Big Brother Is Watching You!

Categories: Christian Fun

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  1. I reluctantly watched this thinking, “great, ANOTHER potential abuse by invasive government.” However, it was a very pleasant surprise. Thank you for the comic relief! LOL.

    • I’m just curious if it’s real or not. You can’t tell anymore if some of this stuff is put out by Conspiracy Theorists or if it is indeed genuine. It seemed genuine..but who knows. What do you think? I posted it without anything opinionated other than it had me thinking on purpose to hear what people would say about it.

      • I believe I’ve seen the anchorwoman before in “The Onion” newscasts. The Onion is a satirical newspaper that was so popular, they spun off a television show from it. They take actual news events and put a comedic spin on the reporting.

        • That makes sense because the woman keeps saying, “Oh wonderful! WOnderful!” about what these guys were saying. Most real news reporters would be making comments like, “Don’t you think this is infringing on privacy?” etc etc. and then the guys were saying, “People tell us where they are at….pics of their family….it’s been so successful!” Even in it’s humor, it still makes you think about what you decide to post publicly on things like that. You must be right that this is comical.

          • Yes, although comedic, it calls to attention the absurd amount of personal data we voluntarily give away.

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