Alive Because of You

Alive Because of You©2012 Lyn Leahz

(Father, God, in the name of Jesus, I write this to You.  I read it aloud to You as well.  All this You did for me, and what have I done for You?  Since mere words can never convey the greatness in the love You have displayed, all I can say is thank You.  Thank You my Father!  Thank You for sending Jesus to me…to all of us, but with each one of us personally in Your heart.  And Jesus, You could have raised up Your hand and knocked down every person who opposed You, mocked You, ridiculed and tormented You; but You didn’t, and I am so glad that You didn’t.  You could have removed Yourself from off of that cross of wood, but You chose to lay down Your very life, suffering the most torturous death.  And here I am…I’ve walked a life of sin, and every time I’ve sinned, I didn’t realize I was crucifying you all over again; I was standing there with the mockers and the haters spitting in Your face, minimizing the importance, the awesomeness of what You did.  I didn’t mean to do that, Lord; but I did.  And I am so sorry; I will never do that to You again.  I love You.  I know that I can never do anything as great as what You’ve done for me…it is impossible.  I realize there’s a lot responsibility in loving someone; but I don’t care.  I love You, and I commit my ways to You…not some of my ways, but all of my ways!  When I stumble, Your right hand will hold me up.  When I fall, Your right hand will raise me.  When I am hungry and in need, Your right hand will provide for me.  You, Lord, are magnificent beyond magnificent.  I am Yours.  No matter what the enemy throws my way, I shall always and forever be all Yours. And so it is, I write this poem; I’m alive because of You.  Amen.)


Yesterday when I was weeping,

and my heart was exceedingly heavy,

Many tears flooded my pillow—

I was hurting, I was lonely, and I was afraid;

But when I couldn’t see, You opened my eyes.

You were right there beside me,

with Your arms lovingly wrapped about my waist.

Your fingers blotted my salted tears,

upon my cheek, you left your trace;

The release of all of the guilt and pain,

collected over the many years,

had suddenly come forth at once;

I felt so alone, and the bed was deathly cold.

My anguish poured out in a violent storm,

as You swept Your scarred hands throughout my hair,

while whispering softly into my ear,

“Why do you not trust Me?

“Was it not I who stole you from the jaws of death,

“countless times throughout your life?

“Was it not your soul I saved,

“When willingly I limped and crawled to My own grave?

“I was beaten, I was spat upon, and things much too painful to repeat;

“Yet I do not regret; I would do it all over again, and again.

“Be still now, My child, and know that We are God,

“The Father, the Holy Spirit and I, His only Son.

“Be calm, do not fear, for I am always near.”

And then there was a meaningful  pause.

“I love you.”

I was still, not moving nor making a single sound, as He went on.

  “No, My child,  you do not understand…I LOVE YOU!”

The tears had stopped as I glanced up, and I felt a breeze about my body,

I smelled His sweet aroma, and so I shall tell this story.

I said, “Because You are so real, more real than the flesh,

Just because our eyes cannot behold Your image,

Just because our hands cannot touch Your face in return,

Just because we cannot with our ears hear Your voice,

Only means that we are lacking.

It is You who is real, and we who are not.”

I softly smiled as my eyes grew damp once again.

“We are from the ground, but You are everywhere;

in every sight, and in every sound,

even in an infant’s stare.

From the very moment of my birth,

The clock has relentlessly ticked away;

I was dead upon the taking of my first breath,

But you rescued me from the enemy,

and the keys you stole from him.

So if I was dead, and You alive…

it leaves only one conclusion;

You are alive evermore than I,

and I live and breathe because of You.

For when You died, I died,

and when You defeated death,

I was raised from death too.

And for this gift You’ve given me,

You want nothing in return.”

He stopped me with a smile,

as He stretched out His arms,

and opened His hands to reveal His scars,

He said,  “All I ask is love Me,

“because this I did for you….”

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20 replies

  1. Awesome!!!

  2. This is a lovely post Lyn. It is so wonderful when we see the true love of God and how much He loves us. Sometimes I cry just thinking about it, sometimes I simply have to praise him by crying out and letting Him wash me with His presence.

    Shirley Anne x

  3. Lyn,

    This was absolutely beautiful! What magnificent praise and worship unto the Lord of my life, the love of my life, the lover of my soul! There is absolutely nothing that I could ever to, to merit the unconditional love of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! My heart is overwhelmed!

    May the Lord bless you, abundantly!


    • Thank you Paulette. I have been suffering for several years now with horrible things that I get no answers for. Low BP, allergic to just about everything, dizziness, heart palpitations, raynauds (cold hands/feet that turn white when I’m cold), lethargic, just feeling really bad. I’ve had all sorts of tests to no avail. It all started when I lived in an apartment that had mold issues…so I’m thinking either I have an autoimmune disease or a systemic candidas infection in my body somewhere from the mold. The thing of it is, with the allergic to everything response, no matter what I try, I’m allergic to it! I can’t even take antibiotics. Everything I pray for, the Lord always answers me, and gives me as I need..except for this one thing. I get so depressed and down and worried…and the medical industry does not help me. I tell you this for a reason…

      Satan would have me lose my faith in God altogether; he would have me turn from God and serve him as I used to in times past. But I have not even been tempted. I still love the Lord and find joy in Him. I am trusting Him every day that there is a reason and an answer. Because I don’t know what’s wrong, it has caused me to have to put my total faith in Him. When I wake up in the middle of the night feeling as if I am dying…strange, weird things..and I don’t know why or what…it is one of the most frightening things I can ever begin to explain. This poem I wrote came to me because a week ago when the power was out, I was awaken in the middle of the night and I was terrified. My heart was skipping beats, I was dizzy, I felt bad in ways that I just can’t explain..and Jesus came to me. He gave me some verses. One said that His people will suffer (even if it’s demons that torment us), and the other said to be calm.

