Abaddon the Destroyer

Abaddon and angels by F.Zavialov

Abaddon and angels by F.Zavialov (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 A Short Excerpt From Book Three, Soul Savior, in the Martyrdom Trilogy by Lyn Leahz

©2012 Lyn Leahz

CHAPTER ELEVENclip_image001

“Then the fifth angel sounded: And I saw a star fallen from heaven to the earth. And to him was given the key to the bottomless pit. And he opened the bottomless pit, and smoke arose out of the pit like the smoke of a great furnace. And the sun and the air were darkened because of the smoke of the pit. Then out of the smoke locusts came upon the earth. And to them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power.”

-Revelation 9:1-3

The Destroyer

The voice of God penetrated the silence. “Nafmari, it is done; you may now resume your place in line.”

Nafmari stood up and gave a slight bow before resuming his place in line with the rest of his fellow hosts.

Although it was the fifth trumpet, it was the first of the three terrible woes!

God shouted, commanding in a loud voice, “Jehuzeal, come forth; it is time!”

An impressive angel with long, flowing brown hair stepped forward; unlike the rest, he was cloaked in a black robe trimmed in a silk material the color of brass, with green accents that were so vivid, they appeared as twinkling emeralds. The colors of his robes had great significance; black represented death, brass symbolized judgment against the sin of disobedience, and emerald indicated the saints of God.

His green eyes matched the emerald accents of his robes perfectly; gleaming brilliantly as they reflected the light from the throne of God so that they looked as if they were made of crystal. There was no doubt about it; anyone who looked upon Jehuzeal would say that he was frighteningly and intensely stunning.

He knelt down just as the others had done and dropped his head low.

God’s all-consuming voice echoed throughout the heavens. “Jehuzeal, you have prepared yourself well over the many years for this day; for you are the first angel of the three woes upon mankind.”

His tone suddenly became more compassionate and sorrowful. “Hear, oh everyone, My great sorrow, and feel My pain all you humble servants! This is most difficult for Me; I have waited as long as I have been able on man to acknowledge My Son and My Truths, and I can wait no longer—it has become much too dark and sinister upon this planet of Mine.”

Jehuzeal fell flat on his face and wept painfully for all of the lost souls upon the earth; for the suffering they would endure would be far worse than death itself—and he would be the one to release the Destroyer.

Jesus came forward and knelt down, consoling the fifth trumpet angel. He swept His hand gently through Jehuzeal’s soft wavy brown hair when their eyes finally met. “I understand My son, more than you realize; I grieve and weep also for them.” Jesus paused as tears of blood spilled from His eyes.

He mournfully peered into his face. “My son, I was brutalized, tormented, and beaten beyond recognition; yet I gladly gave up my life for them—and do they care? Do they even know? And what about the ones who did know, but didn’t care enough to really love Me?”

Jehuzeal wiped at his eyes. “Yes my Lord, I wholeheartedly believe that they do care! The problem is that they do not knowto care because of the deceiver; but if they did, they would fall flat on their face as I!”

Jesus glanced away quickly and then back at Jehuzeal. “They have all been given a choice to make. The Father, the Holy Spirit, and I have all three gone out of our way for thousands of years to let the people know; and still, they refuse to give heed.” Jesus shook his head back and forth slowly.

His voice swarmed with regret. “They knew this day would come, they just didn’t take it seriously enough, and now I am afraid it is much too late.”

Jesus lent him His scarred hand. “Come now My son, stand; it is time for Me to give you the key to the bottomless pit. Do not be distressed; only think of the saints who love Me down there. The sooner this is all over with, the sooner they may have peace and joy again!”

Jehuzeal stood straight up as he regained his composure and looked over at Jesus. “Yes my Lord. The sooner the woes are begun, the sooner the blood of the Saints will be avenged!”

Jesus forced a smile and then took on an intense expression. “Vengeance is Mine, and I will repay!”

Jehuzeal smiled back. “Yes my Lord; indeed, vengeance belongs solely to You and to You alone.” He ran three steps and then bolted to the earth like lightening with a loud battle cry. In only a few moments, he had reached the Euphrates River. He held up the key that would release the worst angel of all. In Hebrew, he is Abaddon, and in Greek, he is Apollyn; either way, he is the angel of destruction—the Destroyer!

He hesitated and drew in a breath before diving deep into the depths of the river; soon, he would once again see his old comrade, Abaddon. He found the tomb easily; it had only been two years since he had come to release Abaddon for the death judgment upon the firstborn child of every unbeliever when Asaph Melatiah had confronted the false prophet.

He stood outside of the thick basalt door, which was chained shut with many sturdy chains, before unleashing the angel of death and destruction. He thought about knocking, though decided against it; so he called out his name as loud as he could. “Abaddon!” He could hear a great commotion as the river began to stir and quake.

Boldly, he called out once again, “Abaddon! It is time for the first woe unto humanity! The hour of your locusts has come!”

Abaddon spoke with great excitement; honor rained heavily upon him in torrents every time God needed his help. He’d been locked away and chained for thousands of years up until two years ago; this was the most he’d been let out since the fall of man! “Jehuzeal, have you come so soon to once again request my help with the endeavors of our omnipotent Father?”

A great smile radiated from Jehuzeal’s face; there were many reasons why he had been selected for this task, among them was the fact that he and Abaddon had been the best of friends prior to the fall of man. “Yes, the Father once again calls upon youmy brother.” A tear escaped Jehuzeal’s eye, and Abaddon’s as well; yet neither one knew.

