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  1. I am praying that everyone stays mindful of our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ. Pray for them, support them when you can. They need our help. One day soon, it may be us who undergo persecution. The bible tells us that if truly are a follower of Christ than we will be persecuted. The atrocities going on in restricted nations is an abomination!

    • Do you happen to get the freem magazine from Voice of the Martyrs? Great magazine! I’ve ordered some of their tshirts too..there is this black one that is really neat that I wear that says “This shirt is illegal in 50 countries” I’m probably wrong on that number…guessing…not wearing it right this second! Still in my nursing scrubs! LOL Great t shirt! Get lot’s of remarks and complements on it!

      • Yes, I am a great supporter of Voice of the Martyrs. I truly don’t believe that most people have a clue what is going on in other nations. The liberal news shows only brief excerpts of it – nowhere even close to what is truly happening. In Pakistan, Christians are forced to work the lowest of the lowest jobs making next to nothing. On top of that, they become indentured to the place where they work – like making bricks, and because they are charged fees for tools and the like, they can never leave their “employer”. unless someone will paythe fees for them to free them. There is so much evil that we are just not awere of. If you can, check on For The Love Of Muslims with Dr. Masih. He speaks more on this.

        Thanks for letting me vent. I have such a burden for the persectuted.

        • It doesn’t have to do with the persecuted for Christianity, but I am so upset about that woman who was forced to abort her unborn baby of 7 months in the womb. I am outraged! Then, if that wasn’t bad enough, they threw the dead corpse of her baby next to her on the bed…because she went over the max amount of children allowed per household. They tried to say she opted for it, but it was proven it was forced. In the article I saw, it showed a large photo of the woman in her bed with the corpse of the dead baby beside her. The baby was actually descent in size. It digusts me that just up the road from me is an abortion clinic where they give partial birth abortions and more. Also, I am outraged by the fact that there are several states, California and Illinois, could be more, that perform live birth abortions..Obama signed the bill…where a woman who is full term gives birth to a living baby and they leave it lay there to die..some babies have lived alive in the trash can for up to an entire day! How inhumane our country has become, and what an immhumane and cruel thing that happened to that poor woman in China. She was young too, early twenties.

    • Here at WUSA9 News in Washington, D.C. we are urging the world via satellite to worship and praise Republican Trump so that the Whitehouse will be the New Heavenly home for the Christians along with the Trump Towers. Call us at 202-895-5999 for details on this good campaign. We want to thank you for your service if you will work with our news station!

  2. Thanks to LoopyLoo’s posts for these awesome videos!

  3. I think this is a great idea, and I will post a question. How is it that if as the Bible claims the Holy Spirit comes into our lives when we receive Christ as our Lord and Savior, and the Holy Spirit is the same and fulfills the same roles in each person’s life what accounts for the vast degree of difference among Christians and the influence that they have on the world around them? How exactly does the Holy Spirit exert His influence over us, and how do we know when we’re being led by Him?

    • These are good questions Wayne. Since I have never read about denominations in scripture, I believe the vast differences within Christianity are man-made and not from God. Not being from God, being contrary to what scripture says is true is one way to know if the Holy Spirit is leading.
      Keep the Faith!

    • Wayne, the word religion in itself is a word of forced application when used with respect to the worship of God. The root of the word is the Latin verb ligo, comes religo, to tie or bind over again, to make more fast. So, to tie or to bind. One could look at that and say to “bind” to God…yet, another could look at that and say, “To bind oneself” or in “Bondage”. Personally, I believe religion is a bondage. It separates the body of Christ over differences of opinion or arguments over Bible topics. Thus, when people argue with another or dispute something in the Bible, they are exerting a sprit of religion, thus, inflicting separation amongst believers. If someone believes in Jesus Christ as the Messiah, this is most important, and that He died on the cross for our sins. If someone believes this yet has a belief that is very false and does not go with God’s word, they should be corrected on the matter. If they can’t come to agreement, then it should be put aside, not affecting the relationship between the two believers. But if this person is spreading false doctrine that you know positiveliy is false doctrine, and you tell them the truth, and they still keep arguing with you and won’t let it go, then you should separate yourself from that person. It is better to separate than to have strife if peace cannot be made. We know how the Bible tells us to go about confronting someone with something. Nonetheless, regardless of what happens, you should forgive that person in your heart and pray for them. The spirit of religion is a very strong, wicked, demonic spirit.

"If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14 God's call to the world! Are you ready?

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