Jesus WIth an iPad? You Have Got To Be Kidding Me!


Where would the world be if Jesus had ‘had’ an iPhone?  What if He had been like most of us today with our gadgets..constantly texting, Facebooking, Yahoohing…?  How many souls wouldn’t have been witnessed to?  Allow me, please, to give you an example.

Instead of seeing Peter and his brother on the fishing boat, He would have been too busy sitting on a nearby rock texting back and forth with His buddies.  He would have missed Peter and the rest of the Disciples altogether.  Every time someone had a question, Jesus would have held up His hand.  “Hold on a minute; can’t you see I’m texting here?”  Or, “Wait a minute; I’m downloading the monthly schedule from My Father!”  Then, as He walked around town to witness and perform miracles, He would have been distracted with constant messages and facebook posts.  Or maybe He would have been obsessing over taking pictures of everything He passed by.  “Oh wait!  Wait guys!  I have to have a picture of that tree over there to post  for my buddies in Bethlehem.  Everyone stop!”

I can see Jesus and the twelve disciples sitting around the fire taking group photos, laughing, smiling..but you know what?  God would have been forgotten in all of the technology hype.  Is this what is happening today in our world?  Is there so much to do that God gets shoved into the closet, taken out once in a blue moon and dusted off when there’s a problem?

On a serious note…Jesus was perfect and sinless.  If there had been such a thing back then, and everyone Jesus walked past had a cell phone, iPad, iPod, etc. in their hand…what would Jesus have said?  What would He have done?  Do you think He would have made a comment or two on this?  You see how angry He got when people were selling things in the temple.  He was whipping people, and knocking all of their stuff over as He angrily yelled at them.  What would He have done if He saw the kids of today, and the adults of today, constantly ignoring life, and everything and everyone around them with their little devices?

Does this picture above strike you as funny?  Or maybe it strikes you as offensive, or outrageous?  Strange, maybe?   Yes.  Why is it strange, offensive, funny, or outrageous?  Because we can’t imagine Jesus doing such a thing, that’s why.

I’m not saying that it’s a sin to ever do these things, nor am I saying technology is a sin.  If it weren’t for technology, myself and the next person wouldn’t be able to be posting these articles for people to read online.  What I am talking about is the obsession with it.  Why are parents just sitting around letting their children text as much as they do?  Why do parents allow kids to ignore them, and everything else with their devices?  I can understand on one level; when you have children that come from a broken home, or a single parent home, the parents can’t always monitor or control what the kids are doing.  Or maybe they’re allowed to do one thing at one parent’s home, and you can’t get a handle on the problem because the kid(s) are back and forth.

Regardless, what I see is our children on the loose, doing whatever they want to do,  no adult supervision, nothing.  A fourteen-year-old girl shared with me some very disturbing things that go on at proms and school dances.  I was unaware that girls bend over and bear it all while the boy imitates a sexual act with her from behind as the teachers stand by and watch, saying nothing.  I was unaware that kids have sex on the dance floor, near the middle, where they are surrounded by groups of kids, so teachers cannot see them, and the kids who can see watch and think it’s hot.  I was unaware that girls do lesbian acts together on the dance floor as well.  The town I live in has always been a modest one, and when I was young, things were different.  If a kid was seen doing anything like this at all, they would have been immediately reprimanded and forced to leave the school function.  People, what is wrong with this picture here?

Not as many kids may be getting pregnant because they’re getting smarter about safe sex…but the fact that we live in a world where children have to have safe sex shoved down their throat greatly concerns me.  However, our children today are highly sexual.  What if you found out your little girl was the girl in the middle of the dance floor here?  Or, the one imitating gross sex acts on the dance floor?  Your little Suzie comes home all innocent, and you could never imagine such an act by your little girl; think again.

Or maybe you’re one of those parents who has to be your child’s best friend.  Maybe little Suzie tells you all about it, while you and she share a laugh together.  This is twisted!  These kids are the world’s future!  Do they even know or have the love of God in their hearts?

