Just a few years ago, I was sitting on the edge of my bed feeling lonely and sad. It was late, and I’d spent the day talking with the Father about things, and giving Him glory. I had a realization that I think might be true for many of us. All of my life I’d grown up in church and around Christianity. I knew so much of the Bible, and all about the Lord our God. I really loved what I knew about Him, but then I realized this one evening before bed that I only loved what I knew about Him. I realized that although I knew ‘about’ Him and had asked Him into my heart as Lord and Savior, I didn’t really know Him…I mean, like the way you know the person in your life who is the closest to you…that kind of knowing. And so, ashamed, I admitted to God, “Lord, I know you’re already aware of this, but I also know I’m supposed to be up front and admit things to You,” I hesitated, not wanting to utter the words from my mouth, yet I continued regardless.

“Father, I love what I know about You; but I am not in love with You; I know about You, but I do not really know You.” A tear escaped my eye as I glanced down at my feet on the floor, as if He was looking down at me and I couldn’t look Him in the face.

“Lord, please teach me to fall in love with You.Teach me so that I may please You.” And then it hit me that our walk with the Lord is so difficult for us because most of us love what we know, but we aren’t really in love with Him.

When you first met the person you were infatuated with, you would have driven miles and miles to see them for only a few moments. You would rush home and stay up late at night just to read their love letters or to hear their voice. You ate, drank, slept, walked, and talked nothing but that person. Every day, your thoughts and emotions were filled entirely with this person as the butterflies flitted around in your stomach. You couldn’t stop telling everyone about this special someone, and you didn’t care what they thought; you were proud, and you were excited!  You’d spend hours in front of the mirror primping, wear your best clothes, and be on your best behavior.

Have you been this way with God? I hadn’t. And this is what I wanted Him to teach me.

A few days later, once again, I was sitting on my bed. At the time, I lived in a two bedroom house and so the add-on family room was my bedroom. I was surrounded by windows. It was a hot, still day, and there hadn’t been a single breeze or movement of the foliage. I was praying. “Lord, we associate love with being touched, touching, seeing someone face to face and eye to eye; we associate love with actually hearing a voice speaking with compassion to us, and more. Father, this is the place in my mind where it is most difficult to fall in love with You. I want to; but I am not sure how when a big, (not the biggest,) part of love is everything I cannot experience with You.”

He spoke to me in my mind, “Lyn, in My Word, the wind is one of the things associated with My Spirit; the Holy Spirit. Tell Me, can you touch the wind?”

I thought about it briefly. “Well no Father, I cannot touch the wind, nor can I see the wind.”

He replied, “But the wind can touch you, and you can see all that the wind touches. When the wind touches the grass and the trees, you can see them dance before Me.”

I smiled, “Yes Lord, I can see what the wind touches.”

In my heart, I could feel our heavenly Father smile back. “You cannot touch the wind, but the wind can touch you; and you can feel it touch you, and see it touch everything! So is My love!”

Just then, and I’m not embellishing, again, I say to you, there had not been a single breeze all day, and I’d been staring out through the windows for about an hour; not one leaf on a tree had so much as quivered; a breeze that I cannot begin to describe gently blew in and wrapped itself around me. There was this feeling, and the best I can do to describe it is to say that I was instantly filled with an array of emotion; happy, peaceful, serene, excitement, love, and more….including feelings I don’t believe are known to mankind. Accompanied with this glorious feeling was an obvious odor. This is another thing I cannot describe; the best thing that comes to my mind is fresh….it was a most fresh, heavenly smell; in fact, it was as if I was inhaling the air of heaven itself. I inhaled deeply, not wanting it to stop, but it did. This entire thing only took place for a brief moment, and then as if it never happened, the leaves and branches on every tree instantly came to a halt all at once.

Out loud, I uttered, “Thank You, Father; for You have touched me with Your hands, the Holy Spirit. In a moment, I have felt the touch of Your hands (the Holy Spirit), the breath from Your lips, deeply inhaled Your glorious smell, and have been taken in a moment’s time to Your heavenly throne, kneeling at Your feet where I belong; for we are part of Your body, the lower parts, yet important; Your feet—the carriers of Your precious Holy Spirit throughout the world!”

The most important part of all of this experience is that when you’re in love with someone—truly in love—it’s not as difficult to be loyal!  You don’t feel so alone during your low points; and you trust them completely, so there is no doubt, and no fear. No wonder most people, myself included, have had such a hard time serving God the way we’re supposed to! Are you hearing me? So many of us aren’t truly in love with Him! We love what we know, but we aren’t in love. There’s a difference.

