To the Jew First, Then To the Greek


The creation of mankind began in the Middle East, people speculate that it was in the place we now know as Iraq, between the Tigris & Euphrates Rivers.  God made Adam & Eve, the first humans and placed them in the Garden of Eden.  Needless to say, since mankind came from this area, and later, they became known as the Israelites; the Jewish nation, we all came from the Jews.

Over the many years, the people sinned against God, making graven images and creating false religions.  These people who practiced these things were no longer called Jews.   It is appropriate to use the term Jews to refer to the Israelite community beginning in 722 B.C.E.  Prior to this date, the term had a more narrow meaning (first referring to members of the tribe of Judah, then to inhabitants of the Israelite Kingdom of Judah). 

Following the death of King Solomon in the 10th century, the Israelite kingdom split into two.  Israel was in the north; Judah was in the south.  In 722, Assyrians conquered the northern kingdom and deported the population.  As a result, the community descends from the Israelites who lived in the Kingdom of Judah.  This is why members of the community are called Jews and the religion is called Judaism.

Israelite is a reference to a descendant of the man Israel who God named Jacob.  Any one can be a Jew regardless of heritage. 

Nine of the tribes of the Israelites were never identified as Jews, but in the divided kingdom, the nine tribes of the north were identified as Israel and they were the enemy of the Jews; split tribes of the Kingdom of Judah.

The word Jew entered English from the Latin iūdēas, which was drawn from the Hebrew Yəhūdhī.  It refers to an adherent of the Jewish religion or the descendent of Jews.  The Jewish people include individuals of all racial/ethnic backgrounds both because of individuals who converted and because of indigenous Jewish communities in Europe, North Africa, sub Saharan Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, and India.

Later on as time passed, these other nations became known as the Greeks, the Romans, etc.  But when Jesus came and died for us, He made available to those who were not Jewish salvation by His blood that was shed on the cross.  He also said that we are to follow Him; He was/is our role model.  Was Jesus not Jewish?  Did we not all originate from the Jewish nation?  The answer to these two questions is yes.  If there is a perfect spiritual belief system, it would have to be Messianic Judaism because Jesus, as I just mentioned, was a Jew.  The Messianic part of the title means that these are the Jews that believe Jesus Christ was the Messiah sent from God.

Israel has always been, and forever shall be, a nation blessed by God; they are His firstborn, His chosen people.  Anyone who was not a Jew was adopted into the family of Yveh.  Those who are adopted are loved just as much.  It is as if you have two children, and you love each one just as much; though one of the children has something about him that makes him special…like a special talent, or a special gift.  So that child is extra special to you, though they are both loved with the same amount of love. 

The United States of America was God’s other blessed nation; and as long as we were one nation under God, His hand was upon us.  However, although there are those of us who love the Lord and honor Israel who live in the USA, our nation is in serious danger of God’s judgment.  We no longer claim God, we’ve taken prayer out of school,  we condemn those who speak about Jesus; anyone who is a devout Christian/Jew is mocked, scorned, made fun of, put down, ridiculed…the Christian and the Jew are together hated.  Reason for this?  Satan hates the Jewish nation, which is why they have always been persecuted.  Satan hates the Christians as well, but he hates the Jewish nation even more because they are God’s elect.

If you truly are in love with the Lord, and you call yourself a Christian, it is time to rise up now and stand for God’s beloved people.  Do you support your loved ones in their endeavors?  Why?  Because you love them!  Support your God, YHVH, by supporting the nation He adores!  Pray for peace in Israel, and pray for God’s protection.  Pray that God has mercy on our nation, America, for the wickedness and corruption that is spreading like wildfire.  We can only hope and pray.  It is time to get down on our knees and surrender ourselves to the power of God.  We all came from this place many thousands of years ago…the blood of Israel flows through our very veins…these are our ancestors…and our  heritage as well.  


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  1. This is awesome. Can I use this post of yours as one of the posts in my Don’t Mess With The Jews series? Of course, I’ll include a link back to your blog.

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