MOLD, The Silent Killer! Are You Sick With No Answers? Could This Be You? A Must See For Everyone! Includes videos.

ATTENTION:  I have supplied this information in order to help you figure out if this is your problem or not.  This is in no way meant to diagnose you, for I am no doctor.  I can only share information on what I’ve personally been through and what has  happened to me.


Some links about mold exposure, symptoms, and treatment:   BIO SIGN LABORATORY CORPORATION, CDC GOV Mold Web, MOLD SYNDROME WEB (Extensive!  Very Good!), MOLD SICKNESS: THE TRUTH, MOLD ALLERGY, MOLD REMOVAL COMPANY   (BTW, all mold is toxic to humans if in large quantities in your home; not just ‘toxic’ black mold!)

Your illness, if caused by mold,will worsen over the years if you ignore it and could be fatal.  So it is important to rule this out.  

Nine years ago I lived in a place that had mold.  That’s when it all started.  I felt sick and had good days and bad days; here in the past few years, however, there haven’t been anymore good days, or even good moments.  Trips to the doctor proved nothing, other than the doctor saying, “Wow, you’re healthier than I am!  I’ve never seen someone with such perfect blood work!”

I literally felt so fatigued. It was the kind of tired that’s worse than deathly tired.  The more I slept, the worse it would be when I awoke.  Over the years, it progressed to facial swelling. One day, I took a pic of myself on my work PDA only to notice I looked like Sylvester Stallone; swelling on the right side of my face.  Suddenly, I started becoming allergic to all sorts of foods that I was never allergic to, as well as waking up in the middle of the night with my heart racing and skipping beats, and feeling nauseated at the same time.  You can imagine how frightened I was.  I wore a 24 hour heart monitor, but everything was fine.  My blood pressure began majorly dropping to as low as 90/52, in that ballpark.  My menstrual cycle decreased to two days, and I felt literally horrible during that time.

As the years continued passing by, I became very depressed.  There were no more good days, and mornings were the most difficult.  I always had to lie there for a while, and I could feel my  heartbeat in my head, accompanied by dizziness.  There is also a certain extent that you just can’t seem to put into words. 

Suddenly, my food allergies became even more increased to everything!  I could no longer tolerate perfumes, cleaners, or anything.  I literally lost most all of y energy and I had to force myself to take walks, only to feel weird during the walk and afterward.  Soon, I began having visual disturbances, from blurred vision, to optical migraines (it starts off slowly, but looks like you’re looking through puddles of water), to sometimes going completely blind for a few seconds without warning..even while I was driving!  Still, I kept going to the doctor only to have more blood tests taken.  Once again, I was told that everything was fine.  I had my adrenal’s and cortisol levels checked, and they were fine, except bilirubin was low, which they weren’t concerned about, and my D3 was low (even though I take supplements, eat healthy, and spend a lot of time in the sun).  My problem was at the stage where it was destroying my immune system, my optical nerves, my liver, and affecting my brain.

I prayed and prayed for years, “Lord heal me of whatever is wrong!”  Imagine living every day for years feeling ten times worse than if you had a flu bug, while having life threatening symptoms, and not being able to eat hardly anything at all. On top of that, your throat swells up when you eat an apple, your face looks distorted, you wake up feeling like you’re having a stroke, you’re not allowed to take daytime naps because you awake feeling like you’re having heart failure, and everything..and you go to different doctor, who are now labeling you as a hypochondriac and not taking you seriously…and getting no answers.  I wasn’t suicidal, I  don’t mean it this way…I didn’t want to die…I just wanted to feel better.   But I was so miserable that I was actually crying daily…I mean really crying…on my knees begging God to heal me, reveal to  me what is wrong with me, or let me die.

It was only the other day I found out what is wrong–MOLD! I am treating it the same as systemic candidas.  I have posted information on systemic candidas because symptoms as well as treatment are pretty much the same.   I’m not talking about outward symptoms of this at all, such as vaginal yeast, nail fungus, or thrush.  NO!  Instead, this is all internal—in my blood and organs.  According to what I have read, I was in the fourth stage, which is right before death.  And when you die, you’re diagnosed with heart failure, kidney failure, or you died from some sickness your body couldn’t fight off (because your immune system is so rundown).  This condition gets misdiagnosed as autoimmune diseases all of the time because the medical industry does not recognize mold.  They say, “Mold is everywhere!”  Yes, it is; however, when you live in a place that has a mold problem, you are exposed to myotoxins.  Myotoxins is the by-product of decaying wood, plaster, drywall, or any decaying material, and if it is in your environment you dwell in, it is highly concentrated to toxic levels.  In fact, mold is the reason for many illnesses people have that they would  never guess.

My suggestion to everyone who reads this post is to go to your health food store and buy whatever the best candida cleanse product they have is, follow the directions, eat lot’s of fresh garlic, take wild oregano oil, eat lot’s of cinnamon, clove, and olive leaf extract vitamins.  Go on a six week diet with hardly any carbs or sugars, even natural sugars.  Also, take a lot of vitamin C with bioflavonoids (at least 4,000 mg’s), and vitamin D3, along with a good probiotic (I suggest Garden of Life).  Drink tons of water as well.  But, check with a natural health care practitioner first.

I noticed great improvement after a few days. Had I not done this, I believe I would have died. I also recommend juicing! Do as many of the green juices as you can.  You will notice an almost immediate difference with juicing!  The reason is that oftentimes, if you have mold in your body, you will have malabsorption problems, which means your body is not getting enough nutrients.  Well, juicing goes straight into you and is absorbed because it’s already broken down.  You are getting TONS of nutrients this way, and your body will begin to repair (Google “The Juice Lady.” She’s great!) 