The beginning stages of a new relationship are the most exciting times, but then comes the day when it’s hard work. You’re constantly tilling the ground, planting seeds, and harvesting. Harvest time is the wonderful time because that’s when all of your hard work pays off and you can sit back and enjoy your many efforts. That love, if tended to properly, grows into something much deeper and stronger. There are still things you learn about each other, even years later, and it’s exciting. Over time, you make mistakes and inadvertently hurt one another’s feelings. And when you communicate with your love, you don’t just talk to them, you also sit quietly and listen to them talk to you; you talk WITH them. After all, relationships are give and take, are they not?

Like I said, you’d lay down your life and drive many miles with hardly any money or sleep to spend time with that special person. Would you do this for God? And when you pray, are you doing most of the talking, or are you listening as well? “Be still and know that I am God!” Says the Lord.

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  1. Reblogged this on simplyjuliana and commented:
    Beautiful, must read by Lyn Leahz! Great writer!! I encourage all to read her books and posts!

  2. Trying to reblog this! Too good to not share!

    • Thank you! Alawys love those reblogs! Good think I just went through it and cleaned it up a little…I had a paragraph that was way too long, so I split it and fixed a typo or two! LOL I just got this laptop a few months ago, and sometimes I don’t push down hard enough on them and a letter will be missing from whatever I type up.

    • I had to ask..i’ve had people get very upset if I deviate in the slightest from their ‘post’. LOL I’m not like that…I don’t think God would have us close off the work of the Holy Spirit by being so anal and set in our ways. As I’ve said before, this blog, I just oversee it…but it belongs to God. When you put too many restrictions, within reason, you can hinder the work of the Holy Spirit.

    • As I was explaining to you about where to add your email.there is one more thing there if you haven’t already…add your blog! This is the biggest mistake so many bloggers make…because if you just like something and don’t comment, or if someone only clicks on yoru takes you to their gravatar. IF there is nothing about your blog (the link) they will not know where to go to visit your site. Go to my account, edit profile on your gravatar page, and my links/ I just delete the http:// they have there and copy and paste the url from my main page.

  3. This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever read!! It is so straightforward and it points out what is TRULY important!!! Not lipservice, but true relationship! Not being impressive, but being impressed upon by God! Thank you and Glory to God for this thought provoking post and life changing post!!

    • It changed my life. I have more faith in Him. I can hear Him better and more often when He speaks to me. When I suffer, I still become a little scared at times, but am able to calm myself down and know He won’t let anything bad happen unless it’s meant to happen. I talk with Him now instead of TO Him. I want to please Him more than I did before. I feel more convicted when I fall short of His glory. I can’t wait to get home from my busy day and spend quality ‘alone’ time with Him. He goes with me everywhere..but that’s not quality time. Quality time is when it’s just He and I and nobody else! Nothing better than having dinner every night with Jesus!

      • Oh, yes it is the QUALITY time where all the treasures of just knowing Him is! He has called me more and more into QUALITY time in prayer and to spend more and more time there! It is like you have read my heart!

        • Isn’t it wonderful when we see the Holy Spirit at work among us, who knows and reads our hearts? It is such an awesome thing…because it’s not just the big things, but even the little things in which He confirms Himself. He’s saying, “Hello! I’m here!”

        • My mom sent me this linke..have you heard of this book? She said it is a page turner. What do you think? This is what she said: (
          Click on the above link for the most well-informed information concerning the times we are currently living in. This is John Shorey’s book called “2012-2020, The Window of the Lord’s Return”. You won’t be able to put it down!) I haven’t heard of it.

        • I just don’t know…I hear so many ministers now saying mid trib..and they have good points, but I’ve always been pre trib..and pre trib has good points too! I’m confused! LOL I guess all you can do is live for Christ and not worry about it. I haven’t read this book yet..but I have heard good Bible believing ministers saying they’re leaning more toward mid, and that the problem is those of us like myself who are pre trib are going to be unprepared for some things that will happen. You’re a level headed Bible believing woman…have you heard people saying this? And what’s your thoughts? I’ve been wanting someone else’s OP on this. I ‘d much rather keep believing PRE trib all the way, to be honest.

    • I always try to use emotion provoking pics too…love this pic..whoever these people are did a wonderful job of really conveying love in their body language and expressions…

  4. Thank you for this post. It captures the essence of how God wants a relationship with us based on love not on spouting knowledge. The enemy always wants us to eat at the tree of knowledge rather than being in love with God. His love and mercy are so great that it captivates us!

  5. This is awesome! And yes, I have experienced this before. Thanks for sharing Sis!

  6. Reblogged this on Lyn Leahz and commented:

    An older post I made before I had all of you following me. Thought I’d repost! Good Read!

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