BIBLE TRIVIA–Are you smarter than a SIXTH grader–PART ONE–Questions


OLD TESTAMENT TRIVIA—PART ONE  (Directions to get your answers at the very bottom of this post.)

01.  What was the first commandment given?

02.  Who was the first to become drunk on wine?

03.  Which was the first war mentioned?

04.  Who celebrated the first birthday party?

05.  What was the first miracle performed by Jesus?

06.  Who was the first Hebrew King?

07.  Who were the first female construction workers?

08.  Who held the first beauty contest?

09.  Who was the first to use a pseudonym?

10.  When were Jesus’ followers first called Christians?

11.  What was the name of the man who worked 14 years to get the wife he truly wanted?

12.  How old was Joseph when he was given his beautiful robe?

13.  After David stoned Goliath to the ground, whose sword did he use to cut off Goliath’s head?

14.  What was the name of the person who was blind, yet killed about 3,000 people at a pagan religious feast?

15.  What group of people complained about their food?

16.  What was the name of the Old Testament prophet who was fed by ravens?

17.  What is the name of the man whom King David arranged to have killed because he wanted the man’s wife?

18.  Which came first in Egypt—the plague of frogs or the plague of gnats (lice in some interpretations)?

19.  On what mountain did the ark of Noah come to rest?

20.  Who traveled a great distance to see for herself the wisdom of Solomon?

21.  What kind of wood did Noah probably use to make the ark?

22.  What was the name of the person who was both cupbearer to King Artaxerxes and a builder?

23.  How many men did King Nebuchadnezzar see walking in the fiery furnace?

24.  After the flood subsided, what did Noah see in the sky?

25.  What was the source of Samson’s strength?

26.  Who prayed three times every day in front of a window?

27.  Which Old Testament King is known for his fame, riches, and wisdom?

28.  Who was turned into a pillar of salt because of disobedience?

29.  What type of false god did Aaron the high priest create out of gold?

30.  How old was Joseph when he died?

31.  What was David’s occupation before he became king?

32.  Who was Baal?

33.  Who was the priest that struck his donkey in anger three times, and then was reproached out loud by the hurt animal?

34.  Who wore clothes cut out of fig leaves that were sewn together?

35.  Who was the wife of Boaz, the prominent rich man of the family of Elimelech?

36.  Who was the older son of Adam and Eve—Cain or Abel?

37.  What was the name of the commander who gave each man in his army of 300 a trumpet and an empty jar?

38.  What was Gideon’s other name?

39.  Which Old Testament prophet brought back to life the widow of Zarephath’s son?

40.  What were the names of the two Israelite spies who were sent into the land of Canaan and brought back a favorable report?

41.  Which twin was born first—Jacob or Esau?

42.  What did the spies say that the fruitful land of Canaan flowed with?

43.  On what day of creation was day created?  On what day of creation was night created?

44.  Who had 700 princesses and 300 concubines numbered among his wives?

45.  Who sold their younger brother into slavery for 20 pieces of silver?

46.  What was the name of the prophet who ordered the execution of 450 pagan priests?

47.  What was the name of the mother of Abraham’s first son?

48.  When Sarah bore Abraham his second son, Isaac, how old was the patriarch?

49.  What was the name of the prostitute  who was Hosea’s wife?

50.  What was the name of the leper who was also the commander of the army of the King of Aram?

51.  What group of men could not wear garments that would cause them to sweat while they were in the holy sanctuary?

52.  What was the name of the mother who hid her son in the reeds on the bank of the river?

53.  What was the name of the prophet who foretold that Jesus would be born in Bethlehem?

54.  Who was hung on a gallows 50 cubits (approx. 75 feet) high?

55.  In order to win the battle against Amalek, how did Aaron and Hur help Moses?

56.  What was the name of the wife of Lappidoth, and what was she famous for?

57.  When King David pretended to be crazy, scratching marks on the doors of the gate, and letting his saliva run down his beard, from whom was he attempting to escape?

58.  How many stones were placed in the Jordan River after the children of Israel had crossed over onto dry land?

59.  What were the number of stones in question #58 above symbolic of?

60.  When the ark of the covenant was being transported on a art back to Jerusalem, the oxen shook the ark, and a man reached out his hand to steady the ark and keep it from falling.  He was struck dead because he had touched the sacred chest.  Who was this man?


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