Did They Actually Eat Fruit From the Trees?

I believe the Lord revealed something to me as I was writing my book. It’s something that I cannot prove whatsoever, nor can I say that I am one hundred percent correct. I can only say that it is an interesting concept.

AutumnleavesWho’s to say that there was an actual ‘tree’ of life? Or, an actual ‘tree’ of the knowledge of good and evil? This is hard to explain, so bear with me. When Adam and Eve sinned, mankind lost access to the TREE OF LIFE. I do not personally believe the tree was an actual tree, nor the fruit Eve ate was an actual fruit. I do not necessarily believe that the TREE OF KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL was a real tree, either.

Throughout the Bible, we find symbolism, parables, and examples. For example, in the New Testament, Jesus tells His disciples to eat of His body and drink of His blood.   He wasn’t referring to actually eating His flesh, or drinking His blood.  He was speaking symbolically.  I feel this is the case in the book of Genesis regarding the trees and the fall of  mankind.  Keep this in the back of your mind: Jesus was hung on a tree; and what did that tree in which He gave us the life giving fruit of His blood and the bread of His body give to us? Access to the Father! The same access that was lost long ago in the garden of Eden.

God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit have always existed together as one….all three make God; the Trinity. God is the head (thoughts), Jesus is the Word (voice), the Holy Spirit is the hands (the doer), and we are the feet (the carriers). Adam and Eve walked with Jesus in the Garden of Eden, and Jesus spoke with them. He constantly gave them His life and His wisdom by being in His mere presence and listening to His Words (the Word is life!) I believe the tree of life is actually symbolic of Jesus, who many years later died on the cross (made of a tree), thus returning our access and our ability to live forever in heaven with the Father.

So, imagine now that the tree of life was actually Jesus…not a physical tree…and the fruit they ate that gave them life was the words/wisdom of Jesus. It had to have been Jesus who walked and talked with them because He is the Word.

One day, Eve wandered away from her husband’s presence and came across Lucifer (the tree of knowledge of good and evil).  She ate of his fruit by giving ear to something he had said to her. Maybe he showed her the fallen angels, who were possibly the giants; the sons of God in Genesis.  With that being said, I’m going to make up a story to give an example of what exactly I mean.

Lucifer smiled cunningly, like the wicked serpent he that he was, as he went about deceiving Eve in the Garden.  He had for a long time devised this plan, and had long awaited this day.  “God doesn’t want you to talk to me because He knows I will show you how to be like a God! God does not want you to know the secret! Look at these giant, powerful men over here..you and your husband could be God yourselves; you do not have to serve Him! Go Eve, now, and tell your husband what I have told you. Bring him to me and I will show him these mighty men! God knows that once you and your husband see these people, you will have the same powers and knowledge as He does!”

Eve wasted no time as she ran to her husband to share the news. “Adam! Adam! Come and see what the serpent has shown to me! I have seen with my very own eyes Gods just outside of the garden! God has been hiding these people from us, that’s why he forbid us to talk to the Serpent in the first place because we can be just like God!”

Adam wasn’t sure; he feared God and knew positively that God had specifically warned them to steer clear of the serpent in the garden.   “Eve, we cannot disobey God! He has forbidden us from speaking with the serpent. I’m sorry, but I can not do this thing, and I’m upset that you have!”

Eve shook her head back and forth in frustration, “No Adam, it’s not as you think. I swear! I saw them with my own eyes! God is deceiving us so that we won’t know this secret! Come, come now, I beg you!”

Adam looked all around to make sure the Lord wasn’t anywhere nearby. “Okay Eve, I’ll do this thing just this one time; but I swear, if we get into trouble, I’m blaming you!”

Eve smiled, so sure that what she was doing was right. She took his hand within hers and led him to the Serpent who was patiently waiting, dangling from a branch in the tree. He slithered down and stopped at their feet.

He grinned wickedly, “I see you have brought your husband, my child. Very good! Yes, very good indeed!” He chuckled and hissed.

He continued. “Adam, come this way, follow me, and I will show you God’s hidden secret; for there are Gods here just as powerful, if not more powerful, than Yahweh, and if you listen to me, you can be just like them; then you will no longer need to serve anyone; everyone can serve you instead! Now come on, I will show you!”

