Experience YHVH As Never Before

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Just a little over a decade ago, about thirteen years now, a heavenly transaction took place in Micha’el’s life; immediately after his reborn experience, he exchanged his worldly songs for the heavenly Songs of the Lord, the Songs of Zion! Since that holy transaction took place in May 1999, the Lord sovereignly began to put New Song(s) within his mouth, a Praise to the God of Israel, that many will see, FEAR, AND PUT THEIR TRUST IN the LORD (Psalm 40:3)!

After having discovered that Pearl of precious price, Micha’el turned his back away from both the pursuit of fame and fortune in NYC as well as a contrcat with a major record company that very same year.  He chose to wholeheartedly follow Him, YESHUA, the very Jewish Messiah, his newfound Love and Friend, the Lover of his soul. It is by grace Micha’el has never looked back since.  Even though the road has been quite narrow and difficult at times, and the walk often lonely, Micha’el presses on to the High calling of God in his life! He had to constantly make some extremely difficult decisions along the way, continually choosing to wholeheartedly follow His Lord and King, and not men, which caused many misunderstandings and suffering.  Neverthelss, by God’s grace, Micha’el continues to walk blameless before God serving Him fully!  It is written that if we seek Him with all of our hearts, we will find Him! 

Micha’el was compelled from the very beginning, uncompromisingly setting his heart like flint from early on in His spiritual walk to seek hard after God! Because Micha’el feared YHVH and chose HIM above all else, the LORD began to reveal secrets that had been hidden from him.  When he went to Israel for the first time in Autumn 2001, the LORD restored him to his Hebraic roots and began unveiling him the Secrets to His Covenant (Psalm 25:14) in order to make real and manifest His promises for others to see! God’s good Hand was upon Micha’el to be a Sign to Israel and all peoples, nations, and tongues demonstrating God’s Glory for the world to see! 

Through God’s grace, Micha’el uses his songs and music videos in an attempt to convey God’s Covenantal Message to Israel and the Body at large! However, it all started after some intensive preparation and training of the Spirit for several years after his initial conversion. As of November 2004, Micha’el was commissioned by God and sent specifically to the religious Jewish people and began residing in Israel, in the City of the great King, in Jerusalem, to be a living Witness of Yeshua amongst God’s ancient chosen people; to be a Light and a Voice in a very dry place ~ a spiritual wilderness where Revelation of the Messiah as the King of Glory is not only lacking, but resisted most and foremost due to all the atrocities done to the Jewish people throughout the centuries in the name of Christ throughout the history of Christendom! A most delicate matter indeed, which requires God’s special Anointing, Wisdom, and Love above all to reach into their ancient wounds, mindsets, and strongholds to bring HEALING and wholeness by the Spirit of Grace and Revelation!

Anointed and sent by God to prepare the Way of the Lord (Isaiah 40:3); to comfort and prepare a People called out and set apart from amongst the Remnant Jews in Israel and in the Diaspora who, when they reconsider and finally begin to look to HIM, the Holy One of Israel, whom they’ve pierced and cursed so many times even with their lips, would then receive complete healing, everlasting Salvation, hope, faith, JOY, strength, and comfort and be made whole in Yeshua’s holy Name!

Truly the Spirit of Grace is overshadowing the Ministry of Micha’el Ben David, a modern day Psalmist likened to the original Psalmist King David himself, indeed a man after God’s own heart, Micha’el continues to exalt YESHUA wherever He goes with his life and songs so that all Israel may cry out joyfully one day soon: “BARUCH HABA B’SHEM ADONAI / BLESSED IS HE WHO COMES IN THE NAME OF THE LORD!”

From the heart of Jerusalem the LORD, in the last several years now since 2005, has been sending Micha’el to over 23 nations, beginning with Germany, to sing out and proclaim His Word with the high Praises of God in His mouth and a double edged sword and to teach all with ears to hear what the Spirit has to say to this last-hour generation about God’s Ways and His Full Counsel; and to prepare His Bride, Jew and Gentile One in Messiah, for the soon-coming Holy Bridegroom, YESHUA! As promised, the LORD is restoring the Tent of David which had fallen down (Amos 9:11) and repairing its damages and raising up its ruins to rebuild it as in the days of old through Micha’el’s ministry (and others), which the LORD has graciously entrusted to him!

Please continue to lovingly support and pray for our brother Micha’el to uphold him in His unique calling; please remember to never cease to make petitions before the LORD for the Jewish People as a whole, for their complete restoration and destiny as a Royal Priesthood and Holy Nation! PRAY for the Peace of Jerusalem! For through their Peace, which only comes by means of their acceptance of the only true Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus), the Prince of Peace, God’s Kingdom will be established on earth as it is in Heaven. As it is written, it will be [a Spiritual Resurrection] Life from the dead for all the nations (Romans 11:15). May God bless you; shine His Face upon you and give you understanding, revelation, and of course, establish you and yours in the Shalom of the Prince of Peace/Sar Shalom, Lord of the Universe, YESHUA! Amen! Shalom Aleichem!


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"If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14 God's call to the world! Are you ready?

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