The End of What You Know

As I was gazing out earlier today at the dying grass, the brown leaves that were falling prematurely, and the overall feeling of heaviness in the thick, humid and hot air; I was reminded of a poem I wrote as a teenager.  I no longer have a copy of it, only in my brain.  I was a very depressed individual at the time, and heavily involved in eating disorders.  But as I look around at the death around me, and all of the signs and symptoms of the coming of Christ, this poem came to my mind.  I can honestly say that I haven’t thought of this poem in years..many years.

Now, when you see the words “The End..” it means the end of life as we know it in this world…not the end of the world, but the end of the world of flesh that we are accustomed to.  And for those who don’t know Christ…the end of life and an eternity of eternal death.

Maybe this poem, in a sense, was prophetic as I reflect now upon it.  What do you think?  I wrote hundreds of poems throughout my teenaged years, and even now…and not one of them is in my memories, except for those I still have.  I don’t have this one, as I’ve said, but it has remained in my spirit.

The End

My friend, it is the end,
The summer, she is breathing her final breath;
The earth is dry and frail,
Trees wither before the eyes of young and old;
Man fades with a deadening breeze,
as the artists hand erases him from lasting paintings.
Is there not an answer?  It’s all up to you now, I’m afraid.
This crackling fire is dimming,
The air, it is growing thin….
My friend, it is the end,
Forever and ever….

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6 replies

  1. It certainly seems more about life than about a season.

    Wer are one day closer!

    • I think it’s about both..the Bible says that His people will know the season….and they will have eternal life with Him 🙂 I believe we are very, very close…closer than we even think.

  2. Food for thought. For a believer who knows there’s a promise of hope even in the end. Great prophetic word. Yeah, I hope the world today with all it’s evils ends soon, so that it can be reborn again. Thanks for sharing Lyn!

  3. A really great poem my friend, thank you so much for sharing. The really beautiful seeds that are planted in our minds will always be there for us to draw strength on at a time of need. Peace and blessings be yours to enjoy.

    • Thanks Pastor. I wasn’t sure how anyone would take that poem because it was kind of dark…but as I recalled it in my mind yesterday, I thought about the words, and it seemed almost prophetic with what’s happening in the world now..the trees withering, death all around….heat warnings, government situations, chips being implanted for this and that, war and rumors of war…and more. God bless you! And I haven’t had time yet, but I”m going to check out all of the posts you made a while ago this evening.

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