Changing the Heart of a Nation
Each year through abortion over 1.2 million unborn children are killed, and just as many women (and men) have their lives destroyed.

A powerful new resource will help you to change that statistic, and can make a crucial difference in the direction of our country.

Called “180,” this award-winning movie is helping to turn the tide by changing hearts and minds about the vital issue of abortion–and about God.

In this compelling 33-minute video, producer Ray Comfort uses a simple line of questioning to convince eight pro-abortion individuals to change their minds and become pro-life–and even say they will now vote differently in the future. “180” is unlike any other pro-life film, with reasoning so persuasive that people change their minds in just a matter of seconds.

It’s not only those on the film who are changing their minds and votes. The lives of the unborn are being saved after their abortion-minded mothers view “180” and decide to give their babies life.

Meet David, just one of many babies born whose mothers planned to abort–until they viewed “180.”

Please watch this 1-minute clip to see the effect “180” has had on viewers. Since its release millions have been impacted by its message–but it needs to be seen by millions more. Will you help us mount an intensive promotional campaign of “180” so its life-changing message can be seen across the country?

As important as the abortion issue is, the only true lasting hope for our country is the gospel of Jesus Christ. In addition to changing people’s minds about the issue of abortion, “180” shares the biblical gospel to help people understand why they need the Savior. This powerful, eye-opening video can help not only save lives of the unborn, but save lives for eternity. And as viewers have shared, it is already having an effect.

Time is short, and we need to act now to change the course of our nation. Every 24 hours, more than 2,200 unborn babies will be killed. Every 24 hours worldwide, approximately 150,000 people die and pass into eternity–most without the Savior. You can help rescue some of the perishing. Will you consider partnering with us? We need your help today.
To make a tax-deductible gift of support to Living Waters and our mission to change hearts and minds, please click HERE.

 Thank you.
Ray Comfort

P.S. “180” has the potential to change the heart of the nation and save countless lives. Please consider partnering with us in the promotion of “180” and help stop the horrific slaughter of the unborn in our country.

You can find endorsements of dozens of Christian leaders, read testimonies of viewers, and learn about the “180 Course: Changing the Heart of a Nation” at

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    Another older post worth reading, and watching the video that is linked on it!

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    If you believe this country needs a change of course in it’s direction, you need to look at this, and it doesn’t have Mit Romney nor Barak Obama in it.

  3. I am sure the video is great, but I can not watch it. Love ya

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