Songs/Poems I’ve Written

These were all given to me by the Holy Spirit, except for If Just For Once, and the last one, Empty of Me.  This one came to me during a low point in my life, and was a result of my own emotional roller coaster I was on.

First and foremost, the two most recent prophetic songs the Father gave to me; they’re both kind of similar with the whole ‘return to me’ repetition, but they’re very different at the same time.

Listen Closely

The day is comin’, oh so near-

The day is comin’, lost in fear;

But listen child, don’t look back,

Alone and lost, a love you lack.

Can’t stop the rain, can’t stop the pain you feel.

Running so fast, not knowin’ just how real.

And I can’t tell you, no you can’t see,

And you won’t hear, when will you come to me?

(Chorus)  O’ return, My child-

I’m saying to you now!

Return to me,

Oh return unto me!

Listen close I’ll tell you how- (end of chorus)

Walk in the door, throw down your keys-

Voices so loud, won’t someone help me  please;

In all my life I’ve never been so low,

God help me now, because I just don’t know.

(chorus) And He says-

Return My child!

I’m sayin to you now!

return My child-

Oh return unto Me-

Listen closely-

Listen closely-

O’ listen closely-

I’ll tell you how- (end of chorus)

Pull out your phone, but there’s no one to call,

If we wanna get close, sometimes we all must fall;

Want so bad to know you, want you near-

Stand up,  now be strong, don’t you live in fear.

(chorus) Return My child, Return unto Me,

Return My child, I’m sayin’ to you now-

Return to Me,

Oh return unto Me!

Listen closely….listen closely….

I’ll tell you now-

Listen closely….I’ll show you how,

Listen closely, Listen closely,

I’ll tell you now-

Return Unto Me

Return to Me, Return to Me,

All of My children, Let your eyes see.

Now is the time, In the strum of My hand,

Don’t you hear music?  March with My band!

Return to Me, Return to Me,

All of My children, I’ll set you free.

Today is that day, The battle is near,

Stand firm and be strong, Stop living in fear!

I know you’re obstinate, But I need you to listen,

A message so clear, The dark prince has risen!

Return to Me, Return to Me,

All of My Children, Return unto Me!

You’ve wept and lamented, Tears fall like rain,

Suffer no more, Nor dwell in your pain!

Children get ready, Gather your places,

My bride has been waiting, Her gown trimmed in laces.

O’ children please listen!  I’m on My way home!

Come now together, Get out of the storm.

Return to Me, Return to Me,

I’m just down the street, By the old vacant tree.

Please hurry, don’t tarry, Time’s running short,

Return to Me, Dance in My court.

Don’t fall asleep, Don’t blink your eyes,

Look up and see, Return to Me-

Return unto Me.


If Just For Once…

If just for one day I could walk again, or run throughout the hills, if I could do all of those things I dreamed of and never did, then the suffering would all be worth it in the end. If for only just a moment I could stand atop the highest mountain and see the angels fly, if I could feel the summer wind blowing against my face, instead of living life as though I were in a race.

If just for one night I could dance again, and twirl about the stage, the most magical music would forever play, as my soul and my spirit would be so free and so gay. If just one last time I could feel your warm breath and touch your soft lips with kisses, your eyes would light up as flames of the fire, I would say I was strong, when you really made me weak, and I would be but a liar.

If just for one morning I could make a difference, in someone elses life; I would spread all of the love and kindness around, and graciously give all of the joy I had found. If I could go back just 10 years ago, every day would be lived as though it were my last, why must we waste so much precious time, until our future becomes our past?

Closer To You (A Song)

I found this among,

The scattered papers today;

A simple prayer, to pray.

It lifted me up, toward your light,

The beginning of this new life.

I saw you standing,

In a crowd on the street,

With just a single thing to say,

I fell down

At your feet,

And I began to pray…

Closer to You now,

I’m on the floor,

I heard you knocking

You’re at my door.

Closer to You

Answered Your call,

And You’ll be there, when I come…

After all….

I felt you pulling at my heart today,

Wounded child, with nothing much to say,

I lifted him up,

Held him near,

And I said child, there’s nothing to fear.

Cause we’re closer to you now,

We’re on our knees,

Closer to You,

Don’t let us leave please.

We’re closer to You,

Where we belong,

And You’ll be there when we come,

After all……


Shrouds of rain…fall down,

And I can’t help, but see;

Wicked past behind me…

So much wasted time…

Wouldn’t You agree?