Jehuzeal called out in a much softer voice as God blissfully gazed down from above. The Father was shedding precious tears of joy; He was greatly moved by His creations’ display of love and affection for one another. “Abaddon?”

Abaddon waited a second before responding. “Yes Jehuzeal?”

He glanced down and then back up nervously as he gently wept. “I have missed you so much! I didn’t have the time when I came to see you two years ago to really say it; but I miss our walks together and the games we used to play—I have never stopped loving you, nor has the Father!”

Abaddon smiled as he wiped at his eyes once again. “Oh Jehuzeal, I have missed you even more! I’d wondered why you didn’t hang around very long to say anything the last time. I’ve had so much time alone; all I ever do is spend time trying to think of a way that I can go back in time and undo my mistakes, except I know that I cannot.

“Most of all, I miss our Father. You tell Him anything I can ever do for Him I will do without complaint! Just to know I have served Him and made Him most happy is enough pleasure to last me for at least several hundred years before I become sad and lonely again!”

Jehuzeal smiled. “Of course I will; and I’m sure He has also just heard you!”

Abaddon knew that sometimes Jehuzeal sat around feeling sorry for him. “Now, don’t be feeling sorry for me either; what I did was unimaginable! We all knew what the punishment was for double-crossing God, so it is my own fault! God promised this would happen if any of us ever betrayed Him, and He never breaks any of His promises!”

There was no response for a moment. “Uh, Jehuzeal?”

Jehuzeal cleared his throat. “Yes?”

“You ever gonna let me out of here so I can do as the Father has asked?” Abaddon asked.

Jehuzeal began fumbling with the keys as he laughed out loud at himself. “Oh yes, of course; I’m sorry! I kind of got lost in emotion for a moment there.”

He pushed the key into the lock; with a spine-chilling click, the door unlocked and was forced open with a loud hiss, followed by a deafening thud. All at once, a mass amount of smoke arose like the steam of a great furnace as the sun darkened once again upon all of the earth. The air was as thick as mud because of the great smoke that had escaped the pit.

When the smoke began to clear, thousands of locusts became visible. They all hovered directly in front of Jehuzeal as he bestowed them with the commands of God. “God has given you power as the scorpions of the earth; however, you are not to harm the grass of the earth, or any green thing, or any tree. You may only harm those men and women who do not have the seal of God upon their foreheads!

“You have not been given any authority whatsoever to kill them, but to torment them for five months; and their torment shall be like the torment of a scorpion when it strikes a man.”

They bowed their heads in submission to God’s command, given by His holy angel, before setting out to fulfill their task. Suddenly, from behind a thick haze of blazing smoke, Abaddon materialized. Jehuzeal stretched forth his hand, although Abaddon refused to take hold of it. “Jehuzeal, I cannot touch you because you are most holy, and I have been deemed unclean because of my involvement in Lucifer’s rebellion against our Father!”

Jehuzeal smiled. “Oh Abaddon, you do live in the past!” He lunged forward and wrapped his arms around him tightly in a brotherly embrace.

Abaddon gave in and hugged him back as they laughed and cried together for a brief moment. He placed his hands firmly upon Jehuzeal’s shoulders while staring hard into both of his eyes. “My brother, I have missed you more than I could ever begin to explain; but I must go now because I am obligated to lead my troops!”

Jehuzeal sadly nodded as Abaddon continued. “Mankind shall seek me—death—except they shall not find me; they will desire to die, and I will flee from them! You know, come to think of it, this is actually the first time I’ve been involved in something where people did not die; huh, rather strange! Anyway, gotta go bro! See ya!”

At that moment, Abaddon ran three steps and then jumped as he darted like a missile through the river until he reached the top; jetting out so fast and forcible he appeared as a streak of fire leaving behind a trail of smoke which spread out for hundreds and hundreds of miles.

Jehuzeal was ready to head back to the throne room when he heard a buzzing sound; the smallest of the locusts had been slow to journey out with the rest. He held out his mighty hand and the locust rested upon it as he drew it close to his face. “It’s okay little guy; I’ll deliver you to the rest of your family!”

It was hard to imagine speaking so lovingly and soft to something so fierce. The shape of the locusts was similar to mightily built horses prepared for battle, extraordinarily brutal in their glorious splendor and power! Crowns of something like gold adorned each one of their heads, and their faces were like the faces of men. Long black hair tumbled down, shrouding them like a woman’s hair, and their teeth were ferocious like the fangs of a lion. Covering their chests were sturdy breastplates like iron, and the sound of their wings was like the sound of chariots with many horses running into battle. They had tails just like scorpions, including their sting—and their power was to hurt humanity for five long months; the men and the women alike who did not have the Holy Spirit hidden within their hearts.

Jehuzeal leapt and alighted upon the surface of the earth. He glanced up toward the heavens and then out beyond the Euphrates River before looking back down into the face of his little locust friend. “This is where it all began, right here between the Tigris and the Euphrates Rivers. It is here that Adam and Eve were created and then sinned, and where Satan entered into the hearts of man; right here in this exact spot where I stand!”

He sighed with a heavy heart as he held his hand up high. “Go to your troops, mighty soldier—join them at once for battle! One woe is past; behold, still two more woes are coming after these things.”

After the locust flew out of his hand, he dropped to the ground and cried out. “Oh my Father, why won’t they just open their eyes and see?”

The clouds parted open and a single ray of sun slipped through as the voice of Jesus sympathetically exclaimed, “With hardened hearts they wallow within their own lusts, and heartlessly destroy for their own selfish gain!”

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  1. You are a good writer, Lyn

  2. Sounds like a very interesting book, Lyn. May the Lord continue to bless your efforts.

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