Spiritual Warfare; Now more than ever! Part I

“Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.” Ephesians 6:10-13, NKJV


As Christians, we’ve all heard one of these verses before…or maybe, the entire passage, which includes Ephesians 6:10-20—the spiritual warfare instruction manual.  But have most of us really sat down and meditated on what it really means?

We live in a dynamic world full of many pleasures, wonders, Godly things, and un-Godly things.  We live in a time where temptation comes before us several times a day, everyday.  We live in a very self-centered time where everything is about me—self-conscious, self-respect, self-esteem, self-righteous, self-indulgent, self-confident, self-medicate, self this, and self that…is the word self-ish included in that list?  I think so.  The world and the cultures are always changing; unfortunately, where God (Yahweh) is concerned, it’s not good.

Do you realize that everything that happens in the physical happens in the spiritual realms first?  I would ask you to take a moment to ponder what I’ve just said.  Now that you’ve thought about it, you have to begin to grasp it.  This is why what you speak is so important.  The Bible says, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”  So we can see here that faith is substance.  When we think of faith, we think of it as a thought, a feeling, or an act…and it is; but it’s also substance.  How?  Because, with faith you are creating an actual substance in the spiritual realms.  This is hard for us to comprehend in the flesh, but the spiritual is more real than your flesh is.  Oh, but you can see your flesh, so therefore it must be more real, right?  No!  You were a spirit before you became flesh…your spirit was breathed by God into your mother’s womb.

So when you are walking around all day complaining about your circumstances, you are giving it substance in the spiritual realms.  Ever notice the bad things you fear so much inevitably happen for the most part?  Because, as human beings, we tend to have more faith in the bad things than we do the good.  It goes both ways, unfortunately.  Faith is faith.  So take that faith you have that something bad is going to happen and turn it around; you’d be able to part seas and move mountains because most  people have an unfathomable amount of faith in the negative.

Make it happen in the spiritual realms first by speaking it, in the name of Jesus, of course.  Speak it all day, every day.  When you catch yourself saying something negative about your situation, immediately repent for unbelief, and rebuke it; following it up with the example Jesus gave us when He was in the wilderness, “For it is written…..” and quote a Bible passage that goes in accordance with what you’re praying for.  Even go so far as to pay attention to your thought processes; take a moment throughout your day as much as you can to visualize what it is you are praying for in your mind as though it’s happening.  If your foot has been bothering you for years off and on, picture Jesus walking up to you and touching your foot, and then imagine yourself leaping up in joy and running ten laps around your neighborhood…free, and overjoyed.

So far, we have discussed that everything happens in the spiritual realms first; we have discussed how things in the spiritual realms do have substance, just different than what we’re accustomed to; and we have discussed what we speak, and what we think.

Let’s delve a little bit deeper into our thoughts.  Two questions:  How does God speak to us?  And, how does the enemy, Satan and his dark angels, speak to us?

When anyone speaks to you, they speak it to your spirit.  Your spirit hears it as a thought from your own mind.  There is no burning bush, talking mules, or nasty monstrosity that steps out from your closet in the middle of the night..it’s thoughts.  For example, I’m on my way home from work.  The route I normally travel is dangerous today because at the same time I will be crossing that intersection, a car is going to come flying through and it’s going to hit my car.  God, in an effort to protect me because I do not know this, speaks to my spirit, but here’s how it comes across to me.  “I think I’ll take the other way home today, just for the heck of it.  There’s that yard I really like, and eventually, I want to make my yard look like that.”  Or, “I need to stop off at the store and get that flour I need for the cookies.  I’m not making them until this weekend, but I’ll just get it over with now.”

In opposite, when Satan and his demons speak to you, they do the same thing.  Everything has been going wrong.  Your boss has been short with you for the past few weeks, your kids are getting into trouble at school.  Your spouse has been preoccupied with other things and there hasn’t really been very much closeness.  The bills are piling up, and you can’t seem to pay them off.  Everything that could go wrong is going wrong.  You used to smoke, and you used to drink, but you gave it up several months ago.  “I think I’m going to go buy a pack of cigarettes and a bottle of wine.  I deserve it.  One time isn’t going to hurt everything.  Who cares what anyone thinks, they do what they want to do all of the time..I should be able to as well.  I’m a good person ,and there’s nothing wrong at all with a couple of cigarettes and one small bottle of wine.  If I don’t do it all of the time, then it’s okay.”

