A Short Clip From Book Three: Soul Savior /Who Wants To See Satan Get His Butt Whooped?

Please Note: I edited here and removed certain parts of this ‘part’ because some things would give away the story! But please enjoy a part that is toward the end of Book Three of my Trilogy, Eternal Soul Series, Soul Savior. I thought you might enjoy my rendition of Jesus coming to defeat the enemy! Be aware also; although this seems like the very end of the book, it is not. There is more after this. Also, as a side note, this is in the rough–it’s unedited.

IT IS DONE! ©2013 Lyn Leahz

All of a sudden a loud voice pierced the silence, “It is done!” The heavens parted open with a thunderous roar when an enormous white horse with a man having the appearance of an authoritative warrior seated upon it emerged from the clouds.

Voices in the heavens shook the earth with a mighty rumble as they called out, “Faithful and True! In righteousness He judges and makes war!”

This particular warrior had once come as a humble servant to make peace and to establish the unquenchable love of the Father upon all the earth. However, now He came as a first class leader with a vengeance as well as a mission to pour out the wrath of God upon all of those who had rejected Him, the Chief Cornerstone, and to judge all of humanity across the globe. This time, the Lord of Lord and King of Kings had come in righteousness and in truth to make war against the enemy and those who served him; He had come to exterminate the kingdom of hell on earth and to vindicate His people who had waited for so long!

His eyes appeared like flames of fire, and He wore too many crowns upon His head to even count! Serif and Haman had been performing miracles at the coliseum, rejoicing in their own glory; but now they stood with their mouths gaping open, trembling in fear, as they dropped to their knees in submission.

There was a name written across His crown, but no one could distinguish what it said, for there was no man, nor angel, nor demon, nor beast of the earth who could interpret its writing.

As this Faithful and True man of righteous war drew closer, it became apparent that His robes were dripping with the blood of His enemies. With another loud rumble the voices from the heavens shouted once again, “His name is called The Word of God!”

Every man and woman fell to their knees, shuddering with great fear, realizing they’d been deceived and were about to be destroyed by the right hand of the true God. They were all struck with an instantaneous awareness that the martyred victims had been right all along; but it was much too late to go back now, they’d bowed before the Beast and worshiped his image—and they’d taken his mark.

Following directly behind Christ were millions of white horses carrying the expansive and zealous armies of heaven; each clothed in the finest linen, perfectly white and clean, without a single blemish. Their eyes glowed with power and fury, ready to avenge their own blood, and the blood of their martyred sisters and brothers in Christ.

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Seated on His horse, mighty and ferocious, lifting His strong arms high in the air, no one dare challenge Him. He was ready to wage war on the enemy—and now His time had finally come to do just that. This warrior didn’t need any armor, nor did He need to concern Himself with the exposure of His unbreakable flesh. Part of His muscle-bound bare leg hung out of His robe, and the same message written across His robe was upon His thigh. It was the name so many before Him had tried to fraudulently steal, but it was His name alone and it belonged to only Him: King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

The clouds gave way as an angel stood nearby in the gleam of the sunlight; it was Altonai! He cried out with a loud voice, commanding every bird flying in the midst of heaven, “Come and gather together for the supper of the great God that you may eat the flesh of kings, the flesh of captains, the flesh of mighty men, the flesh of horses and of those who sit on them, and the flesh of all people, free and slave, both small and great!”

Those who belonged to Satan knew they’d been had, and they weren’t sure what to do. Their only hope of survival, if any at all, would be to fight against this mighty king and His people. The false prophet, the Antichrist, their soldiers, every man, and every woman ran toward this fierce warrior with their swords drawn, crying out in retaliation.

No sooner than they came near to Him, He opened His mouth and released a sharp sword, killing everyone in its path in only a moment’s time, except for the Antichrist and his false prophet.

Every MISSION soldier proceeded toward him in tanks, Humvees, jet fighters, and jeeps, all firing weapons at Jesus; but before a single bullet could escape its barrel, Jesus opened His mouth once again and instantly destroyed every vehicle, machine, and soldier. Crimson rivers began taking form, flowing all throughout the valley of Megiddo, combining into one great sea of blood.