I praise God for Him revealing to me what is wrong.  I’ve been laughed at, made fun of, called a hypochondriac for years, and even have people get mad at me and put me down about how many things I’ve been allergic to.  It is so frustrating when you’re allergic to everything.  I’m going to post below some information for everyone about all of this.  I want you to read it.  If you have any chronic condition or disease, I strongly urge you to try the  candida diet and take the products I’ve suggested above religiously, even after six weeks.  If you’re diabetic, the candida diet is perfect for you.

As you read this stuff, remember, that just about everything you’re going to read (except for fingernail, toenail, vaginal, rectal, oral, or any type of skin or outer infection), I’ve gone through in the worst way possible now for nine years, and the worst has been the past three.

Symptoms of Candida Albicans Overgrowth
“Candidiasis” and “Systemic Candida”

“Candidiasis” is one name for candida albicans yeast infections of the skin or mucus (“superficial candidiasis”); or intestinal and digestive problems (“candida overgrowth”). The terms “candida overgrowth” or “candida yeast overgrowth” are most often used.

Before we go any further – rest assured there is lots of hope! If you know about candida and are eager to prevent its spread or get started on the road to wellness right now, click on Candid Free for candida cleansing and ReFlora supplemental “probiotics” (good bacteria replacements). Otherwise, read on:

The person with candida overgrowth may be walking through life quite ill with the following experiences:

  • All tests come back “normal”.
  • You’re being treated for various ailments whose symptoms return when medication is finished, possibly with additional side effects and no resolution.
  • You’ve been told your symptoms and illness are “psychological.”

“Systemic Candida” (or “systemic candidiasis”) is a serious autoimmune deficiency often seen in AIDS and cancer chemotherapy patients, where the candida albicans has reached into many organs and the bloodstream. Their bodies aren’t absorbing nutrients, retaining beneficial bacteria or producing infection-fighting white cells. This stage of candida infestation is the only one acknowledged by the traditional medical profession, as it is recognizable because of certain toxins in the blood.

But systemic candidiasis also develops in people with candida overgrowth due to other causes, and can be missed or misdiagnosed because it doesn’t yet show up in blood tests.

Why It’s Hard to Diagnose
Candida overgrowth and candidiasis can mimic, be mimicked by, or be involved in another condition. Candida albicans may be made overactive by medications, or an existing infestation may contribute to a new illness. These symptoms will not always be recognized as attributed to or caused by candida:

  1. Easily Felt Symptoms:
    • Continual “flu-like” feelings: headaches, nausea, sweats/chills, diarrhea
    • Repetitive cuticle, fingernail or toenail infections, fungus
    • Genital/vaginal yeast infection
    • Oral “thrush” (white pasty film in mouth)
    • Thick yellow or green discharge from sinus infection or bronchial cough (see #2 below)
    • Extreme sensitivity to chemical odors, cleaning products and perfumes
    • Uninvited weight loss or weight gain
    • Severe gas and bloating
    • Allergies and Hay Fever
  2. Symptoms within Chronic Ailments:
    • Sinus, bronchial or ear infections – especially after taking antibiotics
    • Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Eczema, Athlete’s Foot – itchy rash may be treated without looking for underlying reason.
    • Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn’s, Colitis, Celiac Disease
    • “Leaky gut” syndrome – a weak intestinal wall that allows food particles to get into the blood.
    • Mild forms of Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue
    • Hypoglycemia
    • Common children’s allergies, milk intolerance, asthma, ear infections
  3. Physical Symptoms within serious Diseases:
    • Lupus, Lyme Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis
    • Multiple Sclerosis (MS, often mimicked by Candida symptoms or vice versa)
    • Diabetes
    • GERDS (Gastro esophageal reflux disease) – the perceived “too much stomach acid” can dangerously damage the esophageal tract. Or the person may not be producing enough hydrochloric acid (especially true after age 40). Also called “leaky gut”.
  4. Mental or Emotional Symptoms may begin as blood toxins from the yeast affect thought patterns. Candida may be present with:
    • Sudden mood swings
    • ADD/ADHD
    • Bipolar Disorder
    • Disorientation, “brain fog” or irritability
    • General Anxiety Disorders (panic, depression, phobias)
    • Suicidal thoughts

In Summary…
The symptoms may be joint pain in one person, allergies in another, infections in someone else, or make a person seem irritable and irrational. Now you can see why it is so hard to pin down!

HERE’S MORE…Pretty scary stuff, huh?

Candida is a classification of microorganisms consisting of over 150 species of yeast. Candida albicans is the most common species that can become pathogenic in people. Causes of Candida infection, or candidiasis, include a compromised immune system, antibiotic and other drug use and poor nutrition. Candidiasis often begins in warm and moist localized areas, such as the mouth, vagina and underarms, but it can spread. “Critical Reviews in Microbiology” notes that among severely immune-deficient people, about 15 percent of candidiasis cases become systemic infections, and over 40 percent of those with systemic candidiasis die from the consequences.

Early Symptoms of Systemic Candidiasis

Before Candida can spread throughout the body via the bloodstream, localized infections have to be well established. Vaginal candidiasis is common among women and includes symptoms of itching, burning, inflammation, musty odor and a white, cheese-like discharge. Oral candidiasis, or “thrush,” occurs on the tongue and the insides of the cheeks and includes white, cheese-like plaques, bad breath and difficulty swallowing. Skin candidiasis, or “moniliasis,” thrives under the arms, between the buttocks and under folds of skin, and causes itchy rashes and a moldy odor. Onychomycosis is a Candida infection of the toenails and fingernails, which leads to thickening, splitting, crumbling and discoloration. Before Candida spreads systemically, immune compromised people will have at least one, if not all of the above mentioned localized infections, according to “Fungal Infection: Diagnosis and Management.”