Now the kingdom of hell knows that if they can get you to buy that pack of cigarettes and drink that wine, you’re going to go right back and fall prisoner to it all over again.  It may not be this one time, but then the next time is going to be easier, and before you know it, you’re drinking and smoking again just like you used to.

Then there is our mind, oblivious to any other presences whatsoever.

So how do we know the difference?  That’s a good question.  We’re constantly waging war in spiritual places, and believe it or not, your angels are always warring for you in the heavens.  But when you don’t pray enough, or spend enough time in God’s word, your angel/angels can only do so much for you.  When you speak doubt and unbelief, you are commanding your angels in spiritual places not to do anything to help you.

The way we can tell is first of all, by comparing it to the word of God.  If your thought doesn’t flow exactly with God’s word, than you can bet it’s either from your own mind, or Satan.  And Satan, by the way, has had thousands of years to practice deception; so you’d better believe he’s going to make your thought sound like it’s okay, or even sound as if it did come from God’s word.  There are just certain circumstances, we’ll call them the neutral zone, meaning, they aren’t comparable to the Bible, and they aren’t evil.  These are the most frustrating things because then we have no clue what to do, so we have to pray about it, and pray about it, and the just take a step of faith.  Sometimes, God wants it this way because He watches us all of the time.  He enjoys seeing what we’re going to do in much the same way a parent enjoys seeing their child take their first steps alone.  The child may fall, but they’ll get right back up and keep trying…and sometimes, the parent has to allow the child to fall or it will never learn to walk.  The mother or father has not left the child to walk alone because they are there cheering the child on; only, the  parents are not  holding their hand at that moment.

God is with us, and God does hold us within His loving arms, but there are times He’s just with us watching and waiting, letting us learn to walk in faith. If we don’t ever do it, we’ll never learn how to trust Him. (to be continued)

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  1. some boby owes me a lot of money,he is not willing to pay, please me the way i shold to to collect my money.please i do not want to go to the court or any lesser gods.

    • Elvsi…what you need to do is go to the Lord and say, “Father, I forgive this debt this peson owes me. I am in need of this money. I pray that you would convict this person’s heart of the wrong they are done and that you will forgive them. As for me and my house, we will serve You, Oh heavenly Father! Your Word says that whatsoever I shall ask in Your name believing, I shall receive. Lord, I am in need of $xxx.00 amount of money. I have no clue how you would get this money to me, or from where it would come, But in the name of Jesus, the Bible says that the wealth of the wicked is stored up for the righteous…so I command my angels in Jesus name to go out and retreive for me $xxx.00. Thank You Lord in the name of Jesus! I believe it and I receive it! I pray you bless this (person) who has taken this money I gave in faith; they must need it more than I do right now because nothing happens without Your allowing it to happen. In Jesus name, what is bound on earth is loosed in heaven! Praise you Jesus! Thank you Fathe!”

      After that, do not ask the Lord for the money again. Only thank Him daily as you envision that money coming to you. Don’t try to imagine ‘how’, just imagine it in your hands. If it is a bill that needs paid, you can also pray He’ll send you someone to pay it for you. I have been homeless before Elvsi, and I have been without. Every time I did just as I explained, the Lord sent me money, whether it was cash, a check, or a person taking care of something for me…He did it. I had to force myself not to worry about it and not to fear. I had to have faith. You must in your heart forgive this person though, and you must release them from it in your heart.

      We are to owe no one anything; so the blood will be upon them, not on you. Trust me, here very soon, we shall all kneel before God. Let your hands be clean and let them fend for themselves before the Father for this. It is written, “Vengeance is mine says the Lord!” Let Him take care of it; He will. What’s more dear one, He WILL take care of you…but you have to beleive and let Him.

