them to stop being so darned judgmental, but to show love and not be so stuck on their own laws. In other words, God made the law to wash hands to keep us from eating germs on our hands when we would eat…they were making the law out to mean something pious and ritualistic. Jesus wanted people to wash their hands, but knew why the law was made to begin with, and that they should not go around judging people.

      It’s probably easier to go to youtube and find a good video on’s really hard to explain all of correctly in the comments. 😉 Like I said, this verse pertains to today the new age religions and cults who do not eat foods God made for us that were clean, saying to eat any meat at all is cruel and it’s unjust to animals..and all of that garbage. We have a lot of that going on right now.

      This is the verse…there is a part you can see here is added to it: Mark 7:18-19 “…Do you not understand that whatever goes into the man from outside cannot defile him; because it does not go
      into his heart, but into his stomach, and is eliminated?” ( {Thus He} declared all foods clean.)

      See the part in quotes…THUS HE declared all foods clean… ? That was added in. That is not in the original Greek manuscript. Even my Complete Jewish-Christian Bible specifies this. Those ultra-religious hypocrites, if a gnat flew into their mouth, would stick their finger down their throats, causing themselves to vomit, so as not to have ingested anything unclean. But Jesus was pointing out that they paid attention to the smallest, minutest details of the Law, while neglecting the most major and important principles of it – like love and mercy. So in effect, they would strain at a gnat, yet swallow a camel – one of the largest unclean animals.

  2. We try not to eat pork either. Pigs are trash eatters and you are what you eat! So we don’t eat them, or catfish they are bottom feeders. And I didn’t know that about shrimp. LOL. Guess I’ll cut that from our food too.

  3. Great video Lyn. I do not eat pork either. Just wanted to share a bit of “medical” info with you. (Before I became ill with Lyme disease I was studying for my doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine– lifestyle and nutrition)
    It is physiologically IMPOSSIBLE for the human body to digest pork!! As a matter of fact, researchers have found putrefied pieces of pork in the bends of the large intestine in people who died from colon cancer.
    Thanks for all the info you pass on! It is so much needed in these times we are living.
    May Our Almighty God bless you

    • Thank you Stephanie. I was doing my own reading in the Bible, always having been raised with the seriously misunderstood misconception that Peter and the sheet mean it was okay to eat the foods God had deemed unclean in the O.T. I read it for myself and studied it..and nowhere did Peter’s vision state that it had anything to do with food at all. Yes, God used unclean animals on a white sheet..but the vision was interpreted to do with Gentiles (Gentiles were considered unclean, and Jews clean). Don’t get me wrong; I don’t believe people are going to hell for eating unclean food. Rather, they will suffer the results of what they eat because God tried to tell us to begin with. So, I stopped eating pork products after realizing it myself. I personally just don’t see when I read it myself where anyone would think it is literally talking about food.

  4. I saw a video once where the people poured coke on pork and let it sit. Soon all these worms crawled out — enough to stop me from eating it!

    • Ewww! Have you ever tried to corn on the cob trick? I won’t eat it anymore. You soak the corn in the cob in salt water in your sink..and hundreds upon hundreds of tiny worms come floating out of it..wiggling around. It’s disgusting!

      • Ewwww guys ewww Thanks Lyn now I can never eat corn again.. sad too cause I loved it… If you know anything about steak or chicken I don’t want to know.. K LOL hee hee

        • Actually, I know something about chocolate…did you know there is tons of cock roach poop in chocolate? ALL chocolate, but higher in Hershey, Godiva, and so forth.. I found this out in a pamphlet from my allergy doctor… this is what people who have chocolate allergies are really allergic to. Love you! 😉


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