Stop Being A Baby! It’s Time To Grow Up and Be Strong In the Lord!


Sure, the kid is cuter, and he makes you smile…but which one of these two is going to ward off their enemy better?  The small and weak, or the large and powerful?  The little guy is helpless and dependent upon others to fight his battles; we’re to have the faith of a child (immediate trust without question); but we’re not to remain spiritual babies!

There is a big misconception about salvation, and my hope is to clear it up as the Lord has laid on my heart over the past few years; although every time I speak to people or publish something about living in unrepentance, I get arguments and ridicule; and this is fine with me because I only speak truth.  Why take the chance when it is far too late?

I grew up Baptist, and the church taught, “Once saved, always saved!”  This is just not true.  Now, I don’t mean to make people start questioning their salvation and living in fear; rather, I want people to start questioning how they are living their lives.  We’re either completely married, or not.  A man or a woman can divorce if adultery is committed.  When we keep sinning against our Lord, (I’m not speaking of mistakes, I’m speaking of blatantly living in disobedience and sinfulness without true repentance, which means to confess, apologize, and give up.  The Lord has laid it on my heart to speak of these things, because there are a lot of people who believe they are saved, yet living in disobedience to His will.  They have not completely crucified the flesh, and therefore are not going to heaven as a result.  The Bible says that not everyone who says, ‘Lord!  Lord’!’ shall enter the Kingdom of heaven!

To believe that you’re always saved no matter how you live your life is a lie of the enemy; and he’s had thousands of years of practice at deception.  People get offended by this, and why?  Because they have sin in their lives they do not want to give up.  They become very offended, “Oh, God is a loving God!  And Salvation is free!  Everyone makes mistakes!”  Well, this is true…to a point.  As we see all throughout the Bible, God is also a God of correction, anger, and wrath.  When Israel sinned against Him, there was trouble for Israel.  The enemy knows God’s Word as well as God Himself.  He knows how to use God’s Word against us.  What would the enemy have to gain through me by telling you to get right with God?  Nothing.  He has more to gain if you believe the lie that you can continue to live in sin.

Some people argue with a different argument.  “God understands!  He loves me anyways!  I’m just going to lose crowns, or rewards in heaven!  But I’m not going to hell!”  So, if this belief is true, let me ask you this—why are we told not to sin?  If it was this easy, why did Christ have to die for us?  Do you honestly think He died to give you a free ticket to heaven above so you could continue in your worldly, lustful ways?  Heavens no!  Even Paul says no!  It’s time for Christians to sit down and read God’s word for what it is.  Quit reading excuses for the things you don’t want to stop doing into it.  The Bible only contradicts itself and becomes confusing when we try and conform it to our lusts and wicked desires.

I am telling you now as honestly as I can, and I am sorry if I’m striking a nerve; personally, I would get down on my knees if this article struck a nerve in me.  It would make me realize that something in me is not right.  I encourage you to read my article on loving the Lord (are you in love, or do you love what you know?), and to take a long, hard look at your life.  Secondly, understand the word repent.  Repent does not mean this, (ex.)—I’m lying to my spouse about something, not necessarily cheating or pornography, which are the same (to look upon a woman with lust in the eye is the same as adultery, according to God’s Word), but any type of a lie.  Every night, I say my prayers and tell God I’m sorry for it, but the next day comes and I do it again….and the next day…then I make it a few weeks without lying, but then lie again…and again….and again…and so forth.  This is living in purposeful blatant and outright sin and disobedience!  Does it now say that all liars, fornicators, adulterers, idolaters, and the such shall have their place in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone?

If you are married to Christ, which means you asked Him into your heart to save you, are you committing adultery by sleeping with the enemy?  If you are, I’m sorry, but you may not go to heaven.  The Salvation of Jesus Christ is a serious thing, not something to make a mockery of by continuing to live after the old man of the flesh.  Satan wants you to believe that what I’m saying is not true; he wants you to believe I don’t k now what I’m talking about and that I’m just some idiot who has misinterpreted something out of the Bible.  He wants you to not listen to me, and to in fact be angry and hard  headed.  Why?  Because he has everything to gain:  your soul, and his quest to defile God’s children and His kingdom….he wants to get even with God for giving He and 1/3 of the angels (because they gave ear to Lucifer during his rebellion).  What do you lose if you believe me?  Nothing.  Why would the enemy cause me to misunderstand such a thing?  Do you think he wants you to stop sinning so much?  Or to give up that worldly program on TV a Christian  has no business watching?  Or to give up that worldly activity that does not glorify the Father?  Think about it.

At least do this, not for me, but for God (YHWH).  Get on your knees before Him and ask Him to reveal to you the things you are partaking in, thinking, feeling, doing that are not of Him.  Ask Him to convict your heart of this thing(s) and to reveal how to get freedom from it/them.  Ask Him to show you this truth.

I make a good point in another article  here using a car.  If I stop by your home tomorrow and pull up in a brand new car, and I give this car to you, writing gift on the title so you don’t even have to pay taxes, do you have to take care of the car or not?  Or are you going to drive it around for years without getting oil changes, repairs, maintenance, and upkeep?  I’m afraid to say that you’re going to have to maintain the car, which costs money, or else the car will stop working, and eventually, turn into a rust bucket that dies on the side of the road before getting hauled off to a junk yard as scrap.  I gave you a car, and I gifted it to you so that you owed nothing; but I gave it expecting you to take care of it.  I will not come and take the car away from you because I gave it to you; however, you can take it away from yourself by abusing it.  So, although God doesn’t take salvation away from us, we reject it when we don’t obey God.  And woe unto those who take the free gift and trample it beneath their feet as garbage…for they have tasted the new wine upon their tongues and have purged it onto the ground before them as vomit!

Please, think about this.  I humbly ask you in Christ Jesus earnestly.  My friends, it is near time for the gates of heaven to open, and the clouds to part—it is time for the alarm to sound!  God’s cry is repentance before all of humanity.  He wants no one left behind, and He wants to save you from hell; the place that wasn’t meant for humanity, but for Satan and his ghoulish fiends.

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"If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14 God's call to the world! Are you ready?

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