An Excerpt From Book 2: Soul Collector–Could God Love Lucifer?

Could God Love Lucifer?  ©2012 Lyn Leahz 

Curious of the answer, Chad asked, “Do you think God could love Lucifer?”

Khalid sighed, because he himself could find no love for such a wicked species as Lucifer.  “Yes. If a child becomes an evil villain, his parents still love their child very much; they’re only disappointed, hurt, and regretful for their child’s behaviors. God’s love and mercy goes beyond what our human minds can even begin to imagine. So, I can only speculate that He still loves Lucifer, but He loathes what he does even more!”

Kevin took a deep breath as he leaned back in his chair. “That’s the most bizarre thing to even attempt to imagine!”

Khalid loved telling stories from the Bible. “I could tell you a story of how it might have happened.”

Krista loved Khalid’s Bible stories. She gave Chad and Kevin a quick glance as she leaned forward, her face lit with excitement, “His stories always make it more interesting!”

Khalid sat back as he told his story, “The streets were paved in the purest of gold as Lucifer and God walked side by side, talking amongst themselves. They shared in laughter and joy as they spoke about their plans for the newest, most beautiful music Lucifer had just created. God was beyond elated to hear his delightful music, for Lucifer had always entertained Him with his lovely chords and his rich, striking voice.

“All of a sudden, God stopped, and abruptly turned to face Lucifer. He rested His warm, gentle hands softly upon his favorite angel’s shoulders as his eyes glossed over with love and regret. He glanced down forlornly at first, and then back into his prized angel’s face. ‘Lucifer, you shall not always love Me; and one day, you and I will not be as we are right now.’

Lucifer couldn’t believe his ears! God was never wrong, but this time, He had to have been! He fell to his knees immediately and bowed before God Almighty, ‘Oh, my Lord! Master! This can’t possibly be true! I love You more than anything, and I could never imagine taking another breath without the glory of your presence! For I serve only You, Father, and none other shall there ever be!’

“Lucifer was filled with great sadness, his heart as heavy as a lead weight. He wasn’t sure what to think. He knew God could not lie, and He knew God could not be wrong.

“God smiled, giving him another gentle pat on the shoulder, ‘I wish it were not so, Son of the Morning, as I take great pleasure and delight in you—always looking forward to our special time spent together! I have gifted you with more beauty than any other creature, and with music that is by far the loveliest in all of heaven!’

“God paused, looking Lucifer in the eye, regretful for what would happen soon enough. The love in His heart was powerful and great for His perfect, talented angel. He went on, ‘When this day finally comes, know that no matter what, I am always a God of love and can therefore not hate. Know that I love you and gave to you a perfection I gave not to anyone else! I have never withheld the fullness of my blessings from you, Lucifer!

‘For in that day there will be enmity between you and I, and you shall hate Me! In fact, the very name of Lucifer shall wreak havoc in the dark places, and sound as insufferable clanging to everyone’s ears!’

“Lucifer was astonished by God’s words, unsure of how these horrible things He had spoken would come about. He hoped none of it was true and that somehow, there was a way he could change it. He asked, ‘Father, please tell me, is there any way I can change these events so they do not happen? You are God! Can’t you make it not so?'” His spirit ached at the mere thought of hostility between he and God.

“God turned away from Lucifer, continuing His morning stroll with him. Although there was no darkness, there was morning and evening in heaven. Morning was the celebration of newness and joy, and evening was the celebration of peace and rest. ‘I have given everyone the ability to make their own choices, Lucifer. So it is always ultimately up to you. However,’ He paused to look at His beautiful angel, ‘you will make the choice to forsake everything you have been blessed with here. I cannot tell you anymore than this, or else I plant seeds within your heart.’

“Lucifer deeply respected his creator. ‘I understand my Lord, and am most humble as your servant; I can only hope that I may prove You wrong in all of this! I shall be spending much time kneeling in praise of You!‘ Lucifer paused as he changed the subject, ‘It is almost time for me to make delightful music before You and Your servants in the courts of praise, and there will be much passion in my composition this day!’

