Strained Syrian Forces

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Strained Syrian Forces 

David DolanBy David Dolan
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Middle East military analysts say the Syrian regime headed by President Bashar Assad is finding it increasingly difficult to suppress the revolt raging against it since March, 2011. Reports reaching the analysts indicate that Syrian army commanders are running short of many items needed to maintain their fight against the increasingly strong Syrian opposition forces.

Mohammed Jihad al-Laham & Alaeddin Boroujerdi

Syrian Military Experiences Fuel Shortages as Iran Sends Troops

One essential item is fuel for army vehicles. Analysts say the fuel shortage is mainly due to the fact that rebel forces have made steady gains in eastern Syria, where most of the country’s petroleum reserves are located. They add that opposition Arab forces are taking advantage of the government’s movement of most of the army forces that were stationed in the area to the war-torn cities of Damascus and Aleppo.

Analysts say the Syrian army might have already fallen completely apart if not for the active aid being given to the regime by its main regional ally, Iran. Earlier this month, US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta confirmed reports that Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards has been setting up militias in Syria to assist the embattled regime.

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