Given to me by Ray's Mom. Click this photo to see her blog.

Given to me by Ray’s Mom. Click this photo to see her blog.

A special thanks to Sebastian of Faith 1st Ministry for nominating me for this award! His website is full of wonderful and inspiring truths from God‘s Word. What a blessed, and anointed blog!

Listed below is my list of nominees for The Reader Appreciation Award. I selected the last ten to follow My website:—Thank you for all of your support, and for your much appreciated interaction on my site. God bless all of you!

01. Bography One Daring Jew

02. Minister Aiken-Deb-

03. Resting In His Grace-MT Sweat-

04. Believing God Today-Writing Gomer-

05. Settled In Heaven Ministries (SIH)-

06. Curly Miri-

07. Manipal Photoblog-

08. Media 4 Life Ministries-Freddy Winter-

09. Paulette’s Blog-

10. Meeting In The Clouds

I appreciate all of you who have contributed to my website! Thank you so much, and God bless each and every one of you!

*Now for the rules to follow when nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award—(as I understand them):

  1. Add a picture of the award to your blog post menu column
  2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  3. Nominate 10 other Bloggers as I have done and inform those selected that they have been nominated.
    I was nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by Paulette, a wonderful Christian woman who loves her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  You will find that Paulette loves praise and worship; and there’s healing in praising and worshiping our Lord.  So if you want healing, click on her hyperlinked name above and take a look at her blog; inspiring and anointed!  She also nominated me for the Commentator Award (see below).  What a blessed, and wonderful woman.  I’m sure there are people here who deserve it much more than I do, yet she thought of me.  I am most humbled by both her, and Sebastian’s kind acts of giving and thoughtfulness.

So now I have to state seven facts about myself.  Let’s see; as you all know, I love the Lord my God.  My favorite foods are salads, fruits, and veggies.  I love music that praises my heavenly Father.  I love to write.  I love to read.  I love exercise; tennis, golf, and walking are my favorite.  I love people.

The people I would like to nominate for these awards are as follows (but they’ve probably already been nominated!)

1. Pastor Davis

2. Sebastian of Faith1stMinistries

3. Writing Gomer

4.  Made For Victory

5. Blessed With A Star on the Forehead

6.  Sam I Am 60

7. Betty B.

8. Wayne Augden

I am so humbled by all of the nominations for awards I’ve received…thank you everybody.  I want to thank Made For Victory for this newest edition to my collection.  She is an inspiration, and her love for Adonai, Yeshua, and the Holy Spirit is phenomenal.  God bless her for everything she is doing on her website to glorify our Lord, and to lead people on the right path to Jesus Christ.  My favorite story on her page is the one about her getting married to Jesus as a little girl.  It touched me because in my second book, I have my two main characters getting saved by a minister wedding style.  They quote their vows before the Lord the same way one does when they’re married…and her story reminded me of that.  I had never really heard of anyone really doing that, and had made that up in book two, Soul Collector, to convey the message, Take God More Seriously.  It’s as if a character in my book came to life!   Thanks Made For Victory for the award, and God bless you!

Here’s the rules for this award:

  • Display the award logo somewhere on the blog.
  • Link back to the blog of the person who nominated you.
  • State 7 things about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award and provide links to their blogs.
  • Notify those bloggers that they have been nominated and of the award’s requirements

I have to state seven things about myself..and those things are right above with the second award up top.  They’re still the same <smile>.

I would like to pass this award on to:

01.  Sebastian

02.  Pastor Davis Byars

03.  Paulette

04.  Writing Gomer

05.  Pastor Aiken (I know she doesn’t want it, but I’m nominating her anyway!)

06.  LoopyLoo

07.  Mt. Sweat

08.  SIH (Settled In Heaven)

09. Sam I Am

10.  Reality of Christ

11.  Isaiah 43123

12.  Wayne Augden

13.  Meeting In the Clouds

14.   Eddy

15.  Tom (Always Proven True)

Meeting in the Clouds nominated me for this award.  I am quite humbled, if not a little embarrassed, by all of these nominations.  I work for our Lord Jesus, just like many of us in our circle here, and don’t feel as if I deserve it.  She is a dear woman who stands solid in the Lord’s truths, and truly loves the Lord so much.  When you go and visit her site, you will be able to tell.  Her articles are always full of color, life, personality, and quite informative.  Thanks Meeting in the Clouds!  And God bless you!

The rules for this award are as follows:   1. Share seven things about yourself. 2. Link back to the person who nominated you. 3. Place the award on your blog. 4. Pass the award on to other bloggers.

I’ll try to share seven new things about myself here.  First, I grew up a tomboy.  I climbed trees, played cowboys and Indians, and played in dirt.  Having only a brother, we had fun making mud pies and doing annoying things we weren’t supposed to do like throwing the mud pies, ringing people’s doorbell and running; things like that.  I did grow up in church, and had my first street evangelism experience as a very young child, maybe seven or eight years old.  I drew a Bible verse from a promise box that told me to go out and preach the truth to the world.  So, I did just that, and only a few minutes after I got the verse.  I grabbed a book bag, my promise box, my Bible, and a bunch of tracks on salvation and went door to door by myself (back then, it was pretty safe to do so).  Not one person slammed the door in my face..they stood there and listened to me ask them, “Hi, I’m Lyn..are you saved?  Because I’m going to tell you how to do it.  If you don’t, you’re going to hell…”  Something like that.  As I grew up, I was given Barbie dolls for gifts, but I left them lie there and hardly played with them.  I was more into climbing all of the apple trees in our front and back yard.  I loved finding little hiding places in them.  As I got older, I bought my first my camera from a garage sale and got into nature pictures.  I used to watch birds and get real close and take pics of them.  My favorite was this mama dove.  I watched her and took photos (she let me get real close, too) from the time she was sitting on her eggs, until they hatched…and until they all flew away, one by one.  Finally, I love to cook healthy types of foods. I always buy organic vegetables, greens, fruits, plain yogurt, whole grains, and things like that.  I buy almost all of my herbs and seasonings fresh, such as rosemary, garlic, lemongrass, mint, ginger root, dandelion leaves, etc.  I love to make my own tea with these things too.  I’ve always loved healthy foods because I was raised on them, but I do eat extra careful because I am forced to due to extreme allergies.