“God’s countenance brightened with joy, ‘Very well then, son. You’d best go and prepare yourself and the others! We’ll talk more another time.’

“Lucifer smiled, though his eyes revealed a new sadness that had never been there before. He knelt down and kissed God’s feet, washing them in his tears, ‘I love you, Father! For you have made me and fashioned me unto perfection. You are my father, and this is my family here, and I cannot imagine ever turning against anyone.'”

Everyone was enthralled with Khalid’s story!  “Where did you learn to tell Bible stories like this?” Chad asked.

Khalid smiled, remembering his father and how much he loved him. He sighed, “My father was always telling the people stories to whom he was ministering. I could only hope to ever be as good of a story-teller as he was!”

Khalid continued with the story, “Much time had passed as God sat upon His throne intently gazing out through the walls of glass at the beauty surrounding Him. Lucifer happily governed over the angels, his throne atop Mt. Zion where he carried God on a cloud, while the heavenly city of God rested upon all of the land known to us now as Jerusalem. The entire earth was perfect, and all who lived upon it, including nature, flawless. In far away lands were enormous creatures, and animals similar to man, but unlike man in most every way. Everything and everyone was at peace—the beast, heavenly creatures, and God’s kingdom coinciding together in perfect harmony.

“God’s heart was heavy as He gazed upon an olive tree in the distance, its branches forming a canopy over a narrow path between the hills. If only all of His creations knew that His existence was lit up by them—how they were the joy of His every moment! Seeing them laughing, playing, and showing love and affection to one another was something that pleased God deeply. Even the lone olive tree knew who He was and loved Him, for He placed it exactly where it was in the same way an interior decorator stares at a blank wall, deciding where to hang his masterpiece.

“He knew exactly what was taking place this day, and no matter how much it hurt inside, He knew it had to be. He was a God of power and of might—but He was never a possessive God of control. He was grieved as He sat unmoving, pondering the perfect peace and serenity of life, for it would no longer be this way again for thousands and thousands of years.

“Lucifer’s heart had hardened, just as God knew it would. He had grown bitter and angry as jealousy and pride consumed him, the desire to be just like God overtaking his every thought. He felt he could rule the kingdom far better than his superior, and he wanted the same power God had–all of it! And why shouldn’t he? He was perfect in every way, except for that God was God, and he was only an angel!

“One day, while God was ministering to the heavenly spirits, Lucifer and one third of the angels met together in the place now known as Babylon.

“Lucifer led the revolt as he zealously filled their hearts with hatred and corruption. ‘I will make you all higher in command than what you are now! I will bless you tenfold in power, beauty, strength, and wisdom! Anything you want, I shall give to you if you follow me and make me your superior! No longer will you be servants of the spirits in heaven, which is going to get worse when God performs the creation He has been discussing. Who here is aware of the masterful plan He’s about to undertake?’

“Lucifer looked around at their faces and could sense confusion in some of their expressions. ‘God is about to create another life form called man, and He is going to create man in His image—physically, emotionally, mentally—they shall exude the Trinity’s very essence! God has the ideas and will perform the labor, while the Word shall speak it into being, and the Holy Spirit will breathe the life into this thing called man.’ Lucifer paused, his arms crossed behind his back, resting atop his buttocks.

“He was trying to think of someway to prove that these creations posed a serious threat to the angels. ‘If they are made in His image, then they shall be far superior to us! We shall live our measly eternities catering to these gods of God’s! Delivering messages, protecting them, keeping them out of harms way! Welcome to heavenly slavery, fellow angels!’  There was murmuring and loud talking amongst the angels as they mulled over his words.

“One of Lucifer’s angels asked, ‘But where will their life force come from?’

