Don’t Be Late For The Wedding!

Walt was nervous yet confident in what he was about to do. He could feel the Spirit of the Lord with him, and he knew this was right. He occupied a pew in the front row while Ben ministered to the church.

“And now, there’s someone very special here with us this morning; a man of God who we all know and trust well. God has given him some prophetic words, and he senses urgency in relating this prophecy to God’s people. Reverend Walter Caldwell, also known as my dear old dad—you’re up!”

There was clapping, praising God, and lot’s of amen’s.

Ben went down the steps from the platform to where his dad sat and helped him as he stood to his feet. Side by side, they walked up the platform, one slow step at a time. Finally, when Walt had made it to the pulpit, Ben sat down behind the podium on a cushioned chair next to his wife.

Walt did a quick sweep of the enormous congregation of God’s people. “It’s been a long time. Wow, has the church gotten bigger or have I gotten shorter?”

Everyone laughed.

“Good morning and praise God! I’ve missed all of you so much. I see a lot of familiar faces, and a lot of not so familiarfaces, too.” He paused, taking a quick look at the people once more, as he tried to remember how he would begin. He glanced at his notes briefly while he nervously put his bangs back in place, and then returned his attention to the congregation.

“Has anyone here been reading the paper lately? Have you seen all of the prophecies being fulfilled today? Disastrous hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, destructive storms, open sex and lust with no guilt or shame, abortion, including partial birth and live birth abortions—have you seen these things?What about smart bacteria that is stubborn against antibiotics? Then there’s HIV and STD’s, been around for a while, but still in our generation! What about the uprise in technology? Can anything get any smaller? Oh, yes! The microchip for animals and humans, which has already been made—as small as a grain of rice!

Did you know the microchip for living creatures was first used in animals for tracking migration? I’ve oftentimes wondered if this is why it is called the ‘mark of the beast.’ We know the Antichrist is called the Beast, but maybe there’s two different meanings going on here.

“People, there’s so much more, and I don’t have enough time to share all of it right now. Follow Bible prophecy and watch the news! We are close, so very close!”

He could see the eagerness in everyone’s faces, and his heart grew heavy because he knew there were people out there who would be left behind when the Lord returned; people who just weren’t ready yet.

“I watched an interesting video the other day of a well-known prophecy scholar, and he was talking about what a generation is according to the Bible. Did you know that the Jewish people repossessed Israel fully when they re-took Jerusalem in 1967? God says the generation who sees these things will see the return of Jesus Christ coming in the clouds! Isn’t that something? Did any of you know that a generation, according to God, is 52 years? Do the math and you’ll all figure it out.

“As I sat listening to this prophecy teacher explain these things, I wasn’t just amazed, but completely blown away—I got excited!But then the excitement turned into heaviness because I know so many of us aren’t really ready.

“Hey, you can’t set dates folks, and anyone who tries isn’t operating in Jesus Christ, so be weary of anyone who does set dates; but tell me where it says that His people can’t have an approximate idea when? It doesn’t! It only says that no man knows the day or the hour, not even Jesus Christ knows! So, what this means to me is that it could be anytime, so we’d better start taking things a little more seriously! Are you ready? Is your neighbor ready? If the trumpet blew one hour from now, are you one hundred per cent positive you would go?”

He paused to let everyone digest what he’d just said.

“Let me tell you one other thing, the earth will never come to an end! So don’t believe all of this 2012 hype that’s going around where people are saying the earth is coming to an end because friends, this is just completely unbiblical! To believe such a thing is to call God a liar. He will recreate the world someday, but it shall never be completely destroyed!”

The congregation nodded their heads in agreement.

“The other night I had a little trouble sleeping because I was deeply disturbed by something I’d read in the newspaper. Who here is familiar with that new Unity religion?” He looked around, some people looked confused and others nodded.

“In case you don’t know, on June 26 of 2011, political leaders and all sorts of religious leaders met from 26 nations with Bibles and Qurans. They agreed on a religion where Muslims and Christians worship together in peace, and they even read from the Quran and the Bible side by side! My friends, I believe this is the one world religion emerging! This is the very last fulfillment of Bible prophecy right before the rapture of the church! Go home tonight and Google Unity if you don’t believe me. It’s real, and it’s happening right now beneath all of your noses!

“Furthermore, approximately one month ago, I was reading the Christian News, and one of the more popular Bible publishing companies, Nine Cliff’s, is coming out with a new Bible called the Toran—that’s pronounced TORE-an. It’s a combination of the word Torah and Quran.”

He stopped and took a small sip of his water as everyone gasped in shock.