      God bless you! If you need faithful support in this, I’ll pray with you about it every day until you get releif.

  2. Hi Lyn, I have had 3 “known” experiences where I believe Angels were involved.
    1) I was working on Riyadh Airbase in Saudi Arabia 1990. I worked on communications way out in an isolated part of the base. Not much going on I walked outside, looking northeast I had a vision so real of total darkness and I was told to get out of the country NOW. The power was so strong to leave. Within hours I was on a flight to UK. Within months Desert Storm. Kuwait burned….the darkness. Where I was working a Scud missile landed within a few metres, a friend told me later, and pretty much trashed the building.
    2) UK a few months later. I opened the curtains/blinds and looking out of the window towards the fishpond which was my joy, I experienced the most beautiful male voice, spoke like crystal, perfect, clear and resonated throughout my being. “Do you wish to join the Kingdom of Heaven?” So unexpected, shocked I said “Yes!”. Looking around
    nobody. I wanted to ask…..but had the feeling….no need.
    3) Pottering around the garden a few weeks later.. There came into my being the most glorious perfume of all the flowers of the world combined. The love was so overwhelming I cried for hours.
    There were many other experiences but these three really threw me.
    I believe with all my heart that my connection with the Heavenly Realm is through Michael….and there above is a representation of Him. If I was younger I would be in Israel standing shoulder with the Israelis. I am physically able only to write and fight through thought and word. But my heart is with Archangel Michael, defender of the Heavenly Realms, protector of the Shekinah, the presence of YHVH. May Christ return soon. Amen.

  3. Lyn, you did a great job in both parts fo this series. Especially in this posting you did a wonderful job pointing out how to discern between Gdoly thoughts and those that come from Satan and the world around us. COMPARE them to GOD”S WORD! you got it dear friend. I think that is the key to properly discerning the origin of our thoughts, desires, teachings and actions. Thanks again!

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  5. On your comment about the walls of Jericho when they found the walls not only a earth quake but the walls were pushed straight down thats what the history people in Isreal said intresting isn’t it.

  6. Sounds like your getting busy Ill look at your promise book I think thats great Ill be praying you keep on keeping on girlfriend if there is anything I can do let me know.

    • Nope..I wish these blogs would get busier. Conversation and posts are good. This one has finally picked up slightly..with you! LOL Try to invite people you know of if you can. Have you read any of the other stuff here yet?

      • No not yet been busy with church stuff I have church on saturdays and I am the Childrens Pastor there but Ill read them i like talking with you its fun didn’t mean to take up all your time on here but you have some good insight you just keep on keeping on.

      • If you have a personal email Id like to have it so we won’t take up a lot of what your doing here if ok with you your doing great getting people to think.

  7. No not misreading or taking you wrong at all. I have experienced his mercy and he is a merciful God and I know what your saying about blatant sin but it is our choice to stay there or get out but God still loves us and his mercy never fails but they will have to pay a price I agree with you completely but at the same time he is still there walking with them until its time to quit and thats when they are in serious trouble and it breaks his heart so we are saying the same thing just alittle different you just keep on keeping on your doing fine I ve understood everything you have said and its been great just to talk about the word of God instead of fighting about it .

    • Yes, it seems most people on these things just want to come and attack and argue about God. That’s one thing I refuse to do. When people want to argue with me, I tell them straight up I won’t insult God by aruging. God doesn’t like that at all. I think a lot of people think these are debate sites. In fact, I signed up on that CM Connect site you’re also at, and immediately, I had some guy attacking my articles on spiritual warfare; he even compared my writing to new age, and to me, that’s a major insult. Regardless, I just write what God gives to me. We all have our gifts given by Yahweh; and from a very early age, He has blessed me with a gift where He speaks to me through writing; and I’m not referring to some weird, occultish type of spiritual writing some people talk about. I’m just saying the Holy Spirit speaks to me and moves me as to what to put down. The three books that will eventually be published soon were all given to me by Him. I honestly had no plan or idea what I was going to write next from one day to the other. They’re all three about 500 pages in paperback, and 400+ in hard cover…I wrote them in three months! That’s a book a month, plus working my job at the same time. I do not say this boastfully whatsoever; rather, I humble myself to say that I could never, ever have come up with such a peice as this series on my own. This could only be done through divine inspiration. They are truly anointed, and I can’t wait to see all of the people who refine their walk with Christ, or come to know Him to begin with, when they read these books. They’re not your typical endtime novels..they are much different than anything else.