“Lucifer answered with confidence, ‘The spirits in heaven! They will be given a new body to go along with their spirit—and it will be like the Father’s! He will send them to the Garden of Eden where they will miraculously procreate with one another, which over time will result in the billions of spirits of heaven having a body, a mind, and a heart likened unto the Father!  This also means all of your time will be consumed with slavery as you unendingly serve these godlike creations!’ There was a hush as a slew of angels talked amongst themselves, leaning more toward Lucifer’s plot now that they had learned of humanity and the threat their existence posed.

“A tall warrior angel stood up and spoke with a voice like thunder, ‘Lucifer, we’re in agreement with you! We do not feel that anything good will come of this! God has spent all of eternity thinking, and apparently too much! He has become flawed somehow in His ways. In the end, I wholly believe He will reward us greatly for saving Him and the great kingdom of heaven from these corrupt beings called mankind!’

“There was a loud roar as all of the angels present raised their fists with a cheer of victory. Meanwhile, Michael and Gabriel stood in a place where they were hidden from Lucifer’s sight, hearing everything that had been said. Gabriel whispered, ‘Come on Michael, we must tell the Father at once of this great deception and wickedness; for there has never before been such a distorted plan formed against God, or any plan as far as that is concerned!’

“They hurriedly made their way to the throne room before the Father, who had been resting his cheek against His hand staring dreamily off into nothingness. He smiled at the sight of His two most powerful angels tripping over one another as they ran through the door.

“With laughter in His grand voice, He said, ‘Michael! Gabriel! What ever has gotten into the two of you? I’ve never seen you so clumsy before! You bring me much humor on this peaceful day of deep thought! I’ve just met with the spirits of heaven and they are excited about my plan of creation!’ God shifted in His seat and sat straight up, Michael and Gabriel very small as they stood amidst His colossal presence. God reached down and drew them up within His hand.

“He held them close to His face, ‘What is it which troubles you so this day My mighty duo?’ He chuckled, and the throne room shook as though the earth’s plates had shifted. He placed them back down on the ground at His feet before speaking again. ‘I shall send out my Word to speak with you at once.’

“God’s word, who was in the form of a man about their size, but slightly shorter, came walking out from the Father’s right side to speak with them. ‘Peace today, Michael and Gabriel. What brings you here with such urgency you dash into the throne room of God, nearly colliding into one another?’

“Gabriel explained first. ‘We just witnessed Lucifer with one third of the angels preparing to wage war with You! They are angry because of these humans you are going to create—they feel threatened by their existence, and seem to think You are off of Your heavenly rocker! They are preparing to overthrow the Father, You, and the Holy Spirit as we speak!’ He paused to take a breath as Michael interrupted.

“Michael knew God already was aware because He knew everything, though He much enjoyed being needed and communicated with on a regular basis. ‘It is true, Word of God. Both of us clearly heard all they were so deviously planning!’ Michael confirmed.

“God laughed, and the walls and floors shook once again with a mighty rumble. The Word of God spoke once again, ‘No one can overthrow God, and we are not concerned about this; rather, we are greatly disturbed and deeply hurt by their contempt and blatant disobedience, and for the outcome they shall all suffer as a result. You have been most faithful and loyal Michael and Gabriel, and you shall be greatly rewarded! Please be about your business now. We will take care of this.’

“The Word warned them, ‘Tell no one that you have been before Us with this information!’ Gabriel and Michael bowed before they stood up to exit God’s Holy Chambers. The cherubim stared in wonder, greatly disturbed by the news the two angels had shared.

“Many years later, Lucifer and one third of his angels were finally prepared for the great rebellion against the Holy Trinity. ‘We shall all barge in at once with our weapons drawn! All of our powers together are ten times more powerful than the powers of the Trinity combined. There are only three of them and thousands of us! This day, we shall defeat God and renounce His ways, taking hold of a brand new kingdom built on the angels!’

“Everyone shouted in agreement, raising their fists and swords into the air. ‘Come on then, what are we waiting for? Let’s go!’ There was a great war cry throughout the earth as they ran with a vengeance. But as they neared the holy city, they saw something they weren’t quite expecting—it was ascending into the clouds!

