NOTE: I would like to add, we should and need to pray for ALL children everywhere at all times.  However, we need to really go to town right now for some reason praying for children of the U.S.A.  because this is what was spoken to me, and apparently, some other fellow sisters and brothers I have spoken with.  I’m not the only one who is sensing this right now.

For those of you who would like details on the “why” of this message, you may email me privately at  Other than that, I cannot say why, as the Lord has told me not to say ‘publicly’ anything.  Spend a great deal of time in prayer amongst yourselves, and especially with your children.  Encourage them to pray with you.  Pray for the Holy Spirit to put a hedge of protection around them at all times; as they go to school…everywhere they go.  He has weighed something very disturbing upon my heart; and when I discussed it in private group, apparently, I am not the only one.  He weighed something on my heart ‘heavily’ three times; so much, that I became nauseated and my heart was heavier than ever. 

Please, if you do nothing else before you go to bed, be sure to take as I am asking very seriously.  Anytime the Lord has weighed something of this measure upon my heart in this way, it has ALWAYS been correct.  I have always been a spiritual magnet; when I wasn’t walking with the Lord, this oftentimes worked against me.  Trust me and pray!  Pray passionately, fervently; get down on your knees and pray for His protection and His mercy upon your family.  Pray Psalm 91; do this and do it as soon as possible so that you do not forget!  If you can, and I understand this may sound weird, but it is totally biblical.  Take olive oil and bless it before God in the name of Jesus and anoint your children’s heads in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  Do all you can do!  I am not trying to instill a spirit of fear; rather, a spirit of warning and a call to seriously and earnestly pray!

No, it has nothing to do with the rapture of the church.  Like I said, I can’t publicly tell you, but have offered my email to those whom I know here and trust; I will tell you.  And, you must not publicly post anything about it; on your Facebook wall, in a post, nothing!  You will understand when I tell you.

God bless you, and I hope dear brother and sister, that you take this seriously.  For those of you who do not have kids,  pray for children everywhere.  Pray especially hard for children in the U.S. Fast and pray if you must, but do it! Children are going to be in danger!

God bless you,

Lyn Leahz

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  1. Yes! I have felt a similar heaviness recently. As mother to a seven year old and three year old, I take prayer with/for my children very seriously. Things feel “different” than ever before, and so much is pointing to our world’s groaning, the spiritual battles going on, and how our children will see and endure things like we have not. All of these disasters and tragedies must be a call for each of us to be humble and pray.

    My husband told our son (7) this morning what happened in that school. I kept our little girl in another room with me, and when we came downstairs, my husband and son were praying together. My husband was tearful, and my daughter noticed. When she asked why, I told her Daddy and her brother were praying for some families who are very sad and who need to know how much Jesus loves them. Every night our kids hear “I love you”, “Jesus loves you”, and “Jesus is amazing”.

    Press on in faith and prayer, sisters and brothers.

    • That is wonderful, sister! Thanks for sharing your personal story. Keep up the work for the Lord, and keep praying with and for your kids, and all children this day! The Lord had spoken to me months ago (as you see here) about kids in school…and danger. I wasn’t sure how to take it and thought something else,but wasn’t sure. I just knew there was some terrible thing to do with kids being in danger and schools. Let us all join together as Satan attacks families right now and pray fervently against him!

  2. I remember you and I discussing this….It’s extremely important for these types of post. Thank you Lyn for providing them and many, many blessings to you…Robin

    • Yes Robin. Children are being attacked right now by satanic powes of hell..remember the pale horse was released…death. Satan knows Jesus is coming soon, and he knows little children are going to heaven because they’ll still be young by the time Jesus comes..since He knows it is very soon just like we do..but no more than that. So he’s lost them regardless. However, it’s the adults he can maneuver through these horrific types of events… the adults who will blame God and turn from Him asking, “IF there is a God, why have you done this to us?” If Christ returns in the next 5 years even (I think sooner, my opinion) these children will still be too young to be accountable for their salvation. So he can do nothing to turn their hearts because they are God’s either way. But he can turn the hearts and minds of the adults. Like I said. More wicked demons that ever have been released for this day to bring death..not just to children, but to adults too… however, children are under special attack. Also, we are a nation that has literally thousands of abortions every year..maybe millions..I forget the exact number…we kill babies! God is allowing, not doing it..but allowing death of children in a nation where a holocaust of unborn die annually! Now I’m not saying anything about these parents or that they deserved this or did anything… we’re being punished as a whole nation. Even the innocent people who are not conforming to the ways of evil are and will suffer as a result. God is not doing it..Satan is..but God is allowing it to bring repentance.

      • Your right! Satan will be unable to touch the children but the adults as you said will often turn away from him…

        • Exactly. It’s hard to explain. Satan knows times up. Jesus is coming. The children will still be young enough, so he won’t be able to have their souls. They go to heaven, whether now in death or later in rapture. The parents and families on the other hand are beyond age of accountability. I’m positive some of the parents were probably God-fearing Christians. Satan hits them where it hurts..their children (who are safe in heaven with Jesus now.) The parents are over-taken with depression..maybe even possibly turn to drugs or alcohol as a result. Or, kill themselves. Who knows. They blame God, they’re angry with God, saying “There can be no God who would let this happen! I have served God and loved Him…if there was a God, He would not do this to me!” And those who didn’t know Christ at all, or were middle of the road…they will be so heartbroken they will curse the sky, the sun, the moon and the stars..and the very day they themselves were even born to be made to suffer like this. This is Satan’s plan.

          But…through heavy, deep, serious prayer and fasting, we can alter his plan! We can tell him to get his hands off the children. Because of the days we live in, he will still be granted access to some, but not as many. We can command his demons of depression and suicide and anger from the people to whom this has happened. We are in a spiritual battle…and the battle is just beginning. It gets much worse than this. We must be ready!

  3. I join you in praying for all our children…

  4. Reblogged this on ChristianBlessings and commented:

    This post is very serious. I pray you will take heed. It is NOT a message of fear; rather, a call to serious battle in prayer. I pray you will take it seriously. Thank you.

    • I also had a dream of children dying in a Tsunami before this happened. Thanks for being a vessel of Jesus and a watchman on the wall.

      • You’re welcome. Thanks for your uplifting words. I received a few emails from pious people playing God about the post on the Vine…the people who don’t believe God judges… but I did not post them. I deleted them. So it’s great to have some godly support! 🙂 Thanks for your kindness, and God bless you!


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