My personal opinion is that since anyone can be a porn star on the internet, many of these girls want to imitate what they think the boys like.  I can’t tell you how many little girls I see on Facebook with albums full of pictures of themselves trying to be seductive and sexy.  I can’t tell you how many young girls I see daily with their female parts exposed for all to see.  I can’t tell you how many young boys I see lusting after it.  I heard something on the news a while back about a thing called “sexting” where kids take pictures of their  private parts in school and text it to a boy, and vice versa.  It was apparently a big issue, and a problem…not just a small, insignificant mentioning.  I also heard recently on the news and the radio that more girls are having pornography problems today then ever before; in fact, the numbers far outweighed the guys who had pornography problems.

We have kids killing kids in school, kids doing drugs, more kids than before getting drunk and partying, kids partaking in shameful sexual practices, and the list goes on.  You watch the news, you know what I mean.

I would ask you once again to ask yourself, “What would Jesus do?”  Sit down and be completely honest.  Clear your mind and then begin to fill it with what is going on in the world today, in general.  As the thoughts start pouring in, genuinely and earnestly imagine how the Lord would deal with this problem, or how He might fix it.  Would He pick up His iPod and say with a smile, “Oh, it’s no big deal!  Don’t worry about it!  Kids will be kids!  They’re going to do it anyway!”?  Most certainly not.

The sad part is, very few people will see this post…and if I take a look at what the Bible says, the world is not going to get any better.  But the family of God must pull together and take control through Christ of our household.  It is time to set examples for our children, and for others.  As I’ve mentioned in other articles; are we watching things we should not be watching?  What, you think it’s harmless, just like the world because after all, it’s only a show?  It is not harmless.  We as God’s children need to be united in Christ, standing firm on the foundation of God’s word.  We can’t lean slightly here, or bend a little there; it’s all or nothing.

I’m sorry.  I know so many will read this and be angry, thinking that I’m preaching hell, fire, and damnation; well, that’s because I am in a sense–just being honest.  What I’m preaching here even more is that the time is near.  You may not take it so seriously; you remember times in the past people were crying out the same things.  The difference is that not as many people were crying it out then as they are now, and the cries weren’t all that Biblically founded either; but guess what?  Now they are!

We have to look at weather patterns, signs in the heavens, more and more storms that are more destructive, political situations, wars, terrorism, government, cashless society, major increase in earthquakes, (go here to see if you need evidence), tsunamis resulting from earthquakes, increase in destructive hurricanes, more blatant and outright sin and corruption, outright rebellion against what is right, the family no longer exists nor do their values, no moral values, people’s consciences are seared with a hot iron, just as the Bible predicts.  Children are against their parents, and parents against their own children!  There is utter hatred for what is good, pure, and right, and more!  We are far worse than Sodom and Gomorrah ever were!  Do you see it?  Can you see what’s happening?  Time is short.  There are so many books out about the end of the world, or Christian based books on the rapture, the end times, the impending doom…more than ever before; so many that most publishing companies are no longer accepting anymore books to do with these topics.

No matter what is going on in your family, find forgiveness; no matter who is right, or who is wrong, let there be forgiveness!  And don’t just stop there!  Forgive your friends, forgive your enemies…forgive everyone because whatever it is isn’t going to matter when we’re standing in judgment before YHVH, that is God!  Allow the love of the Lord to prevail and dominate.  It is time to pull together with the spiritual glue God gave us—His love, and His Holy Spirit (for interest on spiritual glue, look up laminin, it’s a molecule in all of our bodies shaped like the cross of Jesus that holds us together!).

Now is the time!  Not tomorrow, not next week, or a few months from now…right now!  Today!  No matter what you do or how busy your schedule is; hobbies, work, interests, sweep your family together and hide beneath the mighty shelter of God.  He will bring you and your family through the storm, I promise, if we stay in His presence.  No matter how it looks, or what’s going on…He will keep your heads dry from the torrential downpour, and He’ll not let the lightning strike you!

The Holy Spirit is calling to me, and He’s telling me, along with many other people in this world, that it’s time to start building up the home.  Just as people do who live near a body of water when there is a warning of a hurricane, so we must do.  Get your house ready now for one of the most destructive storms to ever hit; and I don’t mean your physical house, I mean the spiritual condition of you and your loved ones.  Take one step further; prepare your neighbors too.  It is time.  This, my friends, is what Jesus would do.