“Lucifer cried out, ‘Come on! Let’s follow the holy city, for we can still take it if we hurry!’

“As they ascended into the heavens, which were much different at this time because God had not yet formed the heavens as we know it—millions of angels, including Michael and Gabriel, surrounded God’s holy city, ready for combat.

“Lucifer commanded them, ‘Remove yourselves at once or be destroyed! We wish no harm toward you and our fellow angels, only to overthrow the throne of God! Either join us in our victory we shall gain, or be out of our way, lest we raise our swords and destroy you as well!’

“Gabriel spoke in a triumphant and confident voice, ‘We will not disobey the orders of God the Father. Turn back at once, or else we shall plummet you to earth with great fire and force where you will be accursed with bodies of the most repulsive creatures ever formed…forever!’  Yet Lucifer and his rebellious angels only mocked them and laughed.

“Lucifer candidly replied, ‘You humor us today, Gabriel! Now get out of our way! This is your final warning!’ Gabriel, Michael, and the rest of God’s heavenly warriors stood their ground, unflinching regardless of Lucifer’s arrogance.

“Lucifer shouted as he drew his sword, while the rest of his angels followed his lead. They lunged with force against the angels of God, swords clashing against swords. Great balls of fire were cast, throwing angels miles away from the battle site. Finally, Gabriel and Lucifer stood solitaire in a face off, their swords drawn while walking circles around the other in midair, miles above the earth.

“Lucifer scorned and scoffed at Gabriel as he lied, ‘You cannot defeat me, Gabe! You know I have been given more power than you have within your little pinky finger!’

“Gabriel stared him in the eye with immense determination, fixedly watching his enemy’s every movement. ‘Lose your sword, Lucifer, and be done! Even if you destroy me, you cannot get past God! He will turn you into a blob of pulp before He crushes you beneath the power of His foot!’

“With that, Lucifer fiercely thrust his sword toward him as Gabriel blocked his strike. The reverberating sound of metal clanging against metal echoed in the atmosphere once again, while Lucifer’s angels hovered close behind cheering him on. The rest of God’s angels hovered behind Gabriel, ready to defeat the enemy on command. Finally, and it was all it took, Gabriel lunged his sword straight through his enemy’s right shoulder when Lucifer, caught off guard, foolishly grabbed at the fresh wound. In that brief moment, Gabriel hurled an enormous ball of fire into Lucifer’s stomach with such a vengeance, it sent him sailing straight through the crust of the earth, pummeling him down to the very core. The force was so mighty that his angels, hovering close behind, were caught up in the fiery current of air, becoming saturated in flames themselves, as each one landed with great intensity across the globe.

“Now the earth was completely destroyed, a shapeless blob of nothingness, void of all life, and light. The only life on the earth was Lucifer and his troop of dark angels who had lost the battle, along with their glory.

“They were vehemently angry with Lucifer, and had nothing good to say to him. ‘This is your fault! We shouldn’t have listened to you in the first place! Now look what you have done to all of us? We appear and smell as monstrous savage beasts, hideous to even look upon!’

“Lucifer waved his hands into the air, ‘But wait! We still have our powers! Look!’ He transformed into his old self; and although it was no longer the real him, it would do. For the real Lucifer was now grotesquely ugly and putrid, with a vile odor which followed him and his dark angels everywhere they went. From this point forward, their goal would eternally be to get even with God and to capture back what belonged to them! No matter how long it took, they would fight relentlessly with determination, tooth and nail, until they held the victory torch within their hands!

“Later, when the humans came into existence, Lucifer just smiled, licking his nasty, wicked chops, ‘Oh what fun!'”

Chad, Kevin, and Krista all clapped, Chad grinned, “Wow! Totally awesome story, man!”

Krista interjected, “Yes! Khalid should become a writer. He would probably do quite well!”

Kevin, curious, asked, “So, was all of that in the Bible?”