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Meningitis from Systemic Candidiasis

Systemic candidiasis spreads through the body via the bloodstream, targeting vital organs such as the brain. notes that Candida can infect both the meninges and the parenchymal brain tissue, and about half of patients dying with systemic candidiasis display central nervous system involvement. Candida meningitis is much more common in babies than adults, and often involves spinal pain, headaches, fever and paralysis. Brain abscesses and infarctions can also be caused by systemic candidiasis.

Endocarditis from Systemic Candidiasis

Candida can also infect the heart. DoctorFungus notes that Candida species can cause endocarditis, myocarditis and pericarditis of the heart, all of which are severe conditions linked to high levels of mortality. Symptoms of endocarditis include fever, heart murmur, heart palpitations, enlarged spleen and congestive heart failure.

Nephritis from Systemic Candidiasis

The kidneys are also susceptible to Candida infection, as they filter body fluids. As an article on PubMed notes, antibiotic and steroid use can lead to a variety of Candida infections, including tubular and interstitial nephritis, which often lead to kidney failure. Symptoms of nephritis include reduced urine output, cloudy or bloody urine, edema of the hands and feet, flank pain, loin pain and kidney inflammation.

Intestinal Tract Candidiasis

The intestinal tract is another region commonly infected by systemic candidiasis. According to “Fungal Infection: Diagnosis and Management,” symptoms of an intestinal Candida infection include abdominal pain and bloating, vomiting and diarrhea with cheese-like, white discharge.

Anti-Candida IgM Elisa A rapid ELISA method to detect IgM antibodies to Candida albicans.

“candida symptoms Warning” Read This Page Before You Go One Step Further!

Eliminate Yeast Candida Candida: Restore Proper Immune Function Eliminating Yeast.

Yeast Infection Remedies Find At Home Remedies For Yeast Infections & Get Fast Relief Now.

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163 replies

  1. There is mold in my house dont now what to do ; (

  2. Hello mi name is migdalia, iam consurn because there is mold in the hause that i live , iam always sick and my little girl to .I dont now what to do ..

    • Get out of the house! Even if you have to live in a one bedroom place that is not as nice…move! It will make you even more sick when you try to kill it..and it will destroy the rest of your life as it has mine. After you are out, detox! Get Candizyme and do what it says!

  3. I became ill from mold exposure at work and am writing about it. Whenever I hear of someone with a yet undiagnosed illness, I immediately question if they have been exposed to mold.

  4. Thanks,for following my blog. I like your above bible post. Wonderful you are getting the word out on mold.

  5. Reblogged this on Grandma Donnie On Line and commented:
    Anyone who has ever been exposed to mold for any length of time shoud absolutely read this article.

    • Thank you Grandma…I just had a young lady yesterday read this who feels her problem may be this very same thing…she was tested for allergies recently and was very allergic to mold. I am hoping this might help people who are ill but not getting any answers. God bless you for the reblog!

  6. Wow Lyn, this is so comprehensive I can definitely see some of my symptoms here. Do you know what? I recently got the test results back for a hair strand test, one of my major toxins was mould, no surprise there I’ve known this for a while. Unfortunately the place where I live is prone to mould in the bathroom and kitchen. You are right it would be great to pray together.

    • Have you been to doctors and get no answers? Do the diet above and see if you feel better after a few weeks. You will starve the mold in your body. If you have a mold problem, this is probably your problem. I can’t even take ANY antibiotics and I just keep in faith the Lord won’t let me get sick. Maybe the Lord meant for you to see this. Me, and it’s just me…I would move.

  7. i have been diagnosed with bi-polar, i have ibs, also i get chills and stuff for no reason now headaches..geeze..

    • Google Mold Symptoms and stuff like that….BiPolar can also be a symptom of mold…and keep in mind, most medical doctor’s don’t acknowledge mold.

    • They won’t. Your best bet is to go to Lowes and buy a mold test kit (they’re 10-15$, and there are directions on it. Then you send it away to the place the directions tell you to and pay $20-30 for them to test it. But your best bet is to do as I said and go to an allergy doctor.

  8. oh wow sis this is crazy i have to call my land lord..

  9. I have just read this. You poor girl. What you had to put up with. And not knowing what was wrong. What a horrible world. Christ, please return SOON !!!!!

  10. Lyn,

    Do you think fasting would create the same results as this diet? I’m curious b/c I’m starting to think that this could be what’s been making my husband and me sick. And, how can I get full instructions for the diet and supplements that you are using? Thanks so much!

    • How do you and your husband feel most of the time? Are you worse in the morning, evening? What are your symptoms? And have you lived somewhere with a mold problem? I just found everything I needed to know by googling Systemic Candidas. If it’s systemic mold, it’s treated the same. I bought 5,000 IU’s of Vit D3, Zinc 100 mg’s daily, Vitamin C w/bioflavonoids 1,000 mg’s 3 times a day, liquid kyolic garlic odorless garlic drops, wild oregano oil 2 times daily, olive leaf extract 3 times daily, and finally (sigh)(lol) Candizyme (3 before bed on an empty stomache.) Oh, and do not forget a good pro biotic..I suggest Garden of Life. This is a must have because it will replenish your stomach and intestines with healthy flora and bind to the bad to get rid of it. You have to drink lot’s of water as well. You might feel just as bad or worse for a short time, and this is normal and actually means what you’re doing is working. I know it’s a lot to have to do, but I’ll be honest, after nine years of hell and suffering, 6, 8, even 10 weeks or a year of this is nothing. I just want my life back. This all started for me after living in a place that had mold. I was also exposed to black mold as a child after a bad blizzard. So you can even get it from childhood and over the years of your adult life, it gets worse.