Thousands of birds appearing like a black curtain swooped down from the sky, feeding on the flesh of the dead. The birds ate and ate until they were completely satisfied and full.

Jesus raised his stalwart arms and shook his fists vigorously as He cried out in retribution. At the sound of His mighty battle cry, the great army behind shouted as they fearlessly raised their fists and thrust them forwards and backwards, just as their triumphant leader had done.

Serif and Haman stood frozen with fear, for they knew all too well what the scriptures said would happen to them—only, never believing until now!

Jesus’ horse galloped right up to them before coming to a sudden halt, turning slightly sideways to face them as thick clouds of dust from its hooves filled the air. There wasn’t a single sound as Satan and his second in command trembled with fear and intimidation.

The Savior glared down into their eyes with a knowing grin as a look of dread shrouded their faces. “Hello Satan—it appears as if you weren’t expecting to see me. Did you not believe this day would come?”

They didn’t respond—they couldn’t, for they were far too evil and He was too pure; instead, they were rendered entirely speechless. His horse trotted in a single circle around them as Christ continued staring down at His defeated foes; dust and debris filling the air once again as the Antichrist and his false prophet choked and gasped for their breath. Alarmed and overcome with immense terror, their eyes remained fixed on His every move.

He smiled once again at the two cowering wicked devils before taking on a more enraged and hostile expression. With anger and authority in His voice, He pointed His finger downward into the enemy’s face as He cried aloud for all to hear, “You are done!”

Everyone roared and cheered as they waved their hands and their fists in jubilant relief.

Jesus crossed His right arm over His chest and smacked His left shoulder firmly with His fist three times in a row when two great angels suddenly stepped forward; it was Gebereth and Nafmari—both frighteningly enormous and enveloped in pure muscle! Each leaned down and took hold of Serif and Haman by their upper arms with force as the Saints seated on their horses behind Jesus cried out in praise and joy, for they would finally have revenge on their enemy—justice would be served this day!

Jesus’ voice permeated the air. Boldly, He commanded, “Satan! Come out of your human host, Serif Kahtan, at once!”

The Antichrist squirmed and flailed about in the hands of Gebereth, “I do not have to come out! This is my time!

Jesus swung His leg over His horse as He stepped down and stood face to face with the Antichrist, who was the Beast, and who was the great World Leader. He lifted Him off of the ground and stared directly into his eyes. “I order you to come out of him at once! It is time for he and his false prophet to be cast into the lake of fire! Which do you prefer at this time Satan—the lake of fire or the bottomless pit?”

Sweat poured from Serif’s head as his face began contorting into various grotesque experessions. Jesus let go and stepped back because He knew what was about to happen. Serif gagged and vomited as his entire body convulsed when he finally dropped uncontrollably to the ground with a thud. He was lying on his back when a hideous being rose straight up out of him—Satan!

Instead of appearing as the beautiful Lucifer he once was before he was expelled from heaven, he appeared as the gnarled and hideous monster he had turned into when he rebelled against the Father thousands of years ago.

Jesus walked circles around Satan as Gebereth quickly took hold of Serif, the Antichrist, after picking him up off the ground. The Lord kept His eyes focused solely on Satan as He ordered Gebereth and Nafmari, “Throw these two men into the lake of fire at once! This is the path they have chosen!”

Gebereth and Nafmari bowed as they leapt, ascending with the two men in tow on their journey to the pits of hell. Panic-stricken and horrified, Haman frantically screamed as loud as he could, “Khalid! Khalid! I am your brother! Save me Khalid! I am family!”

Jesus glanced back at Khalid as they shook their heads back and forth in disbelief.

Now Jesus crossed His left arm over His chest and smacked His right shoulder firmly with His fist three times in a row when another glorious angel appeared—Jehuzeal; in his hand, he held a great and mighty chain and the key to the bottomless pit in the other.

Satan tried to run, though he didn’t even make it one single step; he tried to fight, but couldn’t even begin to raise his fist. He pointed his finger at Jesus, crying out like a lunatic, “You will never win! I am the winner! I am God! I Am that I Am!”