Khalid, smiling, replied, “No. I had to add things to make it a story! Though, there are many people who speculate about Genesis 1:1 to Genesis 1:2. Some believe there could’ve very well been a gap, or time period, in between these two verses. Many feel when Satan and his angels were cast from heaven, they were thrown with such force that it caused massive destruction of the earth, which could have been the enormous meteor shower the scientists say occurred that wiped out the dinosaurs and all of life across the globe at that time.

“I guess we’ll eventually know all of these answers. I tend to agree with this theory, and imagine it is possible, many thousands of years ago, planet earth was the home of heaven, and that it was located where Israel is today. Coincidentally, the New Jerusalem, which is heaven, shall descend from the sky and come to rest where Israel is. Maybe it’s possible it was here to begin with. Earth was perfect before sin entered in, and then once sin corrupted the earth, as in my story, God hid heaven from mankind until the appointed day. This is why Israel is the place God chose to bring mankind into existence.”


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15 replies

  1. You have a great gift friend. We really look forward to your work when available (waiting…). Maybe you should remind your agent of Who you are writing for. 🙂 Blessings Lyn!

    • Thank you so much. I always receive these complements with great humility because i know and I say again that i didn’t write them…He did. He used my hands, and He spoke to my mind…I never had an idea what was coming next, not even that there would be three books, let alone one. Everytime I finished one, God said, “Nope, not done yet..there’s more..” and when He said I was to write all of the way up to the end of the tribulation, I freaked out because I was never “Revelation” savvy..the hardest thing…but He said to me not to worry because He was writing them, and i wasn’t.

    • Thank you, thank you, and thank you and God bless you for all of the positive feedback! I appreciate it so much. 😉

  2. Lyn,

    Let the Lord use you! To God be all the glory, honor and praise for what He has done and is going to do in and through you.

    God bless my sister.


    • That is so encouraging Sister Debra. I’ve asked God to take hold of me and use me since I was a little girl. I used to sing a song aloud with the artist of it, “Lord I want to be used by you; more than anything else that I do, oh Father how I want to be, oh how I long to be used by you…” As I’ve mentioned, some people have perceived me as being on here to draw attention to myself or to make money, etc. or as being stuck on myself…oh if they only knew me. My problems have always been not thinking enough of myself. I’m such a humble person, and my books; I promise and oath before my Lord that money hasn’t crossed my mind with would be nice, I can’t deny, but I just want the Lord’s work to be read, and I want people saved, and I want people to repent. I just love my Lord…when I’m really down or afraid, I cry and I imagine Jesus lying with me holding me and brushing his fingers through my hair and talking softly to me, telling me He’s here and I’m okay. And I believe it is actually Him, that the Holy Spirit is giving me this thought when it happens. I’m getting teary-eyed writing this, not in a bad way…I love my parents, but there’s certain ways in my life I feel so very alone…and Jesus…He is my best friend, my family…and the Trinity all three together…they’re my family. That probably sounds corny, but I call my dad daddy and my mom mommy still.. I can’t help it….anything else feels weird. And my God, Adonai, He’s my daddy. I love Him. Even though I suffer,and I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, (tears flood my eyes now as I am saying this), I will never, ever fear that evil..because my daddy, He is with me. Just as a parent who truly loves their child would never allow someone to harm their child, I know my daddy isn’t going to let any serpent or any of the serpent’s serpents hurt me. He’s always with me holding me when I’m in danger, cuddling me when I sleep at night, and holding my hand everywhere I go…He is everything that I need, and more…so much more that there are no words to describe. So beautiful is His love that colors unfathomable to my mind sweep through my curiosities…I can feel them, but I can not see them..yet I know they are all there, shining brightly out to me from my Father’s throne.

  3. Some really great stuff. You are using one of the greatest tools God has provided you with to help guide you to that higher place God is taking you. Your imagination is always the key to obtaining success in any calling. Keep moving forward in this direction and God will give you the increased powers to propel you further on this journey. “Beautiful!” Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wonderful story flavored with truth!