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  1. Well done Lyn we have to ring the dinner bell so to speak we just can’t talk Jesus we have to live Jesus we need to be infectious with God so much that kids adults want what we got and we need to quit saying the world is getting bad duh we know that but its our time as Christians to shine thats what we are to Do remember Mark 16 we don’t quit till its time to go home God is moving on people get in or get out of the way cause God’s freight train is a coming so lets do this we are soldiers after all. So lets quit belly aching and get after it. But its true in some schools they have condom dispensers in the bathroom and they teach safe sex in class so lets bring God back to the classroom instead miracles are the dinner bell to salvation so lets do our part.

  2. Good think He chose the time period He did, isn’t it? Just enough of the earth populated that His disciples were able to spread the word, and without a cell phone, LOL! Think about it though, He could have chosen any time period, but He chose that one.
    What will be the reasons He chooses the next time period, Will it be based strictly on the degenerate society and the lawlessness that will increase with the increase in chaos? Or will there be other factors that He will consider?
    Great post by the way!

    • Thanks, and great comment! I never did think of that before; about how He could have gotten the word around with an iPad or a computer and the internet.. hmmm…. and why would He have chosen the way that He did? You know what, I wonder, and give me your opinion, if maybe because He’s the Son of GOd, or God in the flesh. I’ll bet, though computers, internet, and all of that are great things, but I wonder if it’s because Jesus would not have used the internet or such things because then He would have been putting sinful imagry before His eyes. There is so much corruption and sin on the internet, and to be honest, without even wanting to, I oftentimes see something inappropriate at least several times a week on accident, or an advertisement on a page, etc. Jesus would have wanted to keep His eyes from that. To be honest, and I know I might catch heck from some people over this, but if you really think hard about it…how do I say this and not come across wrong…shoot…much of our technology is evil from the standpoint it is man’s attempt to compete with God….and get better and better as things get smaller and smaller. If we asked Jesus right now, He’d probably tell us many of the gadgets we all use today are entrances into evil places, and ruled by evil spiritst. My goodness, there is so much good too, such as what we’re all doing…all sorts of good things. But I feel Jesus would have nothing to do with the internet whatsoever. IT doesn’t seem like it would’ve been His cup of tea.

      • Since time is irrelevant to Him except in the way that it affects us, there had to be a reason it was chosen, perhaps it did have something to do with the population of the earth at the time, the ability to use the technology that was available (ie, shipping, ability to transcribe, etc.).
        As far as current technology, it by itself is not sinful, but yes sin did play a large part in it’s increase, but look at the invention of the printing press. It was a great leap and lead to all kinds of sinful books, and yet it lead to the Bible being able to be read more and more.
        He knows the technology that is available, objects are only sinful in the way that they are used. Man owns the sin, we are the ones that spread it. Even Satan could not use technology and tempt people if God didn’t allow it.
        Would Jesus use technology? Perhaps, it would not be in a sinful way, but I think that He could use it. He could have sat on the side of the road and gossiped before, and chose not to do it. It was not that He couldn’t sin, it was that He chose not to. There is no reason that He could not make the same choice at any other time.

        • I also believe everything here was thought of first in heaven. And we’re saying the same thing Kind of remind you of a previous discussion? Tee hee…. Anyways, as you could probabl tell, I was having trouble figuring out how to say what I was saying! LOL The only thing I mean differently is that if there was a bunch of garbage on it, like there is now, because He was trying to set an example, I wonder if maybe He wouldn’t have in order that His eyes would not be exposed to something sinful, if you know what I mean. I don’t know how to really fully explain exactly what I mean without coming across wrong’s one of those things! As far as what I started on above about things being thought of first in heaven…It wouldn’t surprise me if the same technology we have here was in heaven..we know there are buildings, and streets of gold…maybe God keeps all of His records on us on a huge computer system above, maybe even with a little mug shot next to it…. Maybe this is how He shows us our lives and how we lived it…both good and bad if we were watching it it on the big screen…He’s got copies downloaded into His Heavenly Throne Computer System, each given a filename. And everything we do is recorded. For all we know, the Lambs Book of LIfe could be an enormous computer with our names written in it (stored, saved, etc.) There are E Books, you know..and those little computerized books….I’m having a brain fart…kindle…yes..that’s it. Those are books. Interesting to wonder about.