      As far as fasting goes, you can’t fast long enough so it wouldn’t work. You’d have to do the diet, and you have to be strict with it. I’ve been having a bowl of organic oat bran cereal every morning (hot cereal) with stevia as my sweetner and coconut milk. I’ve also been making a lot of stir fries with olive oil, garlic and tons of veggies and meat. I bought brown rice with wild rice as my starch, but only it a small portion once a day. You can’t have any fruit, sugar, or dairy…and you have to do away with all bread and potatoes, no corn, no peas, no lima beans, no beans period….you can have 1-2 cups of coffee per day, black, or with coconut coffee creamer in it and stevia. They’ve recently discovered new things about the antioxidant properties of coffee, and that caffeine in moderation actually helps with this problem..but not too much.

      The more leafy greens you can eat, the better. If you’ve been to the doctor over and over and they can’t figure out what’s wrong with you after having tests done, then this is more than likely the problem if you have the symptoms. Because we all have a moderate amount of yeast living in our bodies, they can’t test you for it. They are also for whatever reason not trained and educated in things to do with candida and mold, unless you have it in some obvious place like feet, nails, private parts, etc. then they know about that..but not in the body.

      One more thing, ibuprofen, birth control pills, steroids, including inhaled steroids, prednisone, cortisone, antibiotics, sugar, a diet high in carbs, stress, and the such can also make things worse….some of these things can even cause it.

      My suggestion would be to Google systemic candida and the candida diet and see what all works best for you. It’s never fun when mold ruins your life. I thank God that He showed me what was wrong with me so that I can fix it. God bless you, and I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers.

      • Thanks for the information Lyn. My whole life I’ve lived in older homes in which I would almost guarantee there was mold. When my husband and I got married 4 years ago we lived in a small apartment where the water heater was leaking under the tile flooring. After this issue we lived there an additional 5-6 months I’d say. Two years ago we purchased our current home, built in 1936. My symptoms have been worsening over the past few years. I’ve started having breathing problems, nausea for no apparent reason, fatigue, been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and yes, in the past month I’ve had 2 female yeast “issues”. I’ve also for many years now been dealing with a most uncomfortable and ever increasing pain in the liver area, usually at night, and it makes for a horrible nights sleep. Doctor’s have did x-rays, ultrasounds, cat scans, and blood work. Can’t see anything wrong. I’m on stomach meds. I have an overactive thyroid so I take a med for that too. As for my husband, he is fatigued, having bowel troubles, pains in his chest area that make him have to hold his breath until they pass. We both suffer from migraine headaches and sinus issues quite frequently. We suffer emotionally and phychological b/c of contant health issues. There may be more that I just can’t think of. I should also mention that I’m 27 and he’ll be 29 tomorrow so I know that we’re too yound to be having so many issues. Thanks for your time and for your willingness to pray for us!

        • I’m not a doctor, but I would say this is your problem if you’re having these symptoms and no one can find anything wrong. If I were you, I would get out of that house asap. Find an apartment somewhere that’s newer if you have to. Also, start taking stuff and change your diet. I had pleurisy from a place that had mold…it scared me to death. I didn’t know what it was at first..very painful when you breathe..the air sacs in your lungs swell up and rub together like sand paper. Mold causes this too. For right now, I’d take Benadryl…plain benadryl…two every 4 hours, or 1 every three if you can’t take two. I know above I wrote you shouldn’t take this, but it is the only thing that has made things bearable for me during this..if you feel really bad, take an ibuprofen or two, that’s what I do if it’s too bad. I have to take and Ibuprofen every morning with one benadryl and ususally takes me about 20-30 minutes to feel better. The last place I lived had sucha mold problem, i had to throw out everything I owned, including furniture…everything….and start all over. Thank God for places where you can lease to buy furniture! LOL No matter how tempted you are, eat no sugar. If your blood sugar gets low on all veggies, meats, and the brown/wild rice, oat bran (oat bran will clean it out of you in your intestines, too) then you can eat a small green apple. If you drink coffee, your coffee maker probably has mold in it where you can’t see, I would unplug it and bleach the heck out of it, rinse it very well and let air dry. Check for hidden mold beneath all sinks, washer dryer hookups, and if you have a cellar/basement in a house that old, there’s def mold down there. Usually, the mold is behind shower walls in the restroom…that’s where it was in the last house I lived in. Old grout, and a roof leak….it was covered! All mold, by the way, not just black, is toxic to humans because as they deteriorate wood, drywall, plaster, etc, they create something called a myotoxin, which is an odorless toxin that you breathe in. You can buy a mold test kit for $10 approx at most hardware stores, or order one online. Follow the directions, and then send it off to the lab they instruct in the kit to send it to. There is usually a small fee you have to pay. They will tell you what mold you have, how badly, and whether it’s enough to harm you. I hope I’ve helped. You and your husband both get on this stuff and keep researching. There are some great mold websites out there that can tell you even more.

          • Oh, if you have anymore questions, feel free to email me at Thanks. Happy to help you and your husband..been sick forever because of this, and hopefully getting better real soon. ANd yes, it does cause depression and mental, emotional, social anguish. And eventually, in time, it will kill you as it almost did me. I’m still not out of the woods. Pray pray pray with faith and don’t cease….God will direct your footsteps in all of this if you trust in Him. Sometimes our stubborness or inability to listen to Him makes it take longer, as in my case…I’ve prayed all of this time, “What is my problem?” Over the past nine years, I have dreams weekly almost about houses that are flooding out, water, and mold…. if that isn’t obvious, I don’t know what is. I was suspicous, but it took me this long to really put my finger on it for sure.