    • Oh, one more thing…I just started another one here http://lynleahz.hubpages.com/hub/The-Promise-Book There’s not a lot there yet because I literally just did it about an hour ago..but I have a trivia question of the week at the top, as well as a very interesting and somewhat frightening video I posted.

  8. That’s true, Brad….thanks for your response. That’s the first step. However, what was the point of Jesus dying on the cross and why would He tell us over and over, “Be ye separate,” if it was okay to still walk, talk, and act like the world? Yes, His mercy is wonderful and He is quick to forgive us when we truly repent; however, even Paul says clearly that it is not okay to continue in sin. Over and over the Bible tells us to be renewed, even in the parable of the new and old wineskins… if it was okay to just keep sinning and living in it, then we make a mockery out of the death and ressurrection of Jesus Christ. We will make mistakes; no one but Jesus was perfect. However, I am making a definite distinction here between messing up (which we all do from time to time) and living in outright, blatant disobedience and sin. There is a fine line between the two. I think you might be misreading something here that I’m not saying or implying.

  9. Thanks for your comment and thoughts, I appreciate it. I personally don’t believe in female angels, or that angels have wings..but it’s okay if we don’t agree on this point. I don’t think it is anything that will keep us out of heaven! God bless you and I’m glad to know I have another brother in Christ Jesus! Amen!

    • I was just replying to your comments but keep this in mind Jesus is what people need it don’t matter how bad you are or what habits you ve done Jesus loves you and once you have lived forgiveness you will see things a whole lot differently now thats hitting the devil where it counts.

      • By the way, did you read the second article to this? If you only read the first one, that could be why maybe you’re reading some things into it that aren’t really there. Check it out, please, if you haven’t. Thanks.

        • Not reading anything into your articles just sharing with you your articles are right on what im sharing with you is something I have had to learn and it took a long time for me to learn Ive learned that the most important aspect of life is that God loves me no matter what yes I know about spirtiual warfare we are christians and we are suppose to be surrounded but the devil is defeated and we have to act as if he is for two years I had a fight on my hands that I don’t want anybody to go through but out of that I learned who I was I also learned how to love people no matter where they are in life. I don’t disagree with your article at all Im glad ur out there doing what your suppose to be doing. I just wanted to be able to share my perspective of things. And one thing i have learned is that as long as you don’t quit you never lose. From what Ive read of you your a fighter and I think thats great. You have a friend in me and Im praying for you.

          • I apologize. I have found with emailing, posting, writing, because there is no voice inflection or facial expressions, people oftentimes misunderstand one another. I’m sure we’ve all experienced this from time to time. I just wanted to explain that the love of God/Jesus/Holy Spirit is of the utmost; and, the Lord always loves us, this is also correct. However bad you are or things you’ve done, yes, He still loves us. But what He seeks if we are being ‘bad’ or living in sin is for us to come to repentance. He never causes bad things to happen to us; rather, He allows things at times if He sees that it is in our spiritual best interest. I don’t think God cares as much about our physical interests as much as He does the spiritual; He knows that the spirit is forever, and the flesh temporal. So if we must suffer in the flesh, but it brings about true repentance and salvation, and we’re not where we should be, then He will allow things that don’t seem pleasant at the time. We can see this all throughout the Bible, from the Old Testament to the New. Also, when we are living in disobedience, we’re openly inviting entry into our lives by the enemy, Satan and his hellish hosts. Since God gives us our own free will, and the Holy Spirit is a gentleman, there are times when we are living outside of His will and He can’t helps us as we would like, because, as I’ve just said, we’re choosing to serve the enemy in our lives in some area. The Bible does say specifically that not everyone who says, “Lord! Lord!” shall enter the kingdom of God. It also clearly states that all fornicators, idolators, adulterers, drunkards, etc. shall have their place in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone. I am one who believes, no matter who is right or wrong, why take chances? The message is clear; we won’t be perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but God does not want us living in sinful disobedience.