          • He didn’t have any problem with sinners the first time, those are mostly who He spent His time with. The next time He returns it will be for a different reason though. Then He will return to judge the world and decide who will be with Him and who will not.
            Matthew 10:34
            New International Version (NIV)
            34 “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.

          • Kind of like in that tidbit from my trilogy I posted that you read…where Jesus comes to finish what He started back when He defeated Satan the first time by dying on the cross…not He’s coming to give us peace for 1,000 years…and then after more Satan and no more demons! Do you ever wonder what happens after all of that? That’s as far as it goes in the Bible. I oftentimes wonder if there is another entire book waiting to be written when these things are complete.

          • Well, perhaps there is another book waiting. He does promise to establish His kingdom on the earth!

    • Lyn, I hope you don’t mind me replying to loopyloos comment. Her insightful questions leave me wide eyed with wonder. At what level of low will the chaos need to be for HIm to return? Very challenging! Keep the Faith!

      • Well why on earth would I mind that? This is an open discussion board! LOL Thanks for being so polite, but good Lord, that’s what this is for; commenting about posts, commenting about each others’ comments…comment on! We all work for the big guy in the sky….each an employee of His. None is greater than the other, and none less.

      • Look at the chaos that was evident in Sodom and Gommorah, the two angels were threatened outside the home of Lot, the violence and chaos was tremendous. Will it reach that level this time? He says that unless the time was shortened, none would survive. There is a lot of debate as to whether this is before or after the tribulation but no real answers. Different people think one thing or another.
        Personally reading so many instances in the Bible and the destruction that God allowed to happen to Israel, I think that the chaos will be pretty bad. In Zechariah 14 verse 1, 2 and 3 it gives a description of the chaos in Jerusalem,,,, Behold, the day of the LORD cometh, and thy spoil shall be divided in the midst of thee.

        Zec 14:2 For I will gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle; and the city shall be taken, and the houses rifled, and the women ravished; and half of the city shall go forth into captivity, and the residue of the people shall not be cut off from the city.

        Zec 14:3 ¶ Then shall the LORD go forth, and fight against those nations, as when he fought in the day of battle.

        This is the scene prior to the return of the LORD, it is pretty chaotic, and while I don’t think that it will be this bad everywhere and all the time, there is that possibility. Look at the chaos that is going on now in a lot of the large cities and multiply it.

  3. Wow! Very powerful, Lyn. You seemlessly took us from imaginative humor, the sad reality of our present age to the coming of end-time events with truthful compassion. Come quickly, Lord Jesus!

  4. Wow…well done and stated Lyn! Technology is a tool to be used and not to be controlled by! Thank you for the reminder…God bless! –Sebastian

    • Mankind always has the tendency to take the good things God has blessed us with and allow Lucifer and his nasty band of brothers to sway us into using it for the bad; or by being consumed with it. It goes back to the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve were blessed by anything and everything they wanted; but there was one thing that God said no to, and they just had to have it. Mankind always wants more and more…better and better…trying in a sense to be like God Himself. It started so long ago in that place between the Tigris and the Euphrates Rivers. This is why the number 6 represents man, and man at his ultimate evil (666). And when man reaches his ultimate evil in trying to be like God, and becomes the counterfeit God (the Antichrist), that’s when God will shout, “I’ve had enough!” And that’s when Jesus like a warrior..not the subservient, humble Jesus we saw the first time..but the warrior, stout, and might Jesus…shall boldly and fearlessly come on His white horse….He will come in righteousness to judge and make war! That’s when Satan and his friends are all going to tremble, and their knees are going to buckle in fear as they fall flat on their faces, because Jesus is going to get off of that white horse and stand face to face with Satan himself. And He’s going to smile as He says, “Your time is up!” Satan is going to attempt to speak, but nothing comes out, “Bbbut…Bbbut…”

      Jesus will then glance back at two enormous, powerful angels and nod his head as they come and pick him up by his collar with a smile and toss him like a limp noodle into the bottomless pit for a thousand years. This is the day all of us who love the Lord our God…YHVH…look forward to! Amen!

  5. very good I deal with this all the time

    • Thanks! Yes; you can’t even drive past someone, it seems, without seeing a cell phone in their hands, whether texting or talking. My goodness..what did the world do before microwaves, cell phones, and internet? LOL!


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