Evil…won’t let me be…

won’t let me be…no no no…!

Tears of pain, roll down my face…

It’s like everyone I knew—

What You did, they wouldn’t do.

You gave Your life, You sweated blood,

Mixed miracles…with mud…

You could’ve walked…away from me,

But You wanted me so near…

I’m finally free from fear…yeah!

Tears of pain, roll down my face

Like everyone I knew—

It’s what You did they wouldn’t do. (repeat twice, chorus)

Reaching up to You,

Ran out of places…to run,

I can see the sun…yeah

So God,…here I come,

Fall down on my knees,

Forgive me, I beg please.

Tears of pain, roll down my face

Like everyone I knew—

It’s what You did they wouldn’t do. (repeat twice, chorus)

You’ll dry my tears, I know.

I want to be that person, too…

Because what You did…they’d never do.

Empty of Me

There’s nothing to write,

Nothing to sing,

A heart that’s empty,

…empty of me…

I stare at a wall,

Has something to say,

But walls are blank,

From where I lay.

And there’s nothing to sing,

Nothing to say,

My words will come,

Another dark day.

I’m staring down hopeless,

A twisted spiral of shame,

Where a pointed finger waves,

“you have yourself to blame…”

When will these words come?

When will music play?

My heart completely empty,

….empty of me.

Can’t believe I’m gone,

Wouldn’t matter if I stayed,

Want to feel the music,

But it’s empty, empty of me…

Can’t believe I’m gone,

Wouldn’t matter if I stayed,

Want to feel the music…

But it’s empty, empty of me.

When I come back home,

And see me once again,

Will my words return,

Or still be empty where I’m in….?

All songs and poems ©Lyn Leahz,, 2011

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16 replies

  1. Awesome! Thanks for the link! Here’s the last song I did before retiring and ‘Returning to Him’…. kind of ironic.Thanks again for the closure Lyn!

    • Thank you, I’m sorry, I do not know your name, but thank you. I’m happy that you read them and liked them. Allah yeh hesik (probably writing it wrong, but this is how my Cathoilc Lebanese people say God bless you in Lebanese Arabic!)

  2. Thank you for your visit to Minkyweasel World and for your comment. Did you browse my songs pages too? Many of those are on YouTube but with only me playing guitar. I am not a good singer these days but I would love someone to take my songs and sing them (they are free to use by Christian brothers and sisters anyhow). You are quite talented yourself and I like what you have written here. Keep up God’s work, love

    Shirley Anne x

    • That’s funny..I feel the same way about mine. No, i didn’t know you had some on youtube…you’ll have to send me the link.

      • Hi Lyn. Yes they are on YouTube. You have to remember I am not a professional musician. I taught myself on the guitar but I play for my own pleasure now. I was in a church band for a few when I first started playing but that was more than thirteen years ago. Anyway the songs and poems I’ve written were each written in a continous flow from my mind. It is if God is dictating them and all I have to do is jot them down. Perhaps He is. The YouTube links are on my front page in two places, one in the header bar and the other in the right hand side column and in that column is a link to my other blog ‘Minkyweasels Musings’ but I will place them here for you and
        Thank you for your interest. I hope you enjoy them. Love

        Shirley Anne x

    • That’s the way it should be 😉 I understand completely because this is how the Lord gives me songs, books, etc. They just come to me from Him, not of my own mind, but His. It’s a blessing, and you just know when it is from Him. They usually come really fast as well. It’s so wonderful and humbling to be used by Him! I will check them out later this evening when I have more opportunity to do so. Thank you for the link!

  3. Great Lyn! You write well, I see an edge of darkness, flavored with a strong hope in Christ. Reminds me of some of what I have written!

    Blessings to you

  4. Listen closely, tears of pain, closer to you. loved them

    • They all took me approx ten minutes each to write; that’s how it happens for me. God gives it to me in my head, and then i quickly write it down. I also like empty of me. It was a time when I was down, and I was trying to vent my feelings of frustration and sadness, but I had writer’s block..I couldn’t write. Suddenly, as I was staring at the blank wall feeling sad, it came to me..empty of me. I felt, at the time, as if I couldn’t be myself, and I wasn’t myself anymore. Was having some relationship troubles at the time.

  5. Beautiful penmanship Lyn Leahz…B’Hatzlacha! All the Success and best regards! May Adonai richly bless you! Micha’el Ben David

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