Adam and Eve now followed the serpent, (instead of God), until they came to a ravine in the meadow. “Behold, Adam and Eve, the Gods!” As they stared across the way, they couldn’t believe their eyes. They had never seen anyone so tall and so muscular. Why, these giants made them look like dwarfs.

Adam was curious, “So what do I do to look like that?” He asked, as he witnessed one of the giants move something so heavy, it would have taken an army; but he did it alone!

The serpent smiled once again, his tongue flicking about as he cackled. “All you have to do is say that you believe me, and I will give you all of this, you and your lovely wife.”

At the same time, Adam and Eve both shouted, “I believe! I want it! Yes, I believe!”

Just then, they heard the sound of sticks breaking, as if someone was walking. The serpent raised his head in alarm as he quickly slithered away, disappearing into the water.

Adam glared at his wife, and then down at himself. “Eve! Hurry! Someone is coming and we are naked! Let’s hide!”

Abruptly, he grabbed her by the hand; they ran to the nearest and thickest spot of foliage they could find. Adam whispered as he handed Eve a leaf-covered vine, “Hurry, put this on!”

A thunderous sound penetrated the silence; the earth shook, and they had never heard or felt anything quite like it. “Adam? Eve? Why do you hide from me? Come out at once!”

They were so afraid, their legs quivered, and they almost tripped and fell as they stepped out from hiding. Adam spoke first, “Uh, hi Lord. How’s your day? Did you and the Holy Spirit just get back from golfing with the angels?”

God didn’t smile as He stood perfectly still with His arms crossed over His chest, tapping His finger against his forearm. “Adam, I am in no mood for humor. I asked you and your wife,” God paused and glanced at Eve, “Why you are hiding.”

He looked at Eve, as if the answer would be written on her face, and then back at God. “Uh, well, because we’re naked…yeah…we were embarrassed and we had to put on our,” Adam glanced down at his leafy cloak, “we had to put on our leaves.”

God glanced back and forth between the two of them in disbelief for their excuses, disobedience, and lies. He raised his left eyebrow as he tapped his finger up and down once again. “Adam, you’ve never even noticed that you’re naked until today. Now tell me, how is that you’re suddenly embarrassed and afraid? Who told you that you were naked?”

Adam’s eyes darted back and forth between Eve and God as a cold sweat began to form all over his body. Suddenly, he was itching incessantly from the leaves and wished he could tear them all off; but he couldn’t, he was too ashamed. He was growing wearier by the moment trying to come up with something when a light came on in his head.

In anger, he pointed his finger at Eve, “It is that woman you gave to me! It is all of her fault! She’s the one who came and demanded that I go with her to see those people. I didn’t want to go, but you know, had to please the wife. I was only trying to keep peace so she wouldn’t be upset. You understand don’t you?”

Eve put her hand on her chest in disbelief. Adam had never treated her like this before. Just as she opened her mouth to defend herself, God raised both of His hands, “Silence!”

Once again, He looked at Adam, as if he was mainly responsible. “Adam, you are the head of your household, and your wife serves you…not the other way around. Sure, you serve her in ways and take care of her, but you are the one I look at when your household is out of order…not your wife. I hold you more accountable than she. You are the spiritual leader of your house, son.”

Adam didn’t know what to say. Like a child caught stealing the cookie red handed, he just nodded his head, unable to look into God’s perfect face. “Now both of you must be punished. From now on, you’re going to have to work for everything! No longer will the ground produce for you unless you cultivate it. Eve, you’ve been having lots of babies now for years with only slight, barely noticeable discomfort; but now I shall multiply your pain in childbearing! And if that’s not enough, the two of you are going to have strife together!  You won’t always agree on things!”

When he glanced at Adam, he  noticed him itching incessantly.  An angel appeared from behind the tree with two savage looking outfits made of animal hair.  “Here, though I am anguished today over your thoughtless disobedience, I love you enough to still take care of you.  Before you ever sinned, I knew you would; and so I made these for you hours ago.  Put them on.”

God paused to clear His thoat before He yelled, “LUCIFER! Come out at once!”

WIth his head low, the snake that Satan was occupying slithered on out of the water, appearing to be the most frightened, and guilty snake anyone had ever seen. He was whipping his serpent tongue all about. “Lucifer! Hold your tongue! You are in My presence!” The snakes tongue went immediately back into its mouth.