Now I will nominate some people here who I feel deserve it (please note, there are others I feel deserve it, but they are men, and so it would not be right to nominate a man for a ‘sisterhood’ award <smile>) :

01.  Made For Victory

02.  Jesus My Joy

03.  Loopy Loo

04.  Pure Glory

05.  Isaiah43123

THE FOOD FOR THOUGHT AWARD GIVEN ME BY CITIZEN TOM  Citizen Tom is godly man who enjoy ministering to other people truths from the Word of God.  His posts are always well-written and thought provoking.  Please stop by his webpage and visit him, and take time to read the thought provoking posts he publishes.  God bless you Citizen Tom in all that you do for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


The next pics I put here so that I could put them in my sidebar.  They are prolife signs.  In order to post an image in the sidebar (widget area) I have to have a widget URL.  So just don’t pay any attention to these here! 😉


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  1. Hello Lyn! Thank you for nominating me at ( for this award! I am really appreciative for your kindness and apologize for the delay in recognizing it! Thank you again and God bless! –Sebastian

    • You’re very welcome Sebastian! I’m happy to have put a smile on your face!

    • Lyn, it’s been too long again since we talked. The least we could do is keep up with one another by email-what do you say? I read you stuff on that Jesus is not a Jew-how scary is that? but of course I can see that the devil would do anythiing to keep people from coming to the Lord. I had heard that they were trying to dismiss the Holocast but to read it was chilling. I have been praying for our land and for our elections. I have blogged it and been all over linkedin about it-got called down by an atheist about it.-I merely responded I get to air my beliefs just like anyone else does. otherwise I am being discriminated against. There have been a couple of trials that have gone our way in Tx recently and the polls are better this-certainly enough to give one hope. I have never “been political” before but this time-especially since they keep saying that it is the women of America that will elect him, I have to speak out and shout out to women-DON’T BE STUPID!

  2. Lynn, thank you so much for the award… It is only through the grace and blessing of the Lord that SIH ministries exists. The award is a real blessing. it is much appreciated, Thank you so much. May the Lord continue to bless your work on the book.

    • Thank you brother Rob, and may God continue blessing you in all the work you do for Him as well. I appreciate your interaction, as well as your kindness and spreading the truth here, and everywhere.

  3. Thank you Lyn for nominating me.

    What am I gonna do with you? Well, the Lord says I just have to “keep on loving you!”

    May God forever bless you for your kindness.

    God bless!


  4. Lyn, thank you for both the Very Inspiriting Blogger Award and the Reader Appreciation Award. I am honoured and appreciative, but I already have both awarded by other friends. Thank you again and congratulations of your being awarded these. You deserve them.

  5. Congrats on the awards!! And thanks for hte nomination. 🙂

  6. Hi Lyn. Congratulations on your much deserved awards. Thank you for making me feel special nominating me! 🙂

  7. Thank you again Lyn for the award nominations! 🙂 🙂

    • You and your beautiful wife deserve it! Tell her I’m sorry I couldn’t send one to her too because I haven’t really had any interaction with her until today..she liked my blog…oh, and tell her I really appreciate her doing that, and God bless her!!!!!!! She has a wonderful blog too!

  8. Congratulations Lyn! Well deserved, I might add! Thank you so much for your words of kindness! I do appreciate your thoughtfulness! God bless you, and thanks again! 🙂

    (After being without power for a long time, I’m really glad you and your family are okay!)


    • It was only three days..although in temps above 100, it seemed longer at the time. We were blessed to have a fan running (because my father loaned us a small device that runs off of the car battery–you have to run your car every so often so the battery does not die, though). My neighbor has MS, so we ran extension cords across the backyard to hers so she could run her fan too. I wouldn’t be able to plug in as much because it only goes up to so much watts you’re allowed to suck in from it…but God says to love our neighbors as ourselves… and that’s what I did. I’m not adding this to boast because we are not to boast of our kind acts; rather, I am posting it as an example to others of the small sacrifices we can sometimes make in order to fulfill God’s commands in our lives of Christianity. In fact, it felt good to give and know I was helping someone else. That’s how it ought to be with us…. just as you gave to me today, and others; you treated me as you would have treated yourself. Thanks again!

  9. I forgot to say, congrats on your award!!! 🙂

  10. Thank you Lyn for nominating me for this award! I truly do appreciate it!
    Please see this post:

  11. Hi Lyn,

    Congratulations on your nomination. Thank you so much for nominating me for this award, as well. My favorite thing about being nominated for blogging awards, is when I am finally at the point of sharing the award with other bloggers. I was nominated for this award before, and I have already passed it on. However, I did want to stop by to show my appreciation for you thinking of me. Lord willing, I will be visiting your blog again soon, to read more of your blog postings! Congrats again, and may the Lord bless you, richly!


    • Thanks Paulette! And I’m so sorry I didn’t write sooner..I have had no power for days, and it’s been awful..heat warnings and no air or fans. Bless the Lord, t he power just came back on a while ago.


  1. Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award « My Blog

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