            The Old Testament shows us the angry, vengeful God who detests sin and does not tolerate it. Then, the New Testament shows us the loving, compassionate, forgiving God. But we must not entirely leave out the God who does not tolerate the sin. They are both God, together. He gave us the Old for a reason. Just because we are under the New Convenant of Jesus does not make the Old Testament null and void; it only means we have access to the Father now and we no longer have to burn sacrafices in order to be forgiven. Everything else still stands.

            Something interesting, but I wonder at times, if we are to follow Jesus and He was our example, would the perfect thing be Judaism? Messianic Jew, of course…but I think we’re still to honor all of the things the Jews did, yet we don’t. We eat pork when Peter and the sheet, if you really, really research it, has nothing to do with food. It has to do with Jews and Gentiles. Nowhere did it say that it’s okay to eat the foods which are unclean. Jesus said, “If you love me, keep my commandments.” We are still to honor and observe the old ways, yet most of us do not, including myself.

            God bless you and thanks again for your kindness and inspiring words.

      • Sorry, for some reason it won’t let me comment beneath your comment about the angels. I understand what you’re saying, and no need to apologize if you ever did disagree. I think everyone has so many different views and understandings about the things of God’s word. The best way to study it is to get yourself a Greek-Hebrew concordance or Bible. It is the best thing! There are so many words that were actually written in its original Greek and Hebrew that translated, mean something completely different; and then in other instances, it’s the same in English but for the same English word, a different Hebrew/Greek word was used. You can gain so much more knowledge when you use study aids. It really, really helps. Another good tool is to have a good trustworthy Bible commentary book. For instance, did you know that archaelogists discovered that around the same time Joshua and his army of thousands marched for seven days at appointed times around Jericho, an earthquake occurred that made the walls fall? The area they were marching on sat right on top of a major fault line; God knew this, and that’s why what seemed strange (telling an army of thousands to march at the same time everyday, shout, and blow a horn, all at specified times) had it’s purpose. God knew that if you took several thousand strong men, had them stomp their feet hard, shout really loud and blow a horn all at once, it would rock the plates beneath their feet. I’m sure Joshua and the troops thought it sounded insane; but sure enough, they had faith and they obeyed, and the wall fell.

  10. I liked your article what I ve learned and you mentioned it about speaking words are very powerful in says in John 6:63 that The spirit gives life the flesh counts for nothing the words I spoke are life so you can say your words create your world well go even deeper what are thoughts they are unspoken words but yet they are powerful cause it moves you to take an action and wether you get rid of the thought or act on it it moves you. So your warfare begins in your thought life and yes the devil brings circumstances to get it started at times but its what you begin to think on either Gods word or the circumstance see there you go your gonna take an action and you speak to ways by your action and by your words thats why the Bible constantly talks about renewing the mind putting Gods word in your spirit thats how you fight the fight but people are constantly thinking the wrong thing and they have to catch up so to speak but when the greater one in you is awaking there is no devil or your mind can stop the word from bringing victory. O and when you pray in tongues you are praying the perfect will of God and thats another tool you use against the enemy but we defeat praying in tongues by what we think alot of times we speak words of defeat and that just undos what we just prayed cause the Bible says we have power when we pray so by the actions we take when we think will either bring us to victory or defeat. Your article is right on the money and if people will learn that not only their words but their thoughts will bring them out of any circunstances we will be ahead of the ball game.

    • Thanks Brad. I’m glad that you liked the article. Yes, it is true that what we think and say either drains or empowers our spiritual life, as well as our physical life. If there are wicked powers in the heavenly places, we know that there are angels as well ready to battle for us against the enemy. The Lord has provided us His Holy Spirit, His Word & Truth, as well as angels who battle for us. People have a perverse unorthodox view on angels today; I don’t believe they have wings, nor do I believe there are female angels (angels are given more of a male perspective in the Bible; however, I believe they are sexless), and angels are warriors, protectors, and messengers–they have assignments and are not to be worshiped or regarded on high). However, they are there and they do have their heavenly purposes. I received criticism on another blog site by a fellow Christian for this article, claiming it sounded new age, and that I put too unorthodox mentionings on angels. I disagree.