          • Thank you so much for taking the time to address my concerns and providing possible solutions. I thank the Lord for leading me to your site earlier this week. I feel this post may have been just for me! I pray God continues to bless this wonderful ministry he’s entrusted to you!

          • You’re more than welcome. By the way, there is some stuff called threelac I read about, but I’m not sure if I should try it because I have become allergic to everything over the past few years as a result of all of this..that is another reason you are feeling so bad…that’s how it started for me…and you become allergic to foods, smells, cleaners…everything…and everyone thinks your nuts. I took a photo of myself one day and noticed I looked like sylvester stallone…my lip was swollen on the upper right side and I had chipmunk cheek (swelling near my nose on my cheek.) Sometimes I would wake up and my eyes would literally swell as I watched in the mirror. The lymph glands become enlarged too, sometimes even in the armpits. You also might be experiencing light headedness from low BP, which is a result of allergic shock. Therefore, you might get bad circulation and raynauds syndrome (cold hands and feet, and sometimes so cold, fingers and toes may turn white and hurt, but then purple and red as the circulation comes back. If you have this, drink ginger tea 2-3 times daily…or take cayenne pepper vitamins, the ones that are gentle on the stomach, unless you have high BP and hemmerhoids…then that would not be good. I also work in the medical industry, as well as have studied this stuff for many years now…even though I just realized this is what is for sure wrong with me…duh…it’s always harder to see it for yourself. We’ll keep praying for each other….I promise, and i won’t forget about you! God bless.

  11. I so appreciate this post. We lived in a home that had some moisture in the walls and suspected mold. My husband first had signs of lumps under his armpit, it got huge and had like two to three pocket filled with pus. He had to have it drained and take antibiotics then I got one, along with severe headaches. I felt tired and if anyone knows me, they will say I have a lot of energy than the normal teenager. My children started getting them on the buttocks. The doctors said it was just mercer and it was going around. Again more antibiotics to take. We had never experienced this. Then doing the winter months we can smell the scent of mildewy smells.

    I told my husband I believe we were being exposed to toxins from the poor circulation from the mold and the toxins themself. We relocated and all has ceased. We all are fine now. But you can tell the difference for sure. I am glad you are well, and that you shared this. Had you not experienced this you would not be able to share it. So God had a plan to use your sickness for His glory in the end. If others know the time it takes to put this much info out so others can be aware. I am so happy, we crossed paths. I love you and your blog. It is eco-friendly…smiling. Lyn I wrote something for you as the spirit led my heart ♥

    When You ♥

    When you were sick Lyn, I watched over you
    When you were helpless, I carried you through
    When man could not determine the cause of your pain
    You called on the name above every name
    because your heart knew there is power in that name
    and it will never change.
    When you was weak and almost lost hope
    It is then I was with you the most
    You are made whole because of your
    Faith to seek my face when all you could
    see was that black hole in the night
    Remember Lyn, I am the truth, the way, and the
    You are my daughter who lives in me. ♥ Jesus (Heavenly Father)

    Lyn the devil is defeated once again.

    Shenine – A Woman After God’s Own Heart ♥

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you sister! And I receive that! Amen! God bless you for your word you’ve given me through the power of the Holy Spirit. I would urge you strongly, your whole family, to get some of the stuff I mention above because none of it can hurt you…it might be different for kids though..but you can give kids D3 and probiotics safely. I am positive that you still might have it in your system, it might just be being quiet for right now, or might be silently causing other things. You had said that although you were all better, you could tell a difference. Unsure if you mean a difference for the better or from what you were originally in a bad way. Clean it out of yourselves…that is for sure. Although it’s not Candida as described above, it is to be treated as such. I don’t have candida, I have mold; they’re in the same family though. God bless you again and thank you so much for the word! I love you too and I do wish you were closer to me! We could have fun!

    • I wanted to let you know that none of my posts are showing up on your pages…any of them. They disappear. I have no other way to contact you about this. I am not sure why it is doing that. Please let me know. God bless you.

  12. Lyn, I am praying for your full recovery. It sounds as if you have really suffered in the past years. It makes your ministry more of a blessing when we all realize you could have “given up” when you were feeling so awful. Instead you chose to continue to serve your Lord inspite of your physical afflictions. What a wonderful example to be setting with your life. And what a wonderful Lord who has graced you and strengthen you to be able to minister to others while suffering yourself!

    Lord bless you richly for your faithfulness!

    • Thank you so much Rob for your encouraging words. Yes, this past year has been the absolute worst, and the past six months it’s been very difficult to function or do anything. Instead of making me angry with God, it’s only made me love Him even more. So I laugh in the devil’s face, as he probably thought for sure that so many years of illness with no answers, and only what seemed to be hopelessness, would turn me away from my faith; but it has only made me stronger and more faithful in the Lord. I am trusting that the Lord has a purpose for all of this..nothing happens in this world without God’s seal of approval, so to speak. So although God didn’t make me sick, He allowed it, and someday I’ll understand. Thanks again, and God bless you. BTW, the problem i have is to be treated as candida, but it’s actually mold, so it will be harder to kill, thus I was more sick than a person with the candida. I lived in several places with hidden mold problems and it did this to me. Anyhow, I’m still not well yet, but keep praying as I continue eating only veggies and meat…and very little brown rice for some carbs. It’s hard, especially with low blood sugar, as I oftentimes get.

  13. Thanks for the warning Lyn. I remember a few years back, I can’t remember where, a whole community had to be abandoned and houses had to be torn down because every house had mold in them caused by materials used by the construction company.