“More recently, I read a newspaper article about a pastor everyone here has probably heard of, Pastor Theodore Freeman. Consequently, he and his assistant are the two men who came up with and put together the Toran. Anyhow, His daughter was brutally killed almost two weeks ago, torn limb from limb. The murderer placed her limbs throughout her car with messages carved into her flesh. The message consisted of the numbers 1, 7, and 5. There were some more details, but we won’t go into all of that right now. They’ve revealed that it’s some sort of a numerical message, but they don’t know what it means exactly.

“Pastor Freeman has used the death of his daughter to his advantage. He has announced to his church that he’s opening the doors to a new religion called Unity. Unity was created by merging Christianity with Islam; so its followers aren’t necessarily Muslim, nor are they necessarily Christian; they’re called Unified Disciples. They are teaching that this is the kind of love God wants us to have. Let me exaggerate on this a little bit.

God does want us to love and pray for everyone. However, God doesn’t want us to unite as one body with any religion that does not believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. According to the Bible, this is spiritual fornication. Love isn’t just peace, it’s also correction and truth, and you can find this in the Bible—I can think of some scripture on this right now in Proverbs to support what I’m saying!

“Proverbs 3:11 and 12 says, ‘My son, do not despise the chastening of the Lord, nor detest His correction; for whom the Lord loves He corrects, just as a father the son in whom he delights.’ You see, according to God, correction is an act of love! Proverbs 15:10 says, ‘Harsh correction is for him who forsakes the way, and he who hates reproof will die.’ Therefore, to hate Godly correction brings death to the soul!

“When you love someone, would you sit by and watch them ingest poison without a word? Heavens no, that’s absurd! You’d frantically tell them that what they’re about to ingest is going to kill them! That’s what Unity is doing, it’s killing people’s souls—people who will be dammed to eternal death in hell forever because we’re supposed to sit by and watch them ingest spiritual, soul killing poison!

“If this isn’t bad enough, Christians are expected to bend over backwardsin this world today by not saying or doing anything that might offend—including evangelizing to people in word and truth! But let’s not forget that it’s perfect okay to talk about any other religion in this world, just as long as it’s not one that believes in Jesus Christ as the Son of the living God!”

Every person in the congregation stood to their feet at once, clapping as they shouted in agreement with Walter’s statements.

“Back to the subject of this Unity church I was discussing with you, I had a few more things to comment on. The name of this church, which is the first church to adopt this religion, has been changed to Global Unity Fellowship Center—not Christian, folks—Unity! They’ve taken the cross, as well as anything else that directly mentions the name of Jesus Christ, down.

“They’re claiming that this is the perfect church God is looking for and that it’s the true Christian way, while declaring anyone who opposes this movement needs to repent and rethink. It all sounds pretty convincing and believable folks; unless you really dig in and better educate yourselves in God’s word. Don’t forget what the scriptures clearly say—even the elect shall be led astray!Did you know that there were some well known and respected ministers at this meeting who are in full support of Unity? Do your homework, Church…do your homework! This is absolute apostasy!”

He raised his voice, “There is only one way to heaven, and that is through God’s Son Jesus Christ! If anyone tells you there are other ways to heaven, they’re being led by a wicked, deceiving spirit!”

Most everyone in the congregation lifted their hands in praise, as shouts of amen and hallelujah pervaded the church auditorium.

“I’m sorry I got off track there. I was deeply disturbed and went to bed when God awoke me in the middle of the night. I couldn’t go back to sleep no matter how hard I tried. Then I heard God clearly as He spoke to me.”

He shared his prophetic dream given Him by God, as well its meaning. He then shared what God had spoken to him as he watched his son drive away the next morning and that there were certain events that could not be stopped because they fulfill God’s word.

“Brothers and sisters, God told me He wants every one of us across the nation to begin telling people that Christ is coming soon—and not just soon—VERY SOON! He wants us telling everyone we come into contact with, yelling it from the streets to all who go past…literally! He said specifically to me, “Tell them to yell it so that everyone will hear—get ready! Jesus is coming soon!” Jesus Christ is coming in the clouds for his church—His glorious bride—to rescue her from the corruption and disaster that shall soon come upon this world! And He is coming sooner than you might think! He is greatly distressed because His people are not all ready; some will be left because they haven’t truly given their heart over to Him, and there are those who have never known Him at all.

“He also told me He wants us to take this seriously, as this will create a great revival across the world! It must be done!”

Once again, everyone gave him a standing ovation, clapping, shouting, and praising God. Every few moments you could hear an “Amen, Brother…Amen!” Ben stood up and helped his father back down to his seat and then resumed his place at the pulpit.