Jesus just laughed as He glanced over at Jehuzeal and nodded for him to go ahead and get him out of His sight, saying, “Oh really Lucifer? And what God has to remind his people who he is?”

Jesus leaned forward in Satan’s face while intently glaring into his sinister eyes. The boldness of His voice devastated the momentary silence, “I AM that I AM! And you are therefore finished, Satan! My Father, My Holy Spirit, My people, and Myself have all had enough of you!”

Jehuzeal seized Satan, binding him in chains before branding a seal upon him that he should deceive no more until the thousand years were finished. He screamed and begged for mercy, yet there was none found amongst the earth who had compassion or mercy for the old nasty serpent.

At that very moment, Jehuzeal mercilessly propelled him into the bottomless pit where he screamed, howled, and hissed until he could be heard no more. Jehuzeal held up the key in the sight of Jesus, the angels, and all of the saints as they shouted with glory and victory before finally locking the door.

Every angel and every saint continued clapping and praising God, giving shouts of triumph and success, proclaiming, “He is defeated! Praise God, the dragon, that serpent of old, who is the Devil and Satan, is defeated once and for all!”

When Jehuzeal suddenly lifted his hands, they ceased.

His proclamation burst forth with a rumble, “Saints, he is only locked away for 1,000 years—but after these things come to pass, he must be released…for a little while…and then he shall be defeated once and for all!”

Jesus turned to address all of the saints, “You’ve all done well, and now it’s time to clean up this mess so the New Jerusalem can descend on God’s Holy City! But first, we must go to Petra and rescue the remnant. Then, we will all rejoice!”

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  1. Cool!! Right now though I want to see WordPress get there butt whooped!!

  2. Incredible, Lyn. Thanks for the preview. This gave me shivers…This book is releasing some profound prophetic echoes of end times events. I look forward to reading it!

    • Glory to God. This is from Book three in the trilogy. I need to edit it though…it will sound better after it is edited. You want some goose bumps? Read an excerpt from book one called “God” It’s actually called Conversation With God… but in the menu it says God. It is a real conversation I had with God, but in my book, it is Walter having it. But all of it was me and God…even the word Bidallah..that you’ll see if you read it. 🙂 You will know it was from God when u read it because it is just too perfect..something people would not think of. And Conversation with God is in Soul Deceiver, Book One, which will be out in 1.5-2 months! I’m excited ! Thanks so much for reading that. The section I am talking about is up top in the menus..Eternal Soul Series… and it is called “God”. Let me know if you have trouble finding.

  3. I am lookin’ forward to the book. You are a phenomenal writer. Learning a lot from your unique style. Absolutely brilliant.

    blessings to you lyn.
    Sherline 😀

    • Well God bless you nightshade..I receive the with a humble heart and with blessing. Thank you so much for your love and kindness. I’m at the end of book one with my editing and should have it submitted to Thomas Nelson within the next week or two. Then it will be out a month to two months after that. I can’t wait! It’s been too long now! LOL

  4. Lyn!! I’m just getting started on the story and I don’t want to miss anything, where do I start from? Links please. Thanks!! 🙂

    • Hey dpordigalchild..thank you for visiting and for your interest..I’m blessed! The books aren’t out yet. I am currently speaking to Westbow Publishing company, a division of Thomas Nelson. I will post publicly for all when they’re available. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer! For now, though, I have a slew of excerpts from all three books in the menu to your right…it’s a dropdown menu right beneath the picture of ‘warrior Jesus’ Select Martyrdom Trilogy. Please let me know what you think of the excerpts! Would love to hear! God bless you, and thanks so much again for blessing me with your comment!

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    This is great. I encourage everyone to take a look.

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    Great excerpt from Lyn Leahz’s forthcoming book series. This taste should make you want to read the book!

  8. Great read Lyn! I can’t wait for the book to come out, should be a good one!…or two or three! 🙂

  9. Thanks for sharing this Lyn, truly enjoyed it. Satan knows his time is coming, which I believe will be very soon. I guess pride come before the fall and Satan’s pride is second to none. It was pride that caused him to be cast out and it is his pride that has determined his ultimate destiny. He is already defeated, but some believers can’t grasp that fact. He is powerless over those who trust God and stand on His word. “it is written.”