    Anyways, rejoicing that you are feeling better. God sure has plans for you.

    • Thanks Eddy. Do keep praying for me. I have to take things slow because when you treat this, the spores release thousands of more toxic’s called die off. Since I don’t want my symptoms to be multiplied, I am starting first with a strict no sugar, no carb, no gluten diet…which includes no fruit as well. The only carbs I am getting is from my yeast free, wheat free, gluten free, sugar free, salt free bread–wow–is there anything left? LOL And brown rice, and whatever I get in my veggies. I limit the carrotts and no tomoatoes, as they are high in sugar. I’m also taking oregano oil, garlic (fresh raw in my food), fresh ginger root, organic fresh peppermint leaves, 5,000 IU’s vit D3, 3-4,000 mg’s of Vtiamin C with bioflavonoids (Helps assimilate it in your cells), and lot’s of leafy greens. This so far is helping. After I get it toned down, I’ll move in for the kill with this candizyme product I bought. Anyhow, what’s been the hardest is to look at me, you’d never know I was sick, nor would anyone know I was sick by my bloodwork, other than my recent which showed up my D3 was low and my biliruben was low (which they weren’t concerned because they only worry about high biliruben). This reveals that it was in a stage where it was attacking my immune system and liver. My kidney test revealed I was a 2, which is standard, but not the best. So it was also attacking my kidneys. And I have to treat it as Systemic Candida..but it’s actually mold, which is treated the same. The first place I lived in that had it had ‘had’ a major fire a year before I moved in. There was water damage in the attic from this (mold). Then, I moved into another place that had a problem where neighbors were coming to me complaining of not feeling good and not knowing why. Then, finally, the last place I lived had it caked behind the shower wall, as well as in the attic from a once leaky roof. I’ve lived in hell, so to speak, for years now..and the worst for the past two years..and this past year has been literally unbearable. I’ve spent more time crying than ever this past year, begging God to help me and not understanding why. I’m glad to have finally found out what is wrong.

      The reason I have posted this is for two reasons: 1, for prayer and number 2, to help someone who may be experiencing the same things. Over the years I’ve been to so many doctors with no answers, only to walk away sicker and sicker as they tried to tell me it was all in my head. When I had the allergy tests, and I was literally allergic to everything, they could no longer say it was in my head because I was tested…but they felt the chronic conditions were in my head. They have all been befuddled as to what is wrong with me. I’ve searched the internet for years for answers, searched God’s word…everything…so I’m hoping if someone else has these problems, they will come across this and find their answer.

      As I stated above, and in a reply to a previous post, the things I’m doing and going to do are not dangerous or harmful in any way…they’re actually good for you. And, the problem is that Doctor’s are not really trained in this area, except for localized fungal problems, such as fingernail/toenail fungus, yeast infections, jock itch, athletes foot, etc. I haven’t had any problems with any of those things….just the horrible sickness in my body from lugging around mold inside of my body from places I’ve lived. So more often than not, anyone who has all of these symptoms, and they go to the Doctor and the Doctor gives them a report of flying colors, yet they are still ill..might want to consider this problem I have named here. When you get the point I’ve been at, you have nothing to lose.

  14. Lyn,

    I’m sorry to hear about this. I can imagine how scary and frustrating it can be, but I also do know that God is a good God. If you pray, then believe that God has already healed you. All you need is Faith of mustard seed! Believe it in your mind everyday that he has healed you. Ask and you shall recieve. Nothing is impossible with God and it is his will to heal you. All you have to do is believe. =) quote healing verses in the bible everyday and repeat them over and over again. Jesus loves you and will heal you! =) Below are some promises God has made for healing, and I recommend reading psalm 91, the whole thing. May the blood of Jesus completely heal you! I will pray for you.

    I will be with you in trouble
    I will deliver you and honor you
    With long life I will satisfy you
    And show you my salvation

    Psalm 91:15-16

    The lord has declared that he will restore me to health and heal my wounds.

    Jeremiah 30:17

    • I’ve been standing in faith believing this for years..and I know it works because He’s done this in other areas of my life. This sickness did bring me closer to Him and teach me to trust in Him more than ever. I do believe He finally led me to find out what the problem is, and through the things I am doing, He’s going to heal me and be with me in all of this. Thank you for your kind and faithful thoughts and truth. I believe God’s Word wholeheartedly; I do believe, however, although He never enjoys our sickness or desires it, that sometimes He allows it to save our very souls by bringing us to our knees in repentance, need, humility, and faith. Keep praying for me, and I will continue to keep praying in faith, as you’ve descibed above. I always quote, Greater is He who is in me than he who is in this world!” And By His stripes I am healed.

  15. Hi Lyn

    You write good stuff up here, so please keep penning and keep inspiring! 🙂

    I would like to thank you for following my blog. I hope my blog doesn’t disappoint you and that your visits in my blog have been and will always be a joyful ride.

    Thank you again and I wish you a lovely day! 🙂

    Subhan Zein

  16. Lyn,

    I’m sorry to hear you were feeling so bad, but am glad that God revealed to you what was wrong.

    Your suggestions seem practical to me, but I would also suggest to those reading that they consult with their own physician if they keep having these symptoms and voice their concerns about having this potentially deadly illness to him/her.

    I think any physician worth their salt would at least give it consideration and try to eliminate it as a possibility. If he/she didn’t I would certainly go to as many as I had to until I received the help I needed.

    I would also say to those reading that no one knows your body as well as you do, and strongly suggest that you be the biggest proponent of your health.

    I think you’ve shown courage and strength in dealing with this, Lyn, and a great heart in sharing your experience with others. I thank God for blessing your life, and for the blessing you’ve been to those of us who read your blog.

