For Anyone Who Has Lost A Child

After seeing someone on here this morning who lost a child to cancer, I was reminded of this short part in my story.

For anyone who has ever lost a child, whether that child was an organ donor or not; know they had some special purpose, and you were the guardians of a little hero! Even if you had a still-born child, or a child who passed away in the womb; there was some reason..some purpose!  Our human minds can’t understand, but we will someday!  I am pasting this excerpt from book one of my series, Soul Deceiver, for those to read who have ever lost a child. God gave me this, and I hope it blesses and touches you today. I love you; I really, really do love you my friend.

Excerpt/Soul Deceiver:

“Back to my original point; there are ministers who preach healing for all, and it’s completely unbiblical!  As I’ve just explained, Jesus did not guarantee us eternal life in the flesh—he guaranteed us eternal life in the spirit.

“Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a big believer in faith and healing—but then if you’re going to preach this, you can’t go around telling everyone that they didn’t have enough faith, or they didn’t pray hard enough; maybe they did.  And if they did, you’re discouraging them; all what’s going to happen is the person is going to give up and lug around a bunch of resentment and anger toward God, and that’s not good!”

Krista responded.  “I know exactly what you’re talking about now.  In fact, I’ve been there before in my life.  When I was a kid, a small child in my first grade class was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  The parents prayed—the entire church prayed, I prayed, everyone prayed!  Words of faith were spoken and people recited scripture, cast out devils of sickness and disease, the whole nine yards!

“The little boy had the tumor surgically removed, went through chemo, radiation—everything.  Everyone praised God, and all was well for a while until the tumor returned.  Then it started all over again—everyone was praying, speaking faith, and quoting scriptures.  But this time, the tumor didn’t go away, and the little boy died.

“The parents were bitter toward God after this, and felt as if they hadn’t prayed hard enough.  They lived the rest of their lives wondering if they’d done something wrong that had made God angry, and whether or not this was their punishment—I was even angry with God and didn’t understand!

“The parents made him an organ donor and saved two other children in the process who were awaiting transplants.  So whenever it came up, I told people that God had sent the little boy here to this world for the sole purpose of saving these two other little children who were going to die.  I told people that the parents didn’t understand because in their hearts, he was theirs and should remain theirs as most children do; but in God’s heart, the little boy was His from the beginning, and God blessed the parents by temporarily giving this little hero of His to them.  So spiritually, they were the temporary guardians of a champion who came to give up his life so that two other lives could continue living on.  I guess, in a different sense, it’s kind of like what you’re saying about Jesus, except He gave up His life so that millions of people, from generation to generation, would not suffer death eternally.”

She wiped at her eyes as she looked up at Simpson who sat speechless with tears rolling down his cheeks.  She couldn’t believe it!  This was the first time she’d ever seen him shed one tear.

“Krista, that was beautiful!  I’ve never been able to give anyone an answer that would make them feel better when they’ve lost a child; but that was truly amazing!”

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