    • Amen to that, Freddy. Satan was defeated the moment Christ gave up His life on the cross. He only does what he does because God allows it..for a time. But the time of his demise is coming soon…at least for 1,000 years..and then after that, forever!

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  11. Good Morning Lyn, I read your excerpts with great interest and find that God has truly gifted you with the ability to write his word with great authority. I will be waiting with great expectancy to read the entire book when it is ready. In the mean time to help you spread the word, I will share it with my readers this morning on my blog. I will also G+1 it on my site on Google. May God continue to bless you richly as you walk out your purpose and move swiftly towards your destination.

  12. Hi Lyn. I came to your blog through your post on
    “Tim Tebow and Lolo Jones a Match Made in LoBow?”
    by mtsweat I’m glad I did. I enjoyed your excerpt of your novel. It made me want to read more. I put a link to your blog on my fb page. I look forward to reading more from you.

    • Thank you so much, Wayne. I am humbled and honored both by your kind words, and your support for our heavenly Father first, and me last, by what you have done. I give praise to our heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, that what He wrote through me has touched you and everyone else here who has commented. I am also humbled that the Lord would use me…a person who had always turned the pages of Revelation with anxiety and frustration, unable to understand it..to write such a thing as a three part series pertaining to the times spoken of in Daniel and through John the Revelator in the book of John’s Revelation. Truly, the Holy Spirit has used me, and the message therein from Him to the world, and for such a task, I am bowed most low before Him. I am sure all of us here can attest what a wonderful feeling it is, no matter what the task, to be used by our Creator.

      When I was a little girl, I pulled a verse from the Bible Promise Box. The verse I got told me to go out and preach His word. Now I was only eight years old, but I did what He said. I put a bunch of tracks on salvation in a book bag, the verse God gave me, and a Bible and went all throughout the neighborhood knocking on doors.

      As they opened the door, I said, “Hi, my name is Lyn, do you know Jesus as your Savior? Because if you don’t, I’m going to tell you how right now, because God doesn’t want you to go to hell and burn forever.”

      They stood there speechless, after all, who could slam a door in the face of such a small child? I then proceded to hand them the track. “Be sure and read this. It tells you how to do it. Or, you can just say, ‘Jesus, I’m a sinner, come into my heart and save me!’

      That’s the faith of a child. So after that, I prayed to the Lord daily to use me, and He told me He would.

      I believe, just as most other Christians do right now, that we are living in that day…the day we will all see Jesus coming for His lovely bride. The message in my books is clear; forgive, repent, love, honor, and obey…take our Salvation more seriously and take our Creator, YHVH (God) more seriously. Too many of us have not taken Him as seriously as we ought.

      The Bible really isn’t that confusing…mankind has made it this way. I feel so many of us confuse the Word of God because we want to continue in sin. We don’t want to have to carry our cross because it’s too heavy of a load. We want to find loopholes so we can do those things we know are not pleasing to our Father. If we take God’s word for what it is, then it’s not so confusing after all. The good news is that although we weren’t around to help Jesus carry His cross, He is here to help us carry ours, even though we do not deserve it. He died just so He could do this for us. This is a serious thing. I feel it’s time for us Christians to stand up and boldly proclaim who we are, and that Jesus Christ is Lord, and to stop being politically correct or worrying about offending the world, because the world hath offended my God….my Savior….by rejecting Him, the Chief Cornerstone.

      It is time for us to be the Army that we willingly enlisted ourselves in, and take up the weapons God gave us and defeat our foes! For our foes are not people, they are demonic forces controlling people, deceiving people, and using these people who have been lied to as puppets. Our job is to go in against the enemy as troops of heaven…for we are God’s feet…and to rescue those people who are in bondage to Satan…even if they hate us…this is our job…and to love them, even if they don’t want our love.

      The Lord showed me a vision. He showed me all of the people I was bitter toward in chains, and they were surrounded by hideous demons who were tormenting them. These people were crying out, “Let me out! Somebody help me!” He told me we need to pray for these people more than we do.

      I asked Him, “If they want out of spiritual bondage so badly, then why don’t you let them out? It is not fair that they suffer and go to hell when they want out, but are tied down and locked in.”