“From now on, you shall strike man’s heal, but he is going to crush your head, do I make myself clear?”

The serpent, terrified, nodded its head up and down, biting his tongue at the same time to keep it from coming out.

Once again, the Lord shouted, “Michael, Gabriel! Send in the Cherubs! We’ve got to secure this place so nobody gets in.”

Finally, He turned back to Adam, Eve, and Lucifer. “Okay everybody, follow me.” He focused his attention on Adam and Eve solely now. “I’m sorry I have to do this; believe Me, I don’t like to punish you kids, but you disobeyed. I specifically told you not to talk to him, and you defied me and did it anyways! Now you have cursed all of mankind, and no one has any access to me anymore. The Father is very upset.”

Eve, tears streaming down her face, “But Lord, will there ever be hope?  I am really going to miss this place, and even more, I’m going to miss you.”

He stopped, but now He could not touch her to bring her comfort because she was corrupted with sin. “Daughter, I can not put My hands upon you now because you’re covered in darkness; but I Love you very much, both of you. There will come a day, a glorious day, where access to Me shall be returned, but not for a very long time; and even then the enemy shall have power over humanity, although power will also be given through Me at that time, and so the Father, through Me, will give mankind strength. The only thing is, they have to believe, and they have to call upon Me. If they don’t, they will forever live in corruption and never see the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Eve wiped her eyes, “Never see You? Or the Father? Or the Kingdom of heaven? Oh Lord, that’s awful!”

Adam, more humble now but still angry with Eve whispered, “See what you’ve done?”

Jesus overheard, “Adam, you must forgive your wife just as I forgive you. The Father could have struck you down today, but He is giving you another chance; just not in the way it was.”

Adam looked at Eve, guilty for being so angry. “I’m sorry Eve, I forgive you, and I love you.”

THE END. I hope this story has helped to paint a picture of what I’m trying to say here…I don’t believe they were actual trees. Tree of Life–Jesus, who later returned that life on a tree called a cross. Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil–Satan/Lucifer. The fruit–the wisdom/blessing/curse thereof

Give honor and glory to God every day for giving us back the Tree of Life. We didn’t deserve it, but He did it anyways!

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9 replies

  1. Do you believe there was a real garden? And the trees in revelation that will produce fruit 12 times a year?

    • Yes, I believe there was a real garden…and I believe in the trees…didn’t know about the twelve times a year thing..that’s interesting..but I was curious if it’s possible here that the trees and the fruit were symbolic. Regardless, the idea that the tree of life was taken from us because of sin, and we lost access to that life due to sin, and then many years later given back to us on a tree, through the death of Jesus and His atoning blood so that we could be clean enough to once again stand in His glorious presence is magnificent! I praise God everyday for what He has done for me. I am as filthy rags for all of the terrible things I’ve done, and just being born into this world made me filthy enough because I was born into corruption; but praise God that He no longer holds those things against me, and I have been washed clean and made new!

    • I’ll bet you didn’t know either that the Lord played golf, did you? Hey, everything here was thought of first in heaven! 😉

  2. thats funny but if you really want to know look her up she is very knowledgeable but you never know God may have played golf there is a joke that I heard Jesus Moses and Elijah were playing golf and Elijah hit the ball and it went into the water well he went to the water and smote it with his tunic and the water parted and he got his ball Moses leaned over and asked Jesus if Elijah thought he was God lol

  3. I like how you put realism in your article it made Adam and Eve and God come alive instead of just having just facts there it made the article more real.

  4. There is a lady minister I know whose name is Mariam Helman from Washington DC who could answer your question about if the tree was real or not I met her once she was friends with my parents and she is very knowledgeable about this portion of scripture and Eve didn’t go running to Adam, Adam was standing right there with Eve when the devil was talking to her in early parts of Genesis God told Adam to guard and to keep the garden so he knew who satan was and should have ran out the devil but he didn’t. Adams flesh got in the way and so man lost his authority on earth but thank God Jesus came and got it back for us.

    • That’s interesting to know. Yeah, I didn’t write this to be one hundred per cent factual; just enough to get my point across and make it interesting enough. I can’t find anything to support my theory; it’s just a theory. I had a little fun with it; for example, I don’t think God plays golf! LOL!

  5. Wow! I am a BIG FAN now! Not because I know ya… But you and I share many theories.

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