      He told me to go back and lie down and imagine Him holding me close, because He was even closer than this. He asked me why I feared when He has rescued me from death so many countless times throughout my life, even the time I died momentarily and I could not speak, so my spirit thought “Jesus help me!” and I was put back in my body. The time death waited next to my bad, less than 2 inches away from me, leaning over me and glaring into my face..the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. He reminded me that He rescued me even in death.

      See, I am forced to trust in Him. I am forced to have faith. What other options do I have? None. So daily, I must entrust my life in His hands because I don’t know what is wrong with me. To everyone, I look like a normal, healthy individual…but I sure don’t feel like it. Pray for me.

      The good thing out of all of this is that I have been brought to my knees in complete surrender to the Lord through this. I rely on the Lord. And though I haven’t received healing yet, I love the Lord more and am closer to Him than ever.

      I am reminded of His suffering, and this suffering I go through is not even close by comparison to what He went through. And so I must not complain, but rejoice through it with the hope of my healing. And like Paul, I must believe if it profits something for the Lord’s kingdom, then so be it. After all, the soul is more important than the flesh…and if a sickness in one saves the souls of even one…then it was worth it in the end.

      • And I will never, ever turn from God. So if that is the goal of all of the devils in the world, it won’t work. I love the Lord..and I trust Him so much that I believe there are answers to all of the many things that boggle our minds–why do we who love the Lord suffer? Why do children suffer? Why does God allow all of the evils in this world? Why doesn’t God send an angel to save a child who is being tormented? Why? Why do some people’s prayers get answered, and others do not? Why are some people healthy, and some are sick? There are so many questions. But I trust all of these things we just don’t understand right now will all make sense some day when we kneel at the feet of Adonai, our Creator.

  4. What an awesome article, So very touching! Blessings sister…

  5. Thank you for allowing me to join with you in worshipping our great Saviour who loves us with an everlasting love: who loved us even when we had no thought for Him, and will continue to love us throughout all eternity. What security!

    What an amazing Saviour!

    • And thank you for coming here and reading, and sharing your thoughts. This poem, as well as Who Am I? Both bring tears to my eyes. I think of all the sin throughout my life. I was saved as a child, but when eating dissorders as a teenager took hold of me, (anorexia-bulimia) and my parents were told I would die because I was too headstrong into it, apparently God had a different plan and the report of the doctor’s were false. I think of my past sexual sins, eating dissorders…and even when seeing death beside my bed, who took me for a moment, yet the Lord rescued me from his claws didn’t do it for me…God did. I thank my Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit every day, even though I suffer now with problems I can not get answers for medically, I am happy to be alive…because I should’ve died a long time ago. How blessed I am that the Lord has taken care of me when I have done nothing in my past but make a mockery of what He did for me.

      Thank You so much, Father, for everything You do…thank You so much, Father…through Jesus You made me new!

      • How wonderful it is to KNOW that our past is past.
        As a Roman Catholic I was taught that our sins, while absolved, are not forgiven until we have paid the full price through good works and in purgatory. If we went to confession without a “mortal sin” to confess, we had to confess one previously confessed, in order to receive absolution.

        What a tremendous blessing it was when I became a Christian to find that my previous sins were GONE – completely! If I mentioned a previous sin to my Father God, He would say to me “My dear child, you must be mistaken. I have NO RECORD of that!”

        What an amazing God!

        • I believe everything we thought of here, God thought of first. I oftentimes wonder if He’s got a huge computer in heaven in which He files everything…and when we truly repent..He deletes from our records. Maybe the Lamb’s Book of Life is a huge file on a computer in heaven, (hey, there are ebooks and those electronic books..geez, I can’t think of the name…brain fart! LOL!) Interesting to wonder…huh? I picture angels sitting around in little cubicles typing up everything…. like my angel for instance by the end of the day is making entries of everything good I did, everything bad, and everything in between..and then when I truly repent, the angel is commanded by God to delete it. Kind of funny in a way..esp the angels and the cubicles. LOL

  6. Lyn, this is a lovely expression of how much the Lord loves us. Thank you.

  7. Lyn, thank you for your beautiful expression of how much God loves us. It is wonderful to know that he does not treat us, as we deserve but is full of mercy and love. God and his love for us is truly amazing!

    • I’m so happy that you liked it. God’s love for us is unending and inifinitless; but His hate for sin is also unending and infinitless. What a display of the ultimate hatred (for sin) and the ultimate love (for us) by sending Jesus (God in the flesh) to suffer horribly and to die for our sins so that we would not have to suffer for all of eternity…knowing in advance that many of us would not really ponder or appreciate the greatness of this gift; and knowing that so many would reject it.

  8. What a wonderful message to take time to recognize all that the Lord has done for us and then to allow this knowledge to build up and strengthen our love for HIm. This is certainly a great challenge for all of us to accept today. Lord bless you.

    • Thank you brother Rob. You always have such encouraging words, and your wisdom and insight are always appreciated. I am humbled by your kindness, and your show of support in Him. God bless you!

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