“What a powerful message! Well, God was speaking to me while I was listening to Him speak to you through my father. Isn’t it something how God works?”

Everyone agreed with shouts of joy.

“So, what I want is for each and every person to come to this Wednesday night’s meeting, and we’ll have arrangements for childcare, food, and snacks. I know our services fall close to dinnertime, and it’s hard for some of you; but please come and have dinner at the church instead if that’s what hinders you from coming at all. We’re going to discuss how we can all make this happen and get things moving. Amen? God wants His people to do something, and He’s told us of its relevance, and so it needs done.

“I hope you’ll all go home today and pray about this message. I know I have been and will continue to do so. The message is clear…Jesus is coming soon for the perfect church! The perfect church isn’t a building, and it’s not a congregation of people built on apostasy, God forbid. How can anyone pervert God’s word to mean something so completely different than what it’s saying? The perfect church is God’s people getting their lives right with Him in repentance and obedience! The perfect church is God’s people evangelizing—and not just to backslidden Christians, but to the world!

“I’m going to call a meeting with every Christian Minister I can get in touch with in the U.S. We’re not just staying in this denomination because Pentecostals are not the only one’s going to heaven! There will be Baptists, Catholics, Lutheran’s, Presbyterians, Methodists, Charismatic’s, Seventh Day Adventist’s, Church of Christ, and many more. The Holy Spirit is not confined to one denomination! Wherever the real Spirit of Jesus Christ is, and to whomever asks Him within their heart to be their personal Savior—that is where He is! Hallelujah?”

“Hallelujah, Brother! That’s right!” The congregation roared with excitement.

“As a side note, the word religion is derived from the word rigid, and we’re not rigid people—we just want to serve God as He asks us to serve Him. God doesn’t expect perfection, He expects devotion, dedication, and loyalty. If you’re living in purposeful, blatant, and outright disobedience toward God, then you need to be on your knees repenting; and repenting means you’ve made a true decision in your heart to turn away from that lifestyle of sin! Read second Chronicles 7:14 church! Humble yourselves! Pray! Seek God’s face! Turn from ways of wickedness! Then He will hear your voice from heaven, and He’ll forgive your sin, and He’ll heal your land! Amen!”

He stepped down from the pulpit and began walking back and forth directly in front of his congregation.

“I’m getting press releases out to every church that I can, as well as any organizations and place that can help. I need your help, church! What I’m proposing, and we’ll talk in more detail on Wednesday night, is all of us getting out and canvassing the streets! I’m not referring to the normal door to door routine—I mean groups of us literally walking up and down the streets with signs, as bright as can be, decorated with an assortment of messages about His coming and about salvation and singing songs of praise and worship!

“The entire family of God needs to unite, singing songs of praise so loud across the nation it sounds like thunder, so people everywhere will hear! God wants us praying out loud, telling people from the street corners—Jesus is coming! Are you ready? He’s coming very soon! If church after church all over the U.S. will begin doing this very same thing, thousands of demonic spirits will be weakened, Praise God, and the walls of hell will be shaken! Hundreds of demons will lose some of their power and strength! If you don’t know what I mean, read Ephesians 6:10-20 when you go home today!

“And, so it is my friends, this is how the revival of the last days the Bible speaks of will be aroused! This is how the perfect church shall be awakened! Are you with me, folks? I am so excited and ready to wage war in the heavenlies! We must do this—who here is behind me?”

Every person in his church packed full of hundreds stood up simultaneously; not one person stayed in their seat. There was cheering and yelling while people ran up to the altar, falling down on their faces in repentance. The Holy Spirit moved with power and might as a fresh wind of anointing that felt like none other, and a fresh smell that smelled like none other, gusted throughout the auditorium. Every man, woman, and child could sense the move of the Holy Spirit—even the unborn children in their mother’s wombs were dancing about!

God took great pleasure in His children while He gazed down from heaven with love and compassion, His lips barely parted as he continued gently blowing His Holy Spirit about them in gentle gusts of air.

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  1. This is a very intriguing chapter, with lots of deep imaginary and heart felt thoughts. I love it when people are able to exercise their gift of imagination and create a work of art such as you are doing here with this book. Stay focus and continue to allow God to use you for his glory. I will be back to continue to read more as you bring it forward. Thanks for sharing your gift of inspirational works. Peace and love be yours to enjoy.

    • Thank you so much Pastor. You always make people feel so good inside; you’re so very kind and loving! God bless you for all of the time you put forth to uplift and encourage me, and other people as well. Love you bunches!

  2. The book looks very interesting…. You do have a tremendous imagination and purpose in writing. You are very talented. Lord bless your continued efforts!