    • Thankyou Gomer…! Glad you liked it. I can’t wait until the books come out. I think they’re going to be a great witness to those who are lost, and to those who are living in unrepentance.

  5. Excellent story. I believe God left out many details from His written Word 1) knowing we humans would become caught up in them and 2) there wouldn’t be anything left to attract our curiosity.
    Keep the Faith!

    • Thanks sister! I did add some imaginative stuff..things I’ve been curious about that aren’t in the Bible. Such as the spirits of heaven (us) being in existence first in heaven before we were sent to our mothers’ wombs and put into a body of flesh. I based this off of the fact that God knew us before we were born, and that hell is the eternal separation from the Lord. If we never knew Him, how would it be hell to be separated from what we never knew? I also based this off the idea that everything in the Bible is also an example. Jesus existed in heaven first with the Father, and God sent Him here in a body of flesh.

      We are not comparable to Jesus, and I certainly do not mean it that way, but if He existed first in heaven and sent in a body of flesh, why couldn’t we have? We were made in His image, after all.. furthermore, one of the conversations I had with the Lord, I believe He told me that the brain is flesh, and all that is in it is what is put into it here in this world. But our spirits know many things that are brain does not; only on occasion do the brain and the spirit connect; and this is one of the reasons our Lord wants us to walk in the Spirit…because the Spirit (the Holy Spirit) guides us into all truth and understanding.

      I believe every human being knows God in their spirit..they just don’t remember because it’s not in their brain, it’s in their spirit. When we die, the remembrance of having been with the Father to begin with all comes back to us; thus, it is hell when we’re not going to heaven, because now we remember, and now we know exactly what we’re going to miss out on, and now we are cursing ourselves incessantly for never having found Him on the earth as we were supposed to. Maybe after the rebellion of Lucifer we had to all be sent here and live our lives with our own free will because we were made to love Him in heaven, but just like in the book of Job…the game between God and Satan…or the bet, rather…maybe after the rebellion, Satan, who had tried to be like God, said to God, “They will choose me anyways! I will be there God, and I will do better than You; except” He laughs mockingly, “I will take them with me! All of them! And more of them will follow me than will follow you! Oh, but wait God; we’ll never know because right now, they were made to love you and serve you. What if they weren’t? Why I’ll bet if they were given their own free will, they’d choose ME over YOU!”

      God probably then said, “Well Lucifer, I will take you up on this. Why don’t we find out?” Thus, group by group, over the thousands of years, starting with Adam and Eve, God has sent these creations of His to earth….thus, Lucifer was in the picture tempting Adam and Eve together to begin with. He was allowed because of the ‘bet’. That’s why we see Lucifer coming in the garden to the first two humans created to tempt then. It’s a contest of souls…who will still love the Father and trust in Him based on nothing but faith and free will? And who will trust in their flesh instead, and choose the ways of Satan?

      Interesting to think about, whether it is totally true or not, I haven’t a clue. Personally, I seriously wonder if it is indeed true. I would lean more toward believing this than not. However, just like all of us, I don’t know for certain. For who can know the mind of God?

  6. Lyn, I really enjoyed this. Very imaginative and creative, yet still has a ring of truth. Very interesting. I think you’ve done well here. 🙂

    • Thanks Wayne…I love to write! Although my books take place in the world with actual people and situations going on, I threw a lot of glimpses into heaven during the opening of the judgments, as well as in times past. You’d love some of my angels who release God’s wrath…these angels play heavenly blaze-ball, and blast-it ball…and one in particular has a strong right arm..he’s the Nolan Ryan of the angels and this angel is chosen as a result to throw God’s first bit of wrath toward the earth. The books keep you on your toes, and take you places you’ve never been, and in ways you’ve never experienced. I wish my agent would hurry up and finish with the first book so it can get out there. I’m afraid the Lord will come back before my books are ever out! LOL

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