    Your brother In Christ,

    • Yes, Wayne..and thank you very much 😉 As far as checking with a physician, that’s part of what I wrote here about getting no answers from your doctor. However, the things I’ve listed that help are harmless natural things. There are some herbs and vitamins in this world that can be toxic and can cause problems, such as iron, vitamin A, copper, quercetin, etc. but the ones I’ve listed don’t do anything bad to you, such as garlic, oregano, vitamin C, and the candizyme stuff I bought..those are just enzymes; probiotics, etc. These things can never be bad for you, and in reality, to take the stuff I personally listed, (not necessarily the stuff other people listed in my copy and paste there) wouldn’t really require a doctor, as they’re not dangerous or deadly or toxic. As far as feeling bad and going to the doctor, yes..everyone should if they’re feeling bad…I went to more than ten doctors, even really good ones. The problem is that most Medical Doctor’s are not trained in this and therefore can’t recognize it since the body does naturally have some candida in it…this concerns a yeast overgrowth..not the presence of normal yeast. Most people will have the same experience as me, as mentioned in the info I pasted. They’ll get told nothing is wrong,and eventually, because every test reveals general good health, the doctor(s) will begin believing it is all in their heads. This is a serious problem because it can be fatal eventually. So I’ve posted this for people like myself, who can’t get an answer and have these symptoms. People need to be more aware of this problem. I want to help others who have lost so many years of their lives feeling ill and getting nowhere but more and more sick, and more and more depressed. Thanks again, and God bless you.

  17. While reading through the list of symptoms, I could not help but think how that sneaky devil is a master deceiver. Beginning in the garden, he deceived the people God loved, and is still doing it today.

    Lyn, no need to apologize for this topic. We are called to share HIs story and help those in need while doing it. This will help someone in need.
    Keep the Faith!

    • Well, please please pray for me that I make it through this okay. I still haven’t done the actual treatment yet, as I’m afraid the symptoms by the toxins being released in such an abundance will make me so very sick and intensify my allergy symptoms. So, I’ve started in the past few days eating nothing but greens, almond butter (raw), water, sugar free, yeast free, gluten free, wheat free bread, vegetables, no fruits, only potatoes, no starchy veggies…high vitamin c, wild oregano oil, garlic (gee, I feel so Italian! LOL!), D3, and coconut milk with no sugar. I’m already feeling better. I also did a spit test and took some tests on the internet. The spit test sounds really gross, but it is highly accurate. First thing in the a.m., you spit in a glass of water. If after about five to ten minutes there are strings hanging down from it, or the glass appears cloudy, you have an abnormal amount of yeast in your body. There are normal amounts, but this only happens if the amount is too high. Pray also that no long-term damage happens to me as a result of this; have read some scary stuff, like lesions on the brain, heart, etc. I still feel bad and am having to take tons of benadryl, (which I’ve lived on for several years now, all day long, but hasn’t been working anymore), but I do feel better.

        • Thank you; please pray for the Lord to heal every organ in my body, as well as to help me through this process; as I’ve become so allergic to everything, I’m also highly allergic to everything that helps get rid of it. When I went to the Dentist last, I couldn’t use anything they offer for pain because my throate swelled the time before that to even their product they use for people with allergies. I also have not been able to take any antibiotics for sickness. The Lord did do one great and unusual thing for me during this time–with my immune system being run down, I never caught anything but one bad cold, and I took Olive Leaf Extract, a poweful natural antibiotic, antifungal, and antiviral. Everybody else had the cold for 6-8 weeks, I had it for one! Olive Leaf is great stuff! I was also exposed directly to strep, and did not get it. He protected me, that’s for sure. My immune system has been so run down it’s amazing I’m even alive. Furthermore, the devil would have liked me to either kill myself, or turn from God because of this (lose my faith since I couldn’t get healed); however, it only drew me closer to Him in that because I had no choice, in made me rely totally on Him, need Him, trust Him more, and fall more in love with Him than ever. When the medical people can’t help you, and they don’t know what’s wrong, and you have all of these horrible, frightening things happen and you don’t know if you’re going to live or die, you are forced to trust Him, because that is your only hope. So ha ha! The devil drew me closer to God instead of further away with this sickness! When he couldn’t have me all of those times with eating dissorders, a car on fire about to explode, miscarriage, severe colic, or anything else…once again, he couldn’t have me because God said…”Nope..not yet. There is yet more for her to do on this earth!”