      The Lord said to me, “Imagine that one of these people has the addiction of pornography. They’re crying and they want to be free, but then the demons wave the pornography before their face, coercing them. That person looks and gives in because if he/she gives it up, the demons will torment them more…for a time. It is painful to give up something, but if they do, I will step in and help them so that it is not so hard. Only they don’t realize this because the initial blow is painful. So they want out, yet they give in because they don’t want to suffer the loss of the thing they are doing wrong.

      “This is why My children need to pray hard for their enemies, and for the sinners, and for one another…and when they pray, they need to pray boldly against the enemy..with the power I have given through the Holy Spirit! Stop being angry, My daughter, with those who have hurt you; rather, feel compassion for them. For the picture I have given you is real..but it’s in the spirit. What you see of that person in the physical when they do these mean things isn’t their spirit, it’s the one’s controlling their spirit. The saddest part is when it is one of Mine allowing their spirit to be controlled.”

      So now, when I think of those who have done wrong to me, or hurt me, even those who are close to me in my life, I mourn and weep for them because I imagine them suffering..being kicked, punched, beaten, brutalized spiritually by dark forces of evil…as they cry for release. Forgiveness. We must forgive, even if the person/people are still doing a terrible thing to us; we must realize, Ephesians 6:10-20, we are not wrestling the people, but evil…and without Jesus, we lose the fight. On our own, we are powerless. But thank God for the power He has given to us..and we go through our each and every day not utilizing or claiming this power. Instead, we walk around in a state of lukewarm and/or defeat.

      All I can say is that it is time to not be cold, nor hot, nor lukewarm…it is time to be on fire!

      • As a sinner your post on June 29, 2012 slapped me so hard that I will be genuflecting for quite some time.
        As a solder in Christ it is often hard for me to find my place in the ranks of my brethren. As a sinner the dark one can play me like a puppet with doubt. But as a man seeking God He has blessed me with His word through you and your sites.
        Your net for Christ is true and your cast is wide. Blessings to you and the community of God the Father, Son, Holy Spirit the you tend to.
        Thank you.

        • Thank you, Chuck. I don’t know what to say. I am blessed by your kind and thoughtful comment. It is comments like these that make it all worth it. And to me, (and I mean this from the bottom of my heart) that is more valuable than anything anyone could ever give to me…for it is things like that ‘that’ last forever and you carry with you, even unto the Father in heaven. Everything else is only for a moment. It all fades, withers, and dies in the end, and goes back to the earth from whence it came. Thank you, as you’ve truly blessed me. May our heavenly Father bless you at all times, and may His praise continually rest upon your lips. -Lyn ♥ ♪ ♫

  13. Great read Lyn! Your descriptiveness is both enlightening and refreshing…thank you for sharing it! I look forward to experiencing it’s entirety! May God continue to bless you to write for Him!

  14. Interesting read with much enthusiasm Lyn! We look forward to the trilogy being available… any timeframe? Thanks for sharing and God bless.

    • My agent has given me no exact time frame just yet. I’m sorry I can’t give you a better answer than this ;-( I truly wish I could. I will make a post, most definitely, when I know for sure. Promise.

  15. And Altonai is prncd AL-Tone-I Gebereth is Geb-ER-eth You think those are something, you should see all of the other angel’s names in my books! LOL Zurel, and more. I give a glimpse into heaven with every opening of every seal, and every blow of the trumpet and bowl judgments…at the throne of God. God, Jesus, the Angels, the living creatures, everything. You always get a glimpse of what is going on in heaven as it happens, and then back to earth with my characters.

    • Lyn your
      “give a glimpse into heaven with every opening of every seal, and every blow of the trumpet and bowl judgments..”

      Are you saying that your books are not merely an imaginative work but revelation from the Holy Spirit?

