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September 21st, 2012

Unless you’ve been vacationing on a desert island or only get your news from the mainstream media, you know that terrorists attacked the United States consulate in Benghazi, Libya on September 11. In their vicious attack, they killed Ambassador Chris Stevens, the US envoy to Libya. They also killed three other Americans who served the US mission to Libya.
Earlier that day, rioters attacked the US embassy in Cairo, Egypt. They breached the walls, tore down the American flag, and ripped it apart. They trashed the place and hoisted the flag of al-Qaeda. They screamed their hatred for the United States and Israel. Common among the chants was, “Obama, Obama, we are all Osamas.”

They held high pictures of Osama bin-Laden; they waved the al-Qaeda flag; and they did it all on the eleventh anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.
Both US missions had been informed up to two days prior to the attacks that events were being planned. Yet neither appeared to take precautionary steps. (Unless you count a “preemptory apology” issued by the embassy in Cairo prior to the demonstrations!)

Instead, it appears the administration was caught totally flat-footed. In fact, until Thursday of this week, all administration spokespersons have insisted that all of the attacks and protests (which have now occurred in more than twenty countries) have been “spontaneous” responses to the posting of a 14-minute promotional video for an unbelievably cheesy and amateurish movie that “denigrates” Islam and its founder, Mohammed.

Never mind that the “movie trailer” has been available on the internet for several months (some reports claim it’s been available for most of a year); that the movie itself has only been seen by about a dozen people; that the embassies were warned by members of the host governments and others in the intelligence community that the attacks were being planned; that the initial crowds in Cairo were shouting al-Qaeda slogans and holding pictures and flags; that al-Qaeda’s leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri had called for revenge after the US killed al-Qaeda’s number two man in a drone strike in June; that it was the eleventh anniversary of the September 11 attacks; that members of Sheikh Abdel Rahman’s (“The Blind Sheikh” responsible for the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center) family were helping lead the demonstrations; and the list goes on.

While it is true that many of the demonstrations across the Middle East since then have focused on the movie trailer, it is almost universally acknowledged by everyone outside of the administration (especially foreign governments and intelligence sources), that the movie was, at best, a pretext for the first attacks on American embassies and properties. Attacks have also been focused on assets of nations like Great Britain, Switzerland, Germany, and Holland.

Of course, since it’s only a few weeks before the general election, it’s understandable that the American government doesn’t want to acknowledge the complete failure and collapse of its foreign policy, especially its misguided dealings with the Muslim nations of the world.

But it’s not only the current administration that’s to blame. I have often said that President Bush’s push to “democratize” the Muslim world was well-intentioned but naive. I believe that it is almost totally impossible for democracy to take root in a truly Islamic society. Everything in Islam’s structure and teaching opposes the fundamental principles of a democratic society. So not only are those fledgling “democratic” nations doomed to failure, their hopeful citizens become nothing more than pawns or tools in the greater Islamic goal of establishing a worldwide caliphate.

I think that’s what the last few days across northern Africa have been all about: the total rejection of Western ideals and principles and a declaration of the Muslims’ hatred for all things western and Judeo-Christian.

From a prophetic perspective, I think it’s interesting that when you look at a map depicting all the hot spots we’ve been hearing about the past couple of weeks, it’s a pretty accurate picture of the nations that will eventually comprise the “Kings of the South” that the prophet Daniel described.

But the Obama and Bush administrations aren’t alone when it comes to naive US efforts that will ultimately bring grief to America. I believe President Clinton‘s championing of The Oslo Accords, which were signed in 1993, have put America on the fast-track to the curses that God pronounced on those who harm the descendants of Abraham. The insistence on the suicidal land-for-peace roadmap to a “two-state solution” has accomplished nothing more than put Israel’s survival at risk and, I fear, ours, too.

Jerusalem and the land of Israel is not the Arabs’ nor the Jews’, it is God’s land and He will give it to whom He pleases. And it pleased Him to promise it by sacred covenant to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He also promised that those who tried to take the land, and those who helped them, would suffer His displeasure.

President Harry Truman recognized the new nation of Israel just 11 minutes after its birth. And from 1948 into the 1990’s, America experienced prosperity and power unparalleled in history. But the last two decades have seen America become entangled in wars across the globe; mired in debt from which there will be no escape; and exhausted from culture wars that threaten her very essence. Is this decline connected to our attempt to “lift the burdensome stone” that Zechariah warned about? I believe so.

Maybe the experience of our neighbor to the north can shed some light on the question. Last week, Canada chose to stand with Israel. It closed its embassy in Tehran and kicked Iran’s diplomats out of Canada. Canadian leaders cited Iran’s intransigence on its nuclear weapons program and the threat it poses to Israel, as well as the danger foreign diplomats face in Iran. (Remember America’s experience there?)

But this isn’t the first time Canada has stood with Israel. In fact, critics say that Prime Minister Stephen Harper‘s support for the nation of Israel cost Canada a seat on the UN Security Council two years ago.

So is it coincidence that even though the United States is Canada’s biggest trading partner, our economic woes seem to be having little impact on our neighbor? In fact, while our unemployment rate is reaching historic highs (up to 20% if we’re realistic), Canada’s are reaching historic lows. While each taxpayer in America owes more than $140,000 toward our national debt, Canada’s taxpayer only shoulders a burden of $17,000. While the United States’ economy is collapsing, Canada’s is booming.

One nation is standing with Israel. One is distancing itself. Care to guess which is which?

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