          • READ IF YOU VALUE YOUR LIFE. Lyn, while your intentions are honorable, you’re missing some incredibly key components that could lead to a loss of life. The first is that it needs to be stressed that if you are living (working, or going to school) in an environment that is noticeably making you/others ill GET OUT NOW. You can use all the excuses in the world, I’ve tried and barely survived to regret it. I’ll say right away that I’m not a doctor, but I am a rather extreme case, going on her tenth year ill, sixth year diagnosed with Candida. The point is that even if you can “tolerate” the building now, chances are you will get exponentially worse over time, and even if you don’t it’s just not good for you. No amount of bleach or mold spray will kill enough of most types molds make people ill, and you’ll get sicker while a professional remediates it (and it can still come back), not to mention killing it doesn’t eliminate MYCOTOXINS and by now you’re chemically sensitive. Next, get rid of anything porous that’s not machine washable or smooth. You’ll have to sanitize every item you absolutely have to keep (preferably get someone who can handle mold to help), and there are various techniques online for doing so but this step is very important. You can always find new belongings and a new home but you only have one body, and unfortunately yours is probably sensitive to particles at this point. Now that you’re in a safe place absolutely do not go into water-damaged buildings (WDB, especially historical). Different people can tolerate different amounts, some just have to move out, but this is the some of the strictest protocol that is key for the sickest mold patients. Now that you have absolutely no more exposures to WDBs, you have to try to determine what aspect of mold illness you’re experiencing. You could either be allergic, intolerant, or infectious, or any combination of the three. Allergies are mainly sinus symptoms, irritation of the eyes, nose, throat, and mouth, but antibiotics offer only temporary relief. If you’re just allergic, those will probably diminish after a month or so of completely eliminating indoor exposure. But approximately 20-25% of the population walks around with innate immune systems that fail in some way when exposed to indoor mold longterm. If you are chronically ill from mold (sick for months and years AFTER exposure) and experiencing inflammation symptoms, as in more temporary cold/flu symptoms you NEED to look into this. If you’re experiencing ANY psychological illnesses, especially anxiety and ADHD, OCD, even hallucinations, CHRONIC FATIGUE, or misdiagnosed with IBS, neck, back, and some throat swelling, joint pain, memory loss and mental fog, even Fibromyalgia and MS. It’s all at In fact, he now has this incredible invention called the VCS VISION TEST that you can take from the comfort of your moldy home. Take it when you’re feeling your sickest, because your vision is most effected during or right after the exposure, but it’s also incredibly accurate. Something like 1% of people fail who don’t have this gene, so it’s worth taking the time to know if you should get the blood test. If you are unlucky enough to have this, and according to his research, 1 in 4 or 5 people is, that means that the normal process of your white blood cells building antigens to clear the toxins from mold (and potentially other biotoxins, like LYME) fails and instead attacks your own body with inflammation. THIS IS NOT AN ALLERGY, IT’S AN INNATE IMMUNE REACTION. So not only do you probably have a candida problem, when you try to cleanse yourself of it you will get INCREDIBLY ILL. Yes, you can kill candida and other molds in your body with anti-fungals (the lightest are garlic, vinegar), however these people will not be able clear the toxins, such as MYCOTOXINS out of their systems for MONTHS, YEARS or worse. YOU WILL PROBABLY NOT DIE FROM THIS, BUT IT WILL MAKE YOU WANT TO DIE IF YOU DON’T TREAT IT(forgive the capitalizations, trying to catch mold zombies attentions). Dead fungus, like CANDIDA, but not limited to it, still contains MYCOTOXINS, and if you can’t clear the toxins they will recirculate through your gallbladder, digestive system, and back around to the liver, and of course all through your blood, and then more externally like thrush and fungal rashes as you sweat. In fact, ALISHA actually mentioned liver pain, and I think it’s important to know that hopefully it’s not your liver, because if it was I’m guessing you would be jaundiced and more urgent, but keep an eye on your eyes. I think it’s more likely to be your gallbladder because I went through the same thing, it was like being stabbed in the back at 3 am, and even if you’ve had your gallbladder function tested and ruled out stones, if you’re intolerant, you’re excreting that toxic crap through the bile in your gallbladder. In other words, your gallbladder might be functioning fine, but it’s still going to hurt because it’s sucking/spitting poison, and poison to which your body has an over-reaction that a “normal” person is incapable of. Ruling gluten out of your diet is rough, but significantly helps. Unfortunately, many patients have to take a prescription medication called Cholestyramine (although there are alternatives in case of constipation) that binds the bile so that they can excrete it. For this, the need to seek a licensed M.D. to confirm this condition through testing your HLA DR gene and/or inflammatory markers. Lyn did give some helpful advice on how to treat candida, but again MOLD IS MUCH MORE THAN CANDIDA and if you’re chronically ill from it, you NEED to look into SURVIVINGMOLD.COM and try to find a physician near you who has at least heard of the SHOEMAKER Protocol. You need to check out this website because an allergy specialist will probably not be able to help, BECAUSE IF YOU’RE CHRONICALLY ILL FROM MOLD, IT’S PROBABLY AN INNATE IMMUNE RESPONSE, NOT AN ALLERGY. I’m spreading the word because if you don’t have it, your roommate, or your cousin, or friend, or even other close family members does have it, has been misdiagnosed/mistreated for years and NEEDS to know.

            This website also covers LYME and it’s CO-INFECTIONS, which is something I cannot neglect to mention when dealing with mold. If you have LYME, BARTONELLA, BABESIA, any other inflammatory or serious illness such as AIDS, cancer, diabetes mold will exasperate these illnesses. But LYME DISEASE, in particular interacts badly with mold, so if you have the inflammatory illness symptoms, that’s another issue you can’t ignore. You have to rule out all biotoxin illnesses or you’ll continue to have symptoms.

          • Any info I can get is great. I live in misery, like you mention above. I checked out the site you listed, but it gave me no info as far as what to do. It’s frustrating because anything that would help me, I”m allergic to. I’m allergic to things that make no sense–foods, drinks, vitamins, perfumes, lotions, smells…everything. Mornings are the most difficult…I feel like a person with an extreme hangover and then some. If I take a nap, when I roll over or wake up, I can literally feel this pulsating feeling throughout my body like my blood flowing. I have low BP all the time and there is no quality to my life other than Jesus Christ. I have been to the doctor over the years repetitively to no avail. It’s like the living dead..and you get angry because no one can help you, let alone, diagnose you. You just get told you’re fine and they think you are nuts. I wish it was in my head because then I could psych myself out and be better. It’s scary when these things happen and you don’t know why, because then you don’t know what is going to happen to you. Sometimes I’ll just be standing there and lose my if your eyes were crossed temporarily, for no reason… I did live in a place in 2004 that had a mold problem… and ever since, my life has been on a downward spiral.


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