    • Thanks for the uplifting and encouraging words, Rob! I’m blessed that it blessed you! May God be with you, speak to your heart, and guide you throughout your every day. I looked at your post this morning, but had to go to I will be taking a better look at it and commenting here in a bit. 😉

  3. Praise the Lord sister Lyn; Wonderful message..Thanks for sharing this with me … I very blessed by the words ” Jesus is coming! Are you ready? He’s coming very soon! … Many Blessings to you … I’m Glad that I found you on the net… I really enjoy your articles…. Bro pat.

    • Thanks Bro Pat…I am very touched and honored. God bless you! I honestly enjoy your posts as well! Keep up the good work for Him! BTW, this is the second half of the chapter I posted…you might want to check out the first part, if you didn’t already…it’s labeled read’ll see it. Just look abover right here to the left where it says chapter seven, blah blah blah, Read First

    • Oh, okay, I see that you liked it, so you must’ve read it then! Do you think Khalid is evil, corrupt, and sneaky enough? LOL

  4. Can you imagine being in that congregation and hearing that and letting the sprite take you oven entirely! 🙂

    • I am not sure..I never did have a can of sprite come to my house and take my oven. What’s that like? LOL!!!! 😉

      • This is why I love you!

        • Is that the only reason? LOL!!!!!!!

          • Of course not, you are trying to save my soul and you are doing a great job. You never judge or cringe at what I say, except with the Sprite Oven. I will laugh at that for a very long time. Love ya

          • Nothing worse than a demon possessed can of sprite running around your house, especially an oven stealing demon possessed can of sprite. Now I thought the squirrels were bad! If anything could make me sin with my mouth, it would be this fat squirrel in my yard that purposely aggrevates me! It terrorizes all of my flowers..even flowers squirrels aren’t supposed to like. If that wasn’t bad enough, little fat boy and another squirrel friend like to push each other on the hammock swing hanging from the tree. The fat one likes to make me chase it in circles around my I get to one side, he’s at the other. He comes up and peeks into my patio door window to see if I’m around before he buries his nuts in my flowerbed or decides to destroy my hibiscus tree, roses, and what not. They don’t even eat the flowers..they just destroy! That’s when I go running through my yard with my golf club. I must look foolish, but I don’t care..that’s one demon possessed squirrel! LOL!!!!

          • I have a squirrel that I feed peanuts to by hand. She chases all the other squirrels away, she doesn’t want anybody else to get her peanuts. You do realize that they own you and that they are playing with you? It is a game squirrels call watch the funny human try to catch us! God knows every little squirrel, every ant and every bird and where they are. Maybe God needed a laugh!

          • Yes, I have figured that out. They used to like to leave the green walnuts on the steps of a deck in the house I used to live in..and, at the pool at my old house, this one would wait until I got out of the pool to throw hunks of green nuts in my pool..which was a nightmare to clean out! LOL I wouldn’t actually kill it, I just want to scare it away! Geez, I felt bad for a worm today that was on my patio cement…I picked it up and put it in the flowerbed! I feel bad for the crickets I have to feed my bearded dragon… I felt bad the other day when I was trying to help an ant that was lugging something way bigger than it was across the patio table, and it was struggling…so I put it down on the cement and in the process, hurt the ant..and I actually felt bad! That was a first…I hate ants because there was an ant problem in the house that I just could not get rid of, and I”m a clean freak!

          • I love all Gods creatures. I won’t kill anything, unless they scare me. I wouldn’t buy a snake because it would have to be fed live mice.

          • I’ve heard horror stories about snakes and children and babies; I would never buy a snake! I think they’re evil and sneaky.

    • Is that a can of demon possessed Sprite?

      • Yes, it is is full of stuff. I have to clean my screen now. Love ya

        • Don’t use Windex! LOL Reminds me of the other week..i’m very picky because I’ve only had this computer a few months…brand new nice Dell Inspirion Laptop…with the nice screen….there’s a reason I’m tellin’ this…not boasting here..I was being so careful with an apple I was eating. Wouldn’t you know, I was far enough away, even turned my head, and it sprayed the screen! I about freaked out! Whenever I’m trying to be quiet or be careful, something inevitably happens.

          • I use PC wipes, before I turn on the PC. I hate when hubby touches my screen. I know there is a finger print on the screen.

          • I need some of those…are they expensive? I hate when people come up and point at my screen with their finger right on it…I try to keep it soooo clean!

          • No. Just a couple of dollars. I had used the same wipes that you use for glasses, but they don’t stay moise enough to do your whole screen.


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