      • I have never thought that deeply about it other than the way it all came to me. I would sit down, and as I would write, it would come to me. I never knew in advance what I was going to write about, He would tell me as I went. I believe the meat and potatoes of the book is inspired by the Holy Spirit; but I’m sure there are imaginative areas of the book as well…if that makes any sense. It’s hard to define what you never thought of to begin with. For example; if I were being interiewed and someone asked me, “So, what inspiried you to write these books?” I would say, “The Lord.” They would probably scowl at me, and then say, “Yes, but what point were you trying to make? What message were you trying to send to people?” I would not be able to answer the question. I have no idea because I had no pre-mediation on anything, nor was I trying to tell people anything at all. It’s just as I explained; I would think I was done, and the Lord said, “No, there’s more. You’re not finished!” And I would feel overwhelmed because I had no ideas of what was coming next, unsure how I could’ve written the first book to begin with, let alone the next, and then the next….

      • This is different. I understand what you’re talking about. It’s one of those things that just happens, and there’s no way to really explain it. It would have to happen to you for you to understand. I’m afraid I can’t explain it any better. I don’t care if anyone thinks I’m crazy, or doesn’t believe me……even some of the best writers can’t shell out three 500 page (in standard paperback form, 400+ in hardcover) novels in three months, especially without having a clue what’s going to happen next. I didn’t even know to what point I was writing to…the tribulation? The millenium? Didn’t know. This is different than what you’re talking about. And I have to say, in the comment I made above about how quickly the books were written, I do not in any way mean that in praise or honor or glory of myself, but to God, who is the truth author of them. Oh, and let us not forget that I was quite ignorant at the time of all of the details to do with the book of Revelation, which complicated things in ‘my mind’ even further. When I took the back seat and let God behind the wheel, everything was find. It was when I would try and let my own mind enter into it, with technicalities and all of that stuff that I could not write. And once again, it wasn’t just these things I’ve mentioned above that lets me know..it’s just one of those things you know..and you’re the only one who knows…and there’s no way to really convey it any better.

        • Obviously I knew at a certain point, by the third book, what it had to do with, to a point. I just didn’t know the finite details, or who was going to do what, or how..or anything. The only thing I knew was that they were end time novels, and that Jesus would be the winner, because quite frankly, when He died on the cross, He had alrady beat Satan and therefore already won a long, long time ago.

  16. I just made them up..or maybe the Lord did since He wrote the books in my brain as I went. I had no idea what I was going to write from one day to the next; no plan what would happen next. It would just all come to me as I wrote..honestly. That’s why I say that He wrote them! I think many people who write have an overall general idea what they are going to make happen, or the overall outcome. I had no idea it would be three books..or even one as far as that goes. By the time I got into the one, I only knew the one. When I was done, I was unsettled in my spirit. The Lord said, “There is more.” I was frustrated. Revelation has always been a great confusion to me. I said, “Lord, why are you having me write this? I am uneducated on all of the details of Revelation! This will be most difficult for me!” He said, “It doesn’t matter what you know, I know, and I will tell you what to write!” I would get frustrated so many times, and I would pray. The Lord would say to me, “You are trying to hard! Remember, it is I, not you, doing the writing. Quit letting YOUR mind get into the way and let me do it!” I had piles of prophecy books, everything laying around, and they all said something different, so I just had to put those aside and say, “Okay Lord. Help me.” When I finished book two, I still felt unsettled. I said, “Oh no You don’t Lord..not another one!” He laughed, “Oh but yes! There is more!” I said, “But Lord, I don’t even understand anything about the last half of the tribulation, let alone write about it. The only thing I understand is that Jesus is coming back on a white horse to defeat Satan!” He said, “Don’t worry. I’m in control.” It’s like Moses, where He said, “Me? But I can’t do this, I am slow of speech!” But the Lord sent Aaron with him to speak. In my case, the Lord gave me the Holy Spirit to write through me. I’ve always had a mental block when it comes to Daniel and Revelation…I’ve read the whole Bible, but when I’d get to Revelation, I couldn’t finish. I’d get frustrated. It was like reading Japanese. Finally, I read it because I had to. I sat down with a blank computer screen. “Okay Lord, here we go. YOu have to help me because I don’t know what’s going to happen here.” And He did.

  17. It could be something like that. How did you come by the names Altonai, Gebereth, Serif and others. Your reference to Petra reminds me of the video I saw about the remnant escaping and hiding there during the battle of Armeggedon.

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