      Regardless, I believe we are living in the day the Bible talks about in Daniel, Revelation, and in the Olivet Discourse in the Bible. So many people are trying to defeat these nasty devils who have been allowed to have more power in these days on their own; and they can’t do it. They can’t do it because God gave us a specific plan for how to defeat them, and we’re not using it. Instead, most of us our waving the white flag of defeat and surrender while continuing to live in unrepentance and disobedience. I believe wholeheartedly, and I can’t prove this, but I believe that there are spiritual laws. God was before us, and He is the one who made laws–the Ten Commandments, and then thereafter, mankind made laws. Just as there are laws in the flesh, I must believe there are laws in the spiritual places. This would explain why some people get healed more easily than others, and why sometimes it seems we’re not getting anywhere.

      God showed us in the Old Testament that although we are forgiven for things, we still oftentimes take responsibility for what we have done. Two perfect examples of this are King David. He committed adultery and murder (Bathsheba, Uriah the Hitite); God forgave him, however, King David had to live with the curse of the sword in his home and they lost the child born to them out of adultery. Later, King David was moved to take a census. God was upset by this decision because King David was to put his faith in the spiritual fortress and army that God had provided him with, not numbers. King David repented for this, and God forgave him, yet gave him three choices, none of them pleasant, and David had to choose one of them…even though it clearly states that God did forgive him.

      God forgives us for things, and we are under the blood of Jesus Christ; but the blood of Jesus is oftentimes taken for granted, abused, and perverted. The blood of Jesus does not give us free reign to go out and sin all we want so we can wake up the next morning and be forgiven. If we purposefully, blatantly sin and live in it, God will forgive us, but I personally don’t believe He forgives us if we’re not really repentant for it. In other words, if I’m sitting there smoking a cigarette and I say, “Oh, Lord, forgive me for this cigarette I’m smoking!” But then I turn right around and smoke another, then another, and so forth..God wants to forgive me, but He can’t completely forgive me until I stop smoking. Now, I may have a few occurrances where I sneak a smoke when I’m not supposed to, and He’ll forgive me because I messed up and I was truly sorry. I didn’t keep doing it; rather, I only made a mistake.

      It’s like this. If you were married to someone and they cheated one time and came to you asking forgiveness, and let’s say you forgave them. You won’t trust them for a while and those are the consequences of cheating, but you love that person so much and want them in your life that you forgive them, and you give them another chance. But let’s say that person keeps cheating constantly, and they either just get caught or come to you and tell you they’re cheating. How can you forgive them if they’re living in it and not really sorry for it? You can’t. You would wish more than anything they weren’t doing this thing, and you would want that, but you can’t. God is ready to forgive us when we are truly repentant, or when we make mistakes that we are genuinely sorry for. The world and many Christians unfortunately have a perverse, unbiblical view on God’s grace. They support it by taking Bible verses out of context and utilizing it to conform to what they want to believe. Salvation is free, but the upkeep of it is not.

      I always use this example: if I come and give you a car, you take it, and it’s yours for free. I even write in ‘gift’ on the tax area on the Title so you have no taxes to pay…it’s completely free. I had to pay for it, but I’m giving it to you. It’s the best car in the world, and there’s not one blemish on it whatsoever. You take the gift I’ve given that cost me a lot of money, and you owe me nothing. But if you don’t take care of that car once you get it, it slowly begins deteriorating. The engine will eventually blow up because you’re not getting oil changes, the breaks wear out, hoses are going bad and dry rotting, the tires are bad and so whenever it rains or snows, it’s a death trap. Eventually, the car is ineffective and not safe; and so that gift I’ve given you became a curse because you did not follow the instructions on its upkeep.

      Take this example and apply it to salvation and you’ll see exactly what I mean. God gave us a gift, it cost Him the life of His Son, Jesus Christ, but we didn’t have to pay for a thing or earn it. Once we took the gift, we took full responsibility for the upkeep of it, and He gave us His word as instructions in order that our gift would be a blessing to us, and that we would be fruitful. But most of us never actually sit down and take the time to read through His instructions, page by page, from start to finish; we only read certain parts, and then we misunderstand certain things because we didn’t read it in its entirity. Before long, you’re living just like the world and you’re more accountible because you have received the gift and oathed to take care of it. So now your salvation is a curse because the demons are literally all over you because you were saved, determined to attack you more than their own (the unsaved), and God is going to hold you more accountable.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the article and I hope you come back and read more. I’ll be posting some new ones this weekend. God bless you!

      • yes there are female angels because as you read in the Word in the spiritual realm their is neither male or female also its very simple God wants a relationship with you and forgiveness is a powerful tool that God uses and sometimes because of our mindsets it takes time for that forgiveness to permeate us and when you let down your walls and let him in he will just love on you just like the prodicals sons dad did and yes there are spiritual laws God has put in place. But its a day to day walk with the Father and we have to see him as our Dad and that no matter what he loves us and protects us and provides for us. Its by choices that we make and it begins with a thought and then you begin to speak and it happens. example when I was going through hell in my life and God was dealing with me about me and I grew up in church pentecostal for that matter went to one of the best bible schools in the world and learned about speaking and faith and what we learn in church and other things. And I am a childrens pastor been one for a long time and I have to work a secular job right now I began to complain about my job a good job made good money I told my mom every day I hate my job they can even fire me guess what I spoke it for about a year and finally i lost my job I was fired it was unjustly but I set it in motion a year before I left my job thats how powerful words are and yes the devil put circumstances in front of me and I believed the circumstances so I had to start over again thank God he walks with me everyday and I learned that he will never leave me nor forsake me and I had to learn to be accountable and I thank my pastor who taught me how to stay with it when it looked like I was gonna drown and almost did but like Peter when I looked up at Jesus he took me by the hand and pulled me up and I got in the boat with him and I am learning many things today and I see your apart of my family and its time we take a stand and bring the Character of God back to our communities and the Character of God is his divine nature in us so we as christians have the ability and availability of him in us and thats having the greater one in us so I encourage you to keep on keeping on.

      • I want to clear up somethings one about the angels I just read your article wrong about male or female angels what I was trying to say is they can take any form they want thats what I believe based on scriptures I have read and in my comments before this I am agreeing with you on your views and as far as sin is concerned yes there is a blatant sin but also there are times when you have to walk out the flesh like smoking or other things that sometimes it takes time to get the victory over it it took me a lot of years to walk out secret sins I had but Id trust everyday that I was free but I did it the experts says it takes 30 days to make a habit. I think we are on the same mountain just seeing different views thats all and thats ok you just keep on keeping on. I think if we as Christians would quit being sin conscience and be God conscience we would have an outlook on life that would raise this nation back to its roots and see the power of God shake this world like he has never done before.

    • You might be interested in reading What will the rapture look like to those who are left behind? As well as the article about Adam & Eve..did they really eat fruit from the trees? Or something like that, it’s not showing on my list right now, and I can’t remember the exact name of it. They’re both just my own interesting concepts of what I think might be true, but I can’t prove any of them. They’re just speculation.

  11. Very good article and well thought out. Enjoyed reading it. Spiritual warfare is real, unless someone is nominal Christian. Satan doesn’t care much about those sitting on the fence, living a life after the flesh rather than the Spirit. The once that seek the Lord and do kingdom work are the once under attack. Those are the once Satan is concerned with. I wanna live a life, following Jesus and when I wake up in the morning I wanna hear Satan say, darn he is up. The closer a person draws to the Lord, oppositions and warfare intensify. At least being in that position, I know that I must do something the enemy does not like.

  12. Incredible! I wish I was a stronger reader… Dyslexia SUCKS!

"If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14 God's call